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Eagle Eyes c10s0b

Magneter och Mirakler rules

Magneter och mirakler is a Swedish rules set and game setting. We're using the rules of Magneter och mirakler with the game setting of Eagle Eyes. Rules-wise Magneter och mirakler is quite simple and the principle is that a character have a fixed amount of aspects. We added petitio videtur, the request each Eye makes to The Eagle when he or she assign themselves for service since this is significant both in the setting and in the rules for the original Eagle Eyes (Fate accelerated). Role-playing goes on until there's a conflict of interest regarding where the story goes. When there's a conflict an aspect is used to win the conflict. The conflict could be escalated though and in that case each player or game master rolls a six sided die and add aspects if they want to have an upper hand statistically. The aspect  Game setting is used to activate aspects of other player characters or non-player characters than your own. Each aspect has a limit for how many times it could be used in a positive aspect and how many times it could be used in a negative aspect. This is the +X/-Y noted by the aspect further down. Each gaming campaign also has a few themes that can be activated by anyone along with places and items in the story. There's a little more to the rules but that's the main principle. Magneter och mirakler can be found at Kaleidoskop's web site (in Swedish); Magneter och mirakler.


Claudius Piso Caesonius

  • Game setting: -5/+5
  • Petitio videtur: -3/+3
    • Regain membership in collegia and and get back hos luxury barber shop
  • Stubborn: -2/+1
  • Distorts information: -1/+2
  • Steady hands: -1/+2
  • Used to seeing blood: -2/+1
  • Social: -1/+3
  • Vain: -2/+1
  • Used to upper class people: -1/+1
  • Runner: -3/+1
  • Barber: -1/+2

Paulla Nynnia Lamia

  • Game setting: -5/+5
  • Petitio videtur: -3/+3
    • Cancel banishment of her grandmother from Rome, falsely accused of bad magic
  • Loyalty to Caecilii: -3/+1
  • Business sense: -1/+2
  • Nimble-fingered: -1/+1
  • Non-squeamish: -1/+2
  • Deviating morale: -2/+3
  • Singer's voice: -1/+2
  • Well-known in her home area: -2/+1
  • Organised: -1/+1
  • Forefathers' attention: -1/+1

Hostus Caecilii Nasus

  • Game setting: -5/+5
  • Petitio videtur: -3/+3
    • Regain his family's farm
  • Vendetta: -2/+2
  • Acting: -1/+1
  • Loyalty: -2/+3
  • Observant: -2/+1
  • Acting under pressure: -3/-2
  • Fleet-footed: -1/+1
  • Dominating: -2/+1
  • Hunted: -1/+2
  • Nimle-fingered: -1/+1

Eagle Eyes c10s0a

Eagle Eyes is a noiresque setting in ancient Rome, in our case the last period of the Republic. Gaius Juilus is in Gaul and committing genocide to subdue the Gauls to Roman rule while conspiracies is going on in Rome and everyone is wondering what comes next. Unrest stirs among nobiles that don't like G Julius who actually have broken some rules regarding imperium to fullfil his own plans.

Originally Eagle Eyes was written for Fate Accelerated but we're trying out Magneter och mirakler a Swedish rules system originally for another game setting. THe rules are based around the principle of keeping role-playing until there's a conflict in where the story should go, then the rules are used to solve that conflict. The rules aren't traditionally skill based but rather on aspect of the characters. One or more aspects could be close to skill sets, e g a profession, if that's important for what the player want the story to be about.

The characters are of plebeian descent although once successful such. Claudius Piso was a barber in the uptown quarters, Hostus Caecilii was next in line to inherit a medium family farm and Paulla Nynnia was the overseer at the farm. Then bad luck struck them down.

A little more than ten years ago Caecilii's farm was struck by bandits and everyone there was killed and the farm was burned to the ground. Everyone was declared dead and the land as free land (not aeger publicus though) and a nearby latifundia owner took over the land. Luckily for  Paulla and Hostus they were on errands in Rome when it happened. Paulla hadn't fully taken over all the task as an overseer but were doing all physically demanding tasks since her mother were becoming old. Hostus was nearly 20 so he was preparing to become young adult and thereby starting to help his father to run the farm for real. Therefore he and Paulla was in Rome to conduct some business when the bandits attacked the farm.

Paulla and Hostus didn't have much money since they only had what coin they had brought to Rome and also need to stay hidden to avoid the risk of getting killed to tie up loose ends. They kept a living as street corner actors and comedians with some swindling if needed.

Approximately five years ago Claudius was thrown out of the collegium and stripped of his place as a barber so that some relative of the master of the collegium could have his place. Claudius money ran out and fueled by lust of revenge he managed a living as swindler, e g selling stolen goods or fake greek artwork.

Close to three years ago the three of them met in the streets of Rome and teamed up to cover for each other down periods and help each other out and in some time even stabilise their common living standard.

Newly another recruit in The Eagles approached them and gave them an offering. Working for The Eagles would make the Sinistram (The Left Hand, the three senators running The Eagle) fullfil whatever wish they had. They enlisted with wishes (petitio videtur, unseen request) of their own and just four days ago managed to complete a test mission and was accepted.