Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Secrets of Cats tARE, c6s2

Tryggtass got some info on what was remembered officially about Skarpöra and her territory. To the cat group's surprise and not surprise Skarpöra's territory is several blocks away from theirs which means she is a long way from home claiming territory and if she actually had taken a territory that big, like biggest in Rome, they would have heard of it. Increasing the edges of one's territory would be the normal and accepted way of expanding a territory, weird behaviour indeed.

Here we had a minor milestone:

  • Grå increased Territory to +3 and decreased Burglary to +2
  • Svansglidaren increased Territory to +3 and decreased Burglary to +2
  • Gast increases Deceive to +3 and decreases Physique to +2

A day later they return from having checked in with the consul of the day to see if there's any patrol missions for them to take on during their duty. Since it's been calm regarding the threats from lemures and such there's nothing coming up now. As they take the natural path back they arrive at the street roof between Grå's and Tryggtass's territories (usually they either split up here or take nap or rest in the sun or shade whichever preferred, it's a good spot). When they jump to the roof they stop, staring at her, Skarpöra's back. She's lying almost exactly at Tryggtass's favourite spot and being groomed by her underling Högertass as if to make it totally clear that she sees this a part of her home.

Tryggtass and Grå (the two having territory on the street roof) hiss at her but she ignores them and make herself, if possible, even more comfortable. After a short burst of words and insults between them Tryggtass jumps Skarpöra. Grå is just right behind her and Högertass joins in on Skarpöra's side. The cats jump around and slap and smack each other and the fight is even but Tryggtass maneuvers out of the fight and then Grå does that as well. Skarpöra confidently but obviously with pain returns to lying in the Sun after the four cats have stood for a while panting and staring at each other.

Grå runs off towards the areas around Skarpöra's expected territory and walks around finding a lot of her scent in the streets. He also talks with cats he meet and find that they overall seems bullied into more or less submission. At least the cats he meet talk of Skarpöra as someone to be submissive towards.

Tryggtass can't stand the invasion of her territory and hangs around with Gast at the street roof to mark that she's not given up although the fight wasn't definitive. She also declares to Skarpöra that she's gonna escalate this to the senate. Skarpöra just ignore her with a facial expression telling that she don't think Tryggtass has the guts or the social standing to pull off such a thing.

Svansglidaren also goes off on his own mission and seeks up a cat skilled in rethorics and convince her to speak for Tryggtass if it should come to a senate hearing and vote in the matter. She agrees with the condition that Svansglidaren becomes her client for a small favour. They both find the suggestion agreeable and tap paws in a gesture parallel to when the humans grabs each other hands to seal a deal.

When Grå returns he walks around the whole of his and Tryggtass territory to get into "her" insula without the cats on the street roof noticing him. He walks up the highest level and climbs up on the tiled roof and shove a tile off the roof to hit Skarpöra but in the process he almost tips himself over the edge as well and in the process several tiles follows the first one and almost hits Tryggtass as well. Skarpöra gets a partial hit on her loin. Having had enough of troubles here she walks off with her underling.

After sundown Tryggtass goes to princeps's secretary to  file a complaint regarding Skarpöra. After a short discussion where the secretary tries to find out if they can't solve it on their own, if they really have to take it to the senate. She says that a meeting will be called after sundown in three days. She also states that if Skarpöra wouldn't turn up it's Tryggtass's right to drag Skarpöra to court, literally, unless Skarpöra would be old or sick. In that case she, with help if needed, would have to carry Skarpöra.

Svansglidaren seeks out a well-off citizen living on top of his workshop on the side of Grå's insula facing the street roof. He reckons it from there would be a good view over the place where the fight and provocations have taken place. As so often when winter is over the window shutters are slightly open but blocked so that fresh air can enter but a burglar has to break it open and awaken the family inside. Unless it's a cat burglar of course, Svansglidaren sneaks through the gap between the shutters and walks up to the sleeping family head and lies down beside him, up close to his face. As Svansglidaren relaxes and start to feel drowsy he inhales some of the man's breath, sniffs it, feels it, atunes himself to the man. Svansglidaren falls to sleep and enters the dream world where all sentient beings souls during sleep partly let go of the body and roams more free than during awaken time. This means they can meet sprits close to the mundane world, good or bad spirits, lares or lemures and all kinds of spirits. Most humans don't remember this though and if they should remember something they usually mix it up with earlier experiences in the mundane world while trying to understand what happened during the dream. Svansglidaren seeks out the man and convinces him that the cat Skarpöra has to go. There's no place around here for such a cat. Luckily cats don't sleep so much during nights as humans do so Svansglidaren wakes up much earlier than the family and sneaks out the same way he came, convinced that he has created a new problem for Skarpöra, something that will benefit him and his friends.