Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Secrets of Cats tARE c6s11

What happened during this session was that Svansglidaren's burden finally decided that the mosaic with the spilled ink had to go and be exchanged which fitted Svansglidaren and the other cats purrfect since that should expose whatever was laying under the mosaic and attracting lemurs and Bastet knows what else.

Another thing moving in the correct direction was the parents of one of Tryggtass's burdens. The parents of the child in the apartment that damper and colder since it got a hole in the ceiling since a roof tile fell to the ground after a cat was exercising his schemes up there. Tryggtass and Grå had been spending a lot of time laying beside the child to warm it and keep it from getting sick because the parents didn't sleep even slightly close to their child. Svansglidaren had dreamwalked and battled an terrifying paranoia in the mother's mind of rolling over and crushing her baby. After several fights he managed to drive it out of the mother's mind and slowly she and even the father started to move closer to their child and giving her warmth through the nights in their poor insula top floor draughty apartment. The child even seemed to start to loose her coughing.

Grå has started to patrol a little more intensely and more on the top roof than before and notice unusual activity among the corvids, especially the woodpeckers who are Mars' envoys and also the cats of the Peace Temple talk about a lot of offerings at the temple of Mars. Probably war is boiling. In one way it doesn't really concern the cats as long as the humans doesn't war to the extent of destruction of civilisation and humankind but for the individual cat it might mean everything if their burden joins the war as legionnaire, auxiliary or officer. Then they would have to follow him or her on the journey and into war.

When Tryggtass climbs into the the apartment where she lives (her burden is the children of her territory, one side of an insula) the family head sits at the table and looks directly at her with a challengingly gaze. Tryggtass stops and purrs in the most innocent way she knows, just in case. Family head holds up a loaf of bread that's nibbled on at the edge and raises her eyebrows as of to say "What do _you_ have to say about _this_?" Tryggtass realises that while she's been hunting giant rats and looking out for greater dangers mice has gotten into the apartment and eaten from the bread. She sniffs out the whereabouts of the mice and there hole, kills a mouse and shows family head the hole which her husband later plugs with some brick and mortar. Everything back to normal and Tryggtass gets a piece of fish.

Just for the sake of it all three of the cats visit princeps secretary to tell about the increased offerings to Mars they have noticed.

When they return to Tryggtass' and Grå's street roof they hear some commotion going on and rush forward and jumps up to the roof to see a tired ferret over and over jumping away from a giant pale rat but never getting the distance for a counter-attack or escape. Immediately Grå and Tryggtass rush into the fight and soon the rat has more to deal with than it can handle and the ferret quickly disappears. Svansglidaren tries to follow it but loses it for some reason at the corner where it almost seems to take a shortcut through the wall. When he returns the rat is dead.

Alarmed about the consistent appearance of pale or albino giant rats that are aggressive even for rats they track the rat along the street into Svansglidaren's neighbourhoods of domuses. The rat has scurried along the walls along the street through the domus area of The Palantine, over the whole hill and down to a bath complex - an unpleasant place of much water.

They ask some nimble eastern-looking cats if they know anything about the rats and the baths but the cats doesn't really take patrolling seriously and are very snuffy in their ways and the only thing they have to say about the bath house is that it is a bath house and no cat would go their voluntarily. "Cowards" Grå mumbles and they go down to the bath house to investigate.

They find a hole in the wall where the tracks of the rat leads. After some scouting from the houses on the opposite sides of the streets and futil attempts to finds ways to climb the several floors high walls of the complex Grå decides to crawl into the hole. In there he follows an underpass that leads to a great fireplace. When he goes back and follows it in the other direction he again finds the tracks of the rat and more of them and a smaller hole where they have crawled out. Since he can't get in there he goes back out and tells the others. They decide to come back during the day to alert the humans of the problem of the rats and the possible leaking of smoke.

When they return during the day there's no smoke from the hole but still smell of rats and the humans doesn't seem to care or most probably doesn't realise what's going on under their noses. They look with resignation at the humans scurrying around. Humans that aren't exactly their burdens but still connected to them and the rat problem spreads into their region and their territories. Tryggtass then gets an idea. She backs into the hole and start to mew and act like she's got stuck. Suddenly it doesn't take long before a human notice her and helps her "to get loose" and even fetches another human hammers some brick pieces into the hole to seal it off. Satisfied but wondering if that will be enough they return to their homes.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Secrets of Cats tARE c6s10b

As they arrive to the domus Svansglidaren's mentor is even more tired than Svansglidaren himself who isn't exactly an physically fit cat. To the surprise of Svansglidaren and the others his burden and his family isn't at home. Frustrated Svansglidaren mumbles "How am I gonna protect when you run around in the night without me knowing where you are?!?" The two slaves and he door guard are home. Svansglidaren's mentor suggests that they are at the same misunderstood honour-the-gods-ritual as his burdens. Anyway, for the moment he's satisfied with the situation since advanced magic sensing requires him being quite absent. He asks them to keep away from the hall but guard and tell him if someone comes. Svansglidaren patrols uneasily and over and over asks the other if something has happened. Svansglidaren's mentor walks around in the hall and then lies down almost in the middle of the hall and fades out. It looks like he's talking to the pattern and then falls asleep.

Time passes.

The mentor wakes up and rises slightly unstable in a drowsy manner. Svansglidaren recognises how it is to return to the body after having slightly left it when dreamwalking. Grå leaves to catch a mouse. Eagerly led by Svansglidaren they walk out to the hortus (garden) to be able to talk undisturbed.

The mentor is gliding from different aspects of magic and humans and they're not fully following his reasoning but as he seems to become more present his reasoning become easier to follow. He says that there's something under the mosaic. They conclude that it must have been put there when the mosaic was put there and that's months ago. Why hasn't the magic triggerd? How could a fresh sacrifice be maintained under the mosaic for month? They reason back and forth. Maybe someone put a sacrifice there first when the sacrifice was put there and then the magic was initiated later. That still doesn't explain how the sacrifice could be maintained in a useful state for so long. It would require a very large sacrifice and very hard to slip in there while the mosaic was being laid there. A possible solution might be that someone got hold of something with a connection to someone in the household. That would be a way to make magic affect the household or someone in it. When Svansglidaren think back he remmebers that there were great frustration in the household because the mosaic layer blocked of the whole hall while he was working because he was an artist and needed space and peace while the household mostly saw him like any worker they contracted for other building actions. That could have opened up for putting something under the mosaic. They still don't know what the magic does though and maybe it's not possible to find except maybe by waiting and see if something happens that could be connected to it. That doesn't feel like a way they want to go.

Instead they start to think about how they could get the mosaic getting picked up and the thing under it discovered and removed. Suddenly they are distracted for awhile by Grå returning not only with a mouse for Svansglidaren's mentor but for them each. The eat a little and enjoy the fresh meat before continuing the discussion.

They discuss how to for example discolour the mosaic so that they would have to replace it and in that process find the thing under it. Blood is suggested but is not a favourable option. Maybe ink could be a better option. There is ink in the tablinum (office/study room). If they were to spill ink there now it would start to dry and stick before anyone discovers it. The mentor shows where the thing is and Grå and Tryggtass fetches ink. Svansglidaren keeps away so that he don't get ink on himself so that he should not get the blame. The other aren't here so much that the risk of getting the blame is quite small.

Grå topples the ink-bottle in the hall and pushed the bottle around a little so that the ink spreads around. Grå put back the cork and they carry back the ink-bottle to the desk. The humans will notice that the ink is gone and that there's ink in the hall. It will look like someone was carrying the ink-bottle and accidentally or willingly spilled the ink and the put back the bottle and left to not be caught. Any human knows that that could be the household cat. Perfect coverup.

Since most of the night is left they decide to use it for something and walks of to Skarpöra's territory. When they arrive they notice a lighter mood among cats in the area. They search for Skarpöra and after a while find her in an apartment. They can't get inside though so they decide to climp up to the window alcove since the shutters are slightly open to let in some air. To not crowd her and threaten her so much only Tryggtass climbs up. Svansglidaren stays on the ground and Grå climbs up in another window to peek into the apartment.

Tryggtass silently calls for Skarpöra to not waken the humans she can feel the scent of. "Can I enter?" she asks. She doesn't get any answer but Skarpöra comes over to window to talk to her. Tyrggtass express her curiosity over what the meaning with the street hogging was but doesn't get any real answers out of Skarpöra. Not even when she brings up the topic of Skarpöra's former companions but no longer her friends. Not even questioning the perceived loyalty to cats no longer loyal to Skarpöra gets her anywhere. While waiting Svansglidaren vaguely sense a rat at the border of his sewer ward. A little like a regular stupid rat walked into the ward and confused turned around. Another rat tries and gets a firm "No!" from Svansglidaren and turns around. The ward is working but it is worrying that so many rats are at least slightly magical capable (otherwise they wouldn't be able to challenge the ward in any way). Rats are usually not even sentient. Maybe that's something to mention to the senate or at least princeps. They decide to do that and walks over to that area of the region. They meet the secretary cat and asks if she has heard anything about magic rats. "No, not since my grandma told me about magic scary rats to keep me an obedient little kitty." she says with a smile. They tell her about the ward and the repeated tries to get through it. It could of course be a stupid magic rat but it could also be several of them. They also tell her about the many albino rats that have appeared around Grå's and Tryggtass' territories. Princeps secretary cat is slightly skeptical but dutifully listens to them and promises to tell princeps herself. They thank her and leave.

They all think that they've done enough for a productive night and goes home to sleep and rest. Before going to sleep Svansglidaren climbs up to his favourite sacrificial space and sacrifices to his forefathers. When he leaves he thinks of his burden's family who sometimes when they see him sit there jokes that it's almost like if the cat were sitting guard and protecting them. Then they laugh and say "but it's only a cat". As he stops at the humans' forefather alter, in this case of a family moving here a common denominator of getting in contact with forefathers, he thinks of how the humans also joke when he sacrifices in front of the alter. "It's almost like he's trying to sacrifice to the forefathers'' they say and for once don't get annoyed by him leaving sacrificial mice in the domus "but it's only a cat" they then say and smile.

Shortly after that he hear his burden shouting at the slaves and slapping them asking who spilled the ink and shouting to them that they should not lie to him. The door guard has had to lower his status and scrub the hall mosaic. His burden seems to in a way believe the slaves after slapping them somewhat and instead starts to shout obvious instructions to the slaves like "In this household we don't move around master's things and most of all we don't go about and drop them". The he storms into the tablinum and when seeing the Svansglidaren shouts "And that goes for you too!". The cat didn't carry around any of master's stuff and did especially not drop any of his stuff.

When the master comes out again and finds all the salves and the guard scrubbing the mosaic he shouts at them that it's of course no idea, that they obviously will have to replace the mosaic. "But you told us to..." one of them tries. "But I was upset, stupid" master answers him and storms back into the tablinum muttering something about "slaves of today". The slaves and the guard looks confused at each other and silently takes the stuff back to the kitchen. The master's wife seems to be standing and calculating the cost of removing the mosaic and putting a new one there.

In the morning when they're more balanced the family decide to exchange the mosaic and are doing calculations of the cost and thinking about whether they could use their own slaves to remove the mosaic since that's destroyed anyway. During the day the cats spend some time checking where sewers ends in the river Tiber and if it's possible to track the sewer with the rat hole but since they don't know if it's going straight or not and don't know which manholes or doors that goes to that specific sewer they can't really follow it.

At a nightfall there's another attempt to break through the ward and Svansglidaren had to actually make an effort. Maybe all the earlier successful blockings has made him sloppy or have they fetched The Great Warlock Rat? Suddenly there's another attempt and the rat breaks through and they all run there to stop it. Svansglidaren is a little scared both because he's not really a fighter and because some weird magic rat has broken through one of his wards. The surround the opening and close in on it. A rat big as a minor cat sits outside the hole. They attack the rat before they start to hesitate and also are motivated by the situation of strong magic rats trying to do something whatever it is. A fight breaks out and the rat fights back instead of fleeing and since it's so big they actually have to be somewhat careful when fighting it. The fight goes better for the cats though and the rat tries to flee into the hole again. Not with three hero-like cats against it and it turns again to fight and hurt them as much as possible before dying and it dies quite quick for the paws of Grå and Tryggtass.

The warden is broken since the rat shoved out the sacrificial rat from the hole to get out. On the inside of the hole they see eyes faintly reflecting light and hear rats hiss towards them. The cats starts to shove the newly killed rat into the hole as a new sacrifice to create a new ward agains rats. Luckily they've managed to do this without any human noticing them and getting suspicious. They're spooked by the abundance of large albino rats and on top of that large albino rats with magical abilities. They discuss whether they should try to bring up this on an actual senate meeting and maybe ask if any other cats maybe have more knowledge about the sewers.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Secrets of Cats tARE c6s10a

As Svansglidaren left through the window alcove he felt that a rat tried to push through his ward at the passage where the rats had broke through from the sewers earlier. He also felt that a lemures tried to get through the ward at his burden's domus. He made a push-back against both and then ran to the domus. He wards off the lemures but feel how the rat gnaws at the protection frenetically. He focuses on the other ward and push back the rat for now. Svansglidaren feels the anger from the lemures as it realise that it can't get through and leaves. Since the mother of the sick baby now has crept up to her baby and keeps it warm both Grå and Tryggtass follows Svansglidaren home to the domus just in case they can be of any help.

Svansglidaren who has some ability to feel the supernatural beyond the shiver along the spine or mysterious wind many cats and humans can feel notice that the lemures still hangs around not too far away. There's also something weird magical something inside the domus. It's not a being but a something. Grå and Tryggtass follows his inside to be able to tell the rest of cats in case it should be something dangerous or if something would happen to Svansglidaren. As they jump into the hortus (small garden) on the back side Svansglidaren is quite sure it's free from weird magical stuff and they proceed into the building. It's stronger inside the house but not in the back end and not in the atrium either. In the small hall at the entrance the feeling is strong. It's like a small lightning would have struck Svansglidaren and his hairs rises totally upright and he looks like he've seen one of the humans giant murder dogs they keep as guard dogs. It's somewhere in the middle of the hall. They search for a sacrifice that could sustain a spell. They don't find any and there's not many place if any where it's possible to hide something bigger than very small dust bunnies or some dirt from humans' sandals. They can't feel any smell of blood either. Grå even runs out into the garden and jumps up onto the roof and seeks for a sacrifice anywhere but can't find anything. As they run around and stands up against walls and such Svansglidaren realises that the weird feeling dwindles somewhat when he stands up against a wall and so guesses that the focus of the magic is in the middle of the hall and in or under the floor, a quite new patterned mosaic. As he lies down in the middle and expose his abdomen to the floor he feels the power strongly and jumps up, almost afraid that something were about to come up through the mosaic and eat it's way into his body.

They try to find out if there's any way in under the floor but can't find any. Theoretically the waste hole in the toilet where also kitchen waste is poured could lead into a pipe that goes under the hall but it's not tempting to try that theory. Since they don't find a sacrifice and no way to whatever it is that creates the magic they feel a little off and don't really know what to do. Svansglidaren decides to try to meet up with he newly emerged mentor that learned him about dreamwalking. They hurry there when Svansglidaren suddenly stops and focus somewhere in the distance and then looks satisfied. "A rat tried to get through the ward" again he explains "It didn't get far". They arrive to the area where Svansglidaren's mentor lives, an area with a lot of intellectuals, scribes and such. Probably no accident he chose a burden in this area since he's fascinated by the humans, their culture and their writings. They hang around a while with a few other cats while waiting for the cat. After a while he appears and invites them into the apartment. The whole family is away on some of the humans misunderstood rituals to honour the gods and goddesses. The apartment is filled with papyrus and big palm leaves used to bring home fast food. There's not a piece of raw product but a few leftover pieces of pierogi or pies.

Svansglidaren explains the matters at hand with some information added by Grå and Tryggtass. They discuss what it could be and find that it's not cat magic, more probably human magic. Part of the problem is how someone has found a focus for the magic and got it placed in the hall. One of the things with the human magic is that it needs connections and if the connection is the mosaic the magic would target the one putting the stones in the hall or the artisan creating the stones and the pattern so that doesn't seem plausible. Svansglidaren's leaves half-done suggestions hanging in the air and after a while Svansglidaren asks if he would be interested in coming to the domus and investigate the magic if he would get a fresh mouse every evening for the coming week. The four of them returns quickly to the domus (to the joy of the mentor's neighbours who aren't used to seeing him moving quickly).

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Secrets of Cats tARE c6s9c

As afternoon passes into evening Svansglidaren hangs around the apartment with the sick child Tryggtass tires to warm with the purpose to try to catch the full name of the mother. If he manages that he would have much greater power over her dreams. He also convinces Tryggtass who can read to sneak into the apartment and try to find the name on any of those important papers that humans keep around. Sadly she doesn't manage to find any paper lying around. As the night falls Tryggtass again sneaks up to the baby and crawls up to it and warms it. She has also noticed that they hasn't thrown away the baking towel they covered the child with earlier. Whomever of the two parents who find it first in the morning seems to assume the other put it on their child and folds it and puts it among other cloths and every night Tryggtass covers the baby again.

Later at night Svansglidaren appears to try another dream walking and to dampen the mother's fear of crushing her child so that she would lie close to her child to warm it instead of separated from the child. This time Svansglidaren tries to from the beginning take control over the dream environment and shape it before introducing the mother and the child close together. As he tunes to her and enters her dream world he gives her the feeling of being a spirit version of herself (the humans believe that the spirit partly releases itself from the body during sleep, the cats know that that's the case) looking down on herself and her child sleeping in the apartment. In this version the child wakes up apparently not feeling well and crawls over to the mother and although it can not talk yet it in the dream tells the mother that it's not feeling well and needs warmth. The baby then lays down close to her and hopefully that won't trigger her panic as furiously and it will then be more manageable. Svansglidaren tries to build up as much positive feelings as he can with the image of the child voluntarily coming close to her. Svansglidaren fights with her feelings and nightmare of crushing her child. It's an even fight but suddenly she calms down and realise that if she only is a little careful she can sleep close to her child and the fear of crushing it is gone.

There's no guarantee that she will lie close and hold her child each and every night but now her fear is gone so at least she would do it when needed. Tryggtass and Svansglidaren watches as the mother hold her child and slightly enthusiastically talk about how Svansglidaren managed this time and almost wake the parents so they calm down. Svansglidaren is still quite upset after the fight with the nightmare so he leaves to go home to his burden and sleep and rest. As he jumps up in the window he suddenly feels how a rat tries to pass his warden in the hole down to the sewer. As he stops and thinks of what to do a lemures attacks the warden of his burden's domus. Conflicted which to tend to first he hesitates in the window alcove.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Secrets of Cats tARE c6s9b

As they return and jump up to the roof to have a necessary nap in the sun they spot a new very large white rat sitting in the shade peering at them while chewing something. As soon as they move towards it it looks up and stares at them. They rush towards it to kill the rat. They have the upper hand in that they probably can cut it off from it's expected escape route (the hole they discovered earlier).  Grå jumps up to a window alcove to be able to jump the rat when it tries to escape while the others rush directly at the rat to drive it towards Grå's ambush. The rat runs but doesn't get to Grå's ambush before Tryggtass and Svansglidaren catch and kill it.

The very curious Tryggtass can stop herself from trying to get through the small hole where the rat escaped earlier and the extremely agile Grå managed to get through when they examined the escape route the other day. With some effort she squeezes herself through the hole. It's almost at a point where Svansglidaren decides to push her from behind but he never has to, with little margin. She looks around in the apartment and discovers a woman who looks surprised at the cat that almost materialised in her apartment. "Meow" says Tryggtass and looks hungry. The woman keeps on looking surprised and then squats and pats Tryggtass on the head in that manner the humans have with their children and adds a "Oooh, little kitty". Tryggtass fawns a little to uphold the charade and suddenly she gets a fish, a quite fresh fish even. She eats it while peering around in the apartment. She also feels the scent of rat towards the door out of the apartment. The rats seem to have crawled under the door and then run towards the hole in the exterior wall. There's also some rat scent under the raised ember. Tryggtass jumps up to the window and out to the other two.

They leave the street roof and runs into the inner court to the hole where the rats come from. It's a very small hole but that doesn't stop a curious cat Tryggtass. There's a great stench and they can hear running water somewhere inside downwards. She squeezes through and Grå follows her. The balance on a very narrow space with room for about seven paws. There's a very steep wall down to running water. It's probably possible to run down to the water somewhat controlled but most probably no possibility to stop halfway. They don't see so much, it's dark even for cats and return out to tell Svansglidaren. It seems like the hole went into the sewers where the rats usually lives. They discuss how they could stop the rats. If they could convince Svansglidaren's burden to renovate the building. He has been convinced such things before. They are interrupted by a furious hissing from the hole. They jump around and turn towards it ready to kill. Something big is in the hole. They growl back. Svansglidaren moves to the side to move out of sight. Tryggtass tries to lure it out when it suddenly attacks her. Tryggtass backs off fending herself while the other two jumps the rat. A fight erupts where the rat bites after Tryggtass paw and Svansglidaren smashes it. The fight continues furiously but is short. Even if it's a big wild rat they are three cats and the fight ends with two of them catching it and killing it. Some humans cheers at them for killing the rat and come down to them with a bowl of garum, totally okey fish sauce (although Svansglidaren is used to better). They try to alert the humans to the hole and the rat but they seem to think a cat is stuck there and when they don't see a cat there they return to their business. Grå and Tryggtass knuffar in the killed rat into the hole. Svansglidaren then casts a Ward against rats over the hole with the rat as sacrifice to Pluto for power.

A dog appears on the court. They recognise it but dogs are moody so you never really know where you have them. It's not one of the more sapient dogs and it tries to out it's nose into the hole with the rat. Tryggtass tries to convince it to not put it's nose there and after a while it understands and tries to use it's paw instead. Tryggtass sighs deeply and tries to convince it to stop, to go away. After a battle of wits against stubbornness it walks of. A few children looks at them and giggles at the dog. Suddenly Svansglidaren feels how someone tries to get through the ward from the inside. A mental fight starts and suddenly Svansglidaren jumps startled as he's overcome and a furious white rat storms out of the hole. They jump that rat as well it's soon captured and killed. It's strange that so many albino rats have appeared within such a short time span. They drag the rat out of the court and manage to budge it up to the street roof and push it into the hole into the apartment as a sacrifice for a ward over the street roof agains Skarpöra.

They discuss if it's possible to get to the rats in any reasonable way but every way they can think of involves more or less water and they decide to not do anything particular right now. It is worrying with these large ferocious rats though. They could harm or even kill a human baby.

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Secrets of Cats tARE c6s9a

The three cats spend parts of the first part of the day (after a morning nap) talking about Ärrnos, Skarpöra and Tofsöra and what they were or are after. What's the point with the strange dominance game they've been playing and what was the point with Skarpöra's manoeuvres that seemed to stretch out out of the area made up out of the the cats' territories and the area in between? They decide to go on a scouting tour following an imaginary line from Skarpöra's territory to their territories and onwards.

They follow that line until the border of their region which is to the corner of and including Ara Pacis - The altar of Augustan peace, a strange monument over one of the humans' leaders, not a god or godess as one would expect. Speaking out half loud and frustrated Svansglidaren wonders why the humans all the time have to clean away his sacrifices when they so obviously understands this with sacrifices and the importance of places for sacrifices. "Well" a cat says "they even clean away in the temples." One of the temple cats have appeared and answers Svansglidaren's unintended question. The cat goes on and tells them about how humans don't really know so much about sacrifices anyway. For one thing they brun their sacrifices because they don't think the gods and goddesses can utilise the sacrifice otherwise, unless the sacrifice raises up to the skies where they're supposed to live. Svansglidaren withdraw his statement about humans understanding, it just looked like that. Svansglidaren steers the discussion to Skarpöra and whether she were hanging around there or tried to sway cats around here. The temple cat says that he did recognise Skarpöra when she appeared in court so probably she has been around here but both she and the other two cats are, according to the temple cat, cats you don't really notice or care about so he doesn't really remember. Another temple cat, out of three, also appears and joins the company. In the end it seems like they just did it to be cool and because they could do it and to be cool.

Suddenly the temple cats look at each other and explains that the humans are about to sacrifice, they smile and they say that they need to watch the humans so that they don't burn themselves on the fire. Svansglidaren asks if they could join them and watch the humans. The temple cats are happy for the attention and even invites them upp on the upper roof where the view is good both over the sacrificing humans and the park that's included in the temple area. The humans are always sacrificing outdoors since they believe that the sacrifice has to raise up through the air up to the gods and goddess. They all gather up on the roof and look at the humans below.

As they watch they realise that they donät recognise the god the humans are dedicating the sacrifice to although cats have a good knowledge about the gods. On the other hand; since the humans have misunderstood so many other things, like how to sacrifice, why shouldn't they misunderstand the looks of the gods and goddesses? One of the temple cats notice their surprise and says that it is a little funny, it's not one of the gods or goddesses they're sacrifising to. "Ah, it's their forefathers?" Svansglidaren says and thinks he has gotten why they didn't recognise the god from the statue. The temple cat looks at him and smiles "Nope...". "Ooookey, then who is it?" Svansglidaren asks perplexed. "It's their Great Leader." the temple cat says, still smiling. Svansglidaren, Tryggtass and Grå looks down at the humans baffled. Apparently they have just one "consul" who makes all the calls all the time, weird. Then the temple cat tells them that he doesn't even come here and eat the grilled sacrifise to get it's power or something. Other people come there and eat the meat from the sacrifices. Apparently the gods and goddesses get the less tasty parts of the sacrifice. "If they get any power from that at all it must be a pity thing from the gods and goddesses" Tryggtass concludes. "They look down at them and goes 'Aw, cute humans, here, have some prosperity." According to the temple cats they have repeatedly tried to sense magic at these sacrifices and never managed so they have concluded that the sacrifises doesnät work. At other temples where the humans actually sacrifce to gods and goddess it seems to work although very inefficient when taking the size of the sacrifices into account.

As the humans go about with their rituals they discuss what's beyond The Peace Altar and the border of the region. According to the temple cats it's the humans central square (named after the humans living here in the city, The Roman Square) and the main temple area beyond there.

Svansglidaren, Tryggtass and Grå thanks the temple cats and walks away to the main square which is quite small for being a main square. There's no commerce going on but it's still packed with people, lot of people ooooh:ing and aaaah:ing when they men at a large podium states things. It seems slightly wild and disorganised evenf or cat standards though. They sneak around the crowd (which feels slightly uncomfortable and untrustworthy for the cats) and take a look at the temples beyond. Among one they find Merkurius' temple, a little like if the humans had misinterpreted a ferret god maybe - a trickster and thief and lover of shiny objects. They don't understand what Skarpöra was after and give up on trying to understand, maybe they did it just because they could. They do notice that there are a lot of corveids in the area though which seems reasonable if there's actually some sort of communication going on between the humans and the gods and goddesses. There is a rumour that there's actually an Egyptian temple in Rome but it's not Bastet - Sekhmet as one could have expected but some other Egyptian gods or goddesses. humans, you never understand them. The humans are getting more and more agitated over at the square and are sounding more and more like dogs gathering in flocks and barking at something and running after something wildly barking. It makes the cats uneasy and they decide to walk around the area and return home. As Tryggtass concludes; she will soon be very busy taking a nap in the sun so she doesn't really have time to watch dog-like humans. They return to the street roof.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Secrets of Cats tARE c6s8c

Tryggtass tends to her forefathers and sacrifices to them, Svansglidaren gets a mouse for some magic and Grå steals a small baking towel that Tryggtass brings to the child to warm it during the night. Svansglidaren lays down and tunes himself to the mother and once more enters her dreams. This time he tries to weave a dream where she rolls next to the child but only close to the child. He there tries to inject a feeling of closeness and warmth rather than panic for crushing her baby. The first attempt is only half a success and Svansglidaren is almost shoved out of tune when she moves rapidly and jostles him. Apparently she has a great fear of crushing her baby if sleeping to close.

He starts to build a new dream environment where she stretches out and and hugs her child instead of crushing. As she turns around in the dream the panic storms froward again and suddenly the panic hits Svansglidaren and instead of him controlling the dream he suddenly finds himself being rolled over by the mother and getting crushed himself. He throws himself out of the dream with fur standing right out all over his body and his heart pounding. Svansglidaren leaves and his fear after a while turns into frustration and his tail flaps back and forth and cats passing by gets angry glares just for being there.

As the frustration dwindles Svansglidaren seeks out his new Seeker friend again to discuss the weird humans. They discuss the matter and during the discussion Svansglidaren realises that he must build and try to control the dream environment more. They also talk about magic in general like that there's a connection between the breath and the soul. Svansglidaren's new friend also seems honestly interested in how everything goes for Svansglidaren as he tries to cure the mother of her fear of lying next to her child. He also invites Svansglidaren to come back some time so they can discuss whether a cat's magic i located in the tail or not. Svansglidaren leaves with new ideas how to handle the mother's fear.

Grå scouts around and ask cats about Klunsan (Clumsy, Skarpöra's human name) and her territory to find out if she's lost her territory (which would be something of a atrocity but you never know with cats like those). Everything seems sort of OK though but Skarpöra has become a much more withdrawn cat now. He also talks to some cats about Skarpöra's two friends and find out that they're not form this part of the region. The rest of the night he walks around and sniffs for those two and also talks to a cat or two about them and finds out where one of them, Ärrnos (Scarnose), has his territory - a big three-sides-of-an-insula-territory. He also get the tip that Ärrnos isn't to fond of foreigners.

Much of the following day's is spent by resting, sleeping and some thinking about new information and knowledge. When evening appears they go scouting from Skarpöra's territory to Ärrnos' territory to see if they can find the territory of the third cat in the triumvirate and also get a grip on if they've been doing this capture-the-streets-thing all over the region. Just as they're about to jump from the street roof down to the street they notice a ferret on the street roof. He peers at them in a ferrety shrewd playful way at them, in that particular you-never-know-where-you-have-them-ferret-way. "That albino rat that lurks around here? Isn't it a typical cat job to keep those at bay, eh?" he says, waves his tail in a teasing way and runs off. "Does it give you trouble?" Tryggtass shouts after it. It stops shortly and calls "It's big, fat, in the way of everyone and sinister as a lemures" and runs along again. "We could bring it down for you" Svansglidaren calls "What's in it for us?". "How about your pride as hunters?" the ferret answers. "You're slinky and annoying" Grå mutters. "Or can't you handle it?" the ferret says and runs away. "It should die" Grå states. There's no sport in getting you" Svansglidaren calls to it. "Come on and try it" the ferret answers and runs off at surprising speed and almost seems to neglect the corner of the insula as it takes a jump down to the street around the corner and disappears.

With Grå still muttering over the ferret they walk off on their scouting tour. After a good part of the night they find the third cat's territory. He's named Tofsöra (Crested ear) and it doesn't seem like they have been taking over the streets like Skarpöra did. Their names are very well-known along the routes between the three territories though. Both of them have territories taking up three sides of an insula.

Tryggtass uses the rest of the night to warm the child and also trying to familiarise the father with the thought of lying beside someone small by pushing the child's doll close to him.

During the day's naps and slumbers they wonder what they were and are up to.Skarpöra didn't seem to act like the others and why did she go out on a conquer-street-territory-mission in a line that doesn't connect to the other territories? Were the other two supposed to do that while she was doing what she was up to or did she want to have their street territory specifically? If she was going in a specific direction, what's in that direction except Forum romanum - the humans main centre of their main city? Were she or they after nice spots in the sun with many options of grades of shade? In that case, how were they going to patrol them and when were they thinking of having time to use them themselves? The street roofs are not many compared to streets without roofs and they are good resting spots but they're not that good?!? Why are they doing this? Do they know something that other cat's don't know? Are they just bullies and want street cred?

Towards the evening they again notice the albino rat. It definitely seems to be looking at Tryggtass. "What do you want?" Grå says pointlessly since rats aren't sentient. "Come and play." Svansglidaren says trying to look harmless. It climbs up to the window where it disappeared last time and then turns around and look at them again. "Let's hunt" Svansglidaren calls and sets off after the rat who tries to run away from the cat. Grå and Tryggtass quickly follows.

Grå runs after it and hunts it through the apartment, under the door and down the stairs where the other two are waiting and jumps it. It's massive and it takes three paws and two cats to from two directions to  hold it down. As expected it doesn't answer any questions but try to bite them so they kill it. Svansglidaren use the rat as a sacrifice to crate a ward against lemures for Grå's territory. When he returns home he hunts down a mouse and does the same for his burden's domus.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Secrets of Cats tARE c6s8b

While they walk home they discuss what the cat triumvirate were up to. It's confusing. They seemed to be after getting control of the streets. It makes some sense since it's probably easier to snatch the uttermost part of a territory, the street or sidewalk than to snatch a part of an insula or a domus. On the other hand it doesn't make sense because the streets are free to walk upon and it's considered free to walk into the inner courtyard of an insula (but not into apartments or domuses). On the third hand, it's considered free out of tradition so it could be possible for at cat to start to say otherwise about a street part of their territory. It would be weird and they would be frowned upon but maybe it wouldn't be definitely wrong. At least not until there's a verdict regarding it. Maybe someone thought that no one would go to court over it and no one has yet either. The Tryggtass court case was about her streetpart of her territory and foul play during duel and not regarding what privileges comes with a territory and different parts of it. Hopefully cats have been inspired by the Tryggtass case to stand up for their rights and go to court if needed.

They discuss the matter back and forth but they can't really find anything especially interesting in their part of the region either, nothing that differs from other parts of the region. It's made up of a lot of insulas with well off craftsmen and their families and upwards in the insulas poorer and poorer people working for the craftsmen or at the dock, warehouses and similar (the higher up the harder to get the, no water, mor work to transport water, waste and food and so on). In these insula areas there's a big mix of different businesses; bakers, baths, taverns, fast food and so on. At one border of the region there are a bunch of small domuses (e g Svansglidaren's burden's domus). They decide to spend the rest of the day as cats do; sun bathing, resting in the shade, sleeping, sunbathing, sleeping, resting in the shade...

Suddenly a scent catches their attention. A rat. An albino rat sits close to the wall of Grå's insula's wall peering at them. They assess the target. It's a rat, an unusual big rat, and so a prey that could be slightly troublesome. They would catch it but someone could actually be hurt. Tryggtass looks at the rat who could be dumb as a stone or slightly sentient and says "It's lucky for you that it's nice weather and that I have a good spot here. I don't fancy quick movements and hunting right now.". "What do you want?" Grå asks it. "Be eaten" Tryggtass answers for it "but we don't provide that service at the moment". "True, true" Grå says. "Come back tomorrow" Tryggtass calls to it. If it understands them or not is unclear but suddenly it climbs up the timeworn wall beneath the windows and sneaks into a window. Usually the the shutters are slightly open to block out as much sun as possible but still let in some air, very convenient for cats - and rats. "Hmmmm, rat for dinner tomorrow" says Tryggtass lazily. Svansglidaren contemplate if he should hunt an albino rat as sacrifice for his warden of his burden's domus. Such an unusual sacrifice should gain some extra attention from Pluto and thereby more power for Svansglidaren's magics. "In that case you should have been gone doing that a while ago" Tryggtass says. "Yes, I know" he answers "but it's so hot and the spot is so nice. Maybe it comes back" "I told it to come back tomorrow" Tryggtass says.

Grå jumps up to the window and peeks into the apartment. As expected it's a well off family's apartment on top of their business located on the street level. It has some furniture and an actual bench for the embers where the food is cooked and water. The door to the apartment is closed although it should be possible even for a big rat to slip under the door. Grå jumps into the apartment to find out where the rat went. The apartment is empty of both humans and rats but there's a distinct rat scent trail between the window and the door. It's not the first time a rat passed by here. Grå wants to follow it but fret at the need to run the whole way down on the outside, around the corner, into the yard and up the stairs to get to the other side of the closed door. At the view of all that trouble he decides to jump into the apartment and try to slip under the door instead. He is after all known for being able to slip through the smallest holes (stunt). On the other hand, should someone arrive home to the apartment he would be caught snooping around in the apartment or sneaking under the door. Humans tend to act weird on foreign animals in their homes since they don't understand what's going on around them. He sighs and goes the long way around it all.

On the outside of the door he starts to sniff where the rat went. He follows it down the stairs, along the wall under and behind some waste on the inner yard and to a hole in the wall that seems to have slowly appeared as the plaster has crumbled somewhat and then been widened by the rats and maybe mice as well. It would be possible for him to get into the hole but it's very, very dark in there, even a cat wouldn't see much in there. More important though; he can hear water running down there. He returns to his spot and realise he has to move a little to get the same amount of sun and shade. They rest until the evening comes. During the time Grå tells them about the hole. Svansglidaren has decided to go for another try on dream walking and convince the mother of the half sick baby at the top floor in Tryggtass's insula to sleep close to her baby. They're still confused over the humans weird behaviour of not sleeping close to their offspring. Grå decides to get a worn baking towel from his burden's bakery that Tryggtass could use as a blanket for the child until Svansglidaren manages to convince the mother to take real care of her offspring.

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Secrets of Cats tARE c6s8a

Some of the day passes in the most catlike sunbathing way on the street roof.

Closer to midday they go to meet Stortass. After asking around for him they find him in the same, strangely empty, apartment as last time talking to another cat they don't recognise. Stortass and Grå talks a little about the trial, Skarpöra, territories and what the trial might mean for Skarpöra and cats interacting with her. Grå who is a experienced fighter volunteers to be Stortass second anytime if the duel is with Skarpöra regarding 

They then cross the street to the domus where Trubbklo's burden live. Tryggtass calls for her and opposite what happened last time she appears and doesn't play busy. They talk a little about Skarpöra and the trial. Trubbklo admits that she's not used to all the territory fighting the cats do here in Rome as opposed to in Alexandrias where she comes from and therefore has really gotten the same amount of training which is part of her problem with Skarpöra.

As they walk home and pass the supermarket house they hear a wild cat fight from somewhere inside it. They run into it searching for the cats. They don't find anyone though but hear aggressive cats again. They run out again and run along the supermarket house and realise that the sound came from some sort of small entrance into a cellar or something. They run over there and see the back part of a cat blocking the opening. As they come closer it turns around quickly with claws out and growling at them as if they were about to fight for real. They stop suddenly and back off a few steps. The cat growls at them again. They recognises one of the two cats that has earlier accompanied Skarpöra to the senate and that the corvids told Svansglidaren about.

They hear a whimper from inside what seems to some sort of maintenance opening for humans. Tryggtass asks what they are doing and are told to not bother "...since that would be best for all involved". Grå almost explodes and can't decide whether he should ask if that was a threat or if he should ask if the cat are so stupidly stupid that he just threatened them. The other of Skarpöra's two former companions walks out of the tunnel. His shag is still standing somewhat, like he moments ago was threatening someone or trying to look as dangerous as possible when facing a threat. They all guess it's the first alternative. He also somewhat dirty.

Grå aggressively asks if they will find a lonesome cat that they have beaten up if the walk into the hole. One of the two fighter cats answers that he won't be passing them right now anyway and say that he has no idea what might be found in there. Tryggtass calls into the hole but doesn't get any answer. She asks if they have killed the poor cat and they get very offended that they in any way suggest something like that. They are well aware about the legal foundations for the senate and all cat senates - to never kill or maim a member of the cat senate unless it's self defence. As the two cats pass by Svansglidaren feels even more sure that it's the two former companions to Skarpöra since their smell match what the corvids described.

Grå and Tryggtass runs into the space under the supermarket house and calls again for the cat they can hear inside while Svansglidaren keeps an eye on the two disappearing cats. The cat inside doesn't answer and doesn't leave the deepest darkest most foul-smelling corner. Still the smell is very familiar and it's definitely a cat they have met several times. Even if it is Skarpöra Tryggtass feels that it's not OK to overpower a cat like that and beat it up. They try to convince the cat to come out and call her by her name. They get more and more sure that it's Skarpöra. They even offer to help her clean her wounds.Tryggtass tries to convince Skarpöra that she holds no grudge with her, Skarpöra, as a person. Tryggtass just loathe Skarpöra's behaviour when she tried to grab a piece of her territory. They give up and leave Skarpöra and walk home. Svansglidaren isn't as prone to forgiving Skarpöra though.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Secrets of Cats tARE c6s7b

The four cats walk to the senate meeting (Kattmyntetunga is a little jumpy and speedy). When they arrive to the insula where the meeting's gonna be held cats have already gathered. As they mingle Kattmyntetunga speeds up even a little more. They pay respect to the cats they know, acknowledge relationships and salute some important cats that recognises them. The princeps and the consuls arrive and everybody lowers their voices and start the informal negotiation over where they should sit according to territory, age and fame. Tryggtass notice Skarpöra and a suspicious foreign cat that they guess will speak for Skarpöra.

Princeps call for attention and opens the meeting. She points out the jury and the consul in charge and thereby judge for the trial and then asks the jury to step forward and take their places at the front. When asked by the judge Kattmyntetunga steps forward and eagerly states the accusation against Skarpöra. The judge then asks for a statement regarding this from Skarpöra's representative, a foreign cat called Eggtunga (Sharp Tongue). Luckily for Skarpöra she thought of getting her representative acknowledged before the trial when choosing a cat from another region. Eggtunga looks very nonchalant and strools up to the speaking area, strikes a pose and says that the accusation is incorrect.

As the accusing party Kattmyntetunga and Tryggtass gets the opening expression. Kattmyntetunga starts by reminding the jury and the senate how these simple things as duels have been possible to handle in a juste way based on firmly laid out tradition. Never before has this have ot come to a court case. Cats nod in agreement and readies themselves for some prime entertainment.

As first witness Kattmyntetunga calls Tryggtass who shortly and without frills describes how it happened this thing that Skarpöra calls a duel and how another cat, Högertass, was involved and how a third cat probably readied himself to join in. A murmur travels through the cats at this flagrant crime against traditions. Eggtunga steps up and says that it's with sorrow he has to go to court to counter such a foul distortion of the truth. He calls Skarpöra as witness and Skarpöra ruffle up her, stretches herself and confidently walks up to the speaking area. She tells about the fight without any direct lying and without mentioning any of the two other cats on her side.

The jury is hard to read but seems to lean towards Tryggtass telling the truth.

Kattmyntetunga then calls Grå to testify regarding how the fight happened and was carried out. He tells about Skarpöra's airy attitude and that there never was any formal challenge, that Skarpöra just behaved like it was her area and backed that up with threats of violence and with right paw that later engaged himself in the fight together with Skarpöra. Kattmyntetunga asks if Grå knows who this cat is. When Högertass is pointed out his facial expression goes from interesting-happenings-this to -eh-hey-don't-look-at-me-I-was-almost-not-there. Eggtunga has nothing to add and has no questions for Grey (to everybody's surprise).

Kattmyntetunga follows up by calling Högertass to testify about the fight and the more experienced cats in the senate raise their expectance for entertainment even more and whisper about that clever new rethor (speaker) Kattmyntetunga. Högertass looks perplexed and asks "Who?!? Me?!?" "You!" answer the judge. Kattmyntetunga asks Högertass if he was present when the fight occurred. He starts by trying to equivocate "I was at the same street roof, that's correct", trying to not say that he was in the fight or even really near it. Kattmyntetunga pushes him a little by asking if he participated in the fight or if he means that Grå is lying. Högertass says that he of course isnät trying to accuse grå of lying and then has to acknowledge that he was participating in the fight or "the challenge" as Högertass calls it. He's very nervous and Kattmyntetunga is clearly having the upper paw in the situation. He states it as if it could be another fight than the one Kattmyntetunga has been talking about but when Kattmyntetunga asks if there was more than one fight that day he falls spinning into the trap and answers that there was only one. So apparently he was participating in the fight and that fight also obviously wasn't going by tradition. Eggtunga tries to save the situation by asking Högertass if it is correct that he was there to act as Skarpöra's second in case that would be needed. To this Högertass of course answers yes and thereby implies that maybe the first tradition breaker wasn't Skarpöra but rather Tryggtass.

The fumbling testimony from Högertass is giving advantage to Kattmyntetunga and Tryggtass though and Tryggtass can feel the presence of her forefathers, guiding her and distracting the opponents forefathers when they try to help. The representative for the jury asks for a short break to discuss the matter at hand and the judge decides for a nap long break. Tryggtass, Grå and Svansglidaren slightly worries that the jury won't be fully neutral since they have recognised several cats in the jury that participated in the hunt for their catnip last night. Since they didn't get anything and Kattmyntetunga et al got a lot they might hold a grudge.

Kattmyntetunga continues after the break with a rethorical question wether this event is only about breaking the traditions regarding challenges and calls Svansglidaren to testify. Kattmyntetunga asks if it's true that Skarpöra repeatedly provoked Tryggtass to get her to start an unjust fight or maybe scared give up the area anyway. Grå answers with a simple "Yes". Following that kattmyntetunga asks in what form the provocations were "...surely no cat would mark territory inside another cat's territory without a proper challenge?" Grå's simple answer to this is that at least one cat would do that, Skarpöra, and she did that several times. He states where and how Skarpöra consciously marked Tryggtass' favourite spot as hers. Kattmyntetunga calls Tryggtass and Grå and asks them one by one if Svansglidaren's statement is correct. Eggtunga seems totally off and has nothing to add and totally fail to grab any opportunity to cross-examine the witnesses.

Eggtunga calls Skarpöra to testify and asks if she thought that everything was already done and finished and that she had won the challange. Skarpöra answers "yes" and then angrily goes of the rails and questions why they are here at all over this trifle. It should be obvious that she won the fight and that it's her area now. Eggtunga interrupts her, thanks her and sends her down from the witness area.

Kattmyntetunga calls Skarpöra to testify and asks her to describe how a correct and juste durel should be carried out. Skarpöra is very flippant basically says that two cats fight and the last cat standing gets the territory. Kattmyntetunga then calls Tryggtass and asks the same thing. Tryggtass gives a, if not fully correct so much more traditional, view on duels and also states that it by no means has to be about the whole territory. It's rather most common that it's about a small part of the territory depending on the terrain. In Tryggtass's case, a quarter of an insula as territory, it's obvious that it's divided in many parts. Eggtunga still isn't back on track and has no further questions. Everyone is surprised when Kattmynetunga calls princeps, oldest cat, most revered cat in the region, leader of the senate to testify. Kattmyntetunga asks princeps to explain how a challenge should be carried out to be correct and just, how seconds should behave, how parts of territories are decided and many other things. It's obvious that both Skarpöra and Tryggtass have made mistakes but also embarrassingly obvious that Skarpöra did the biggest ones and probably just didn't give a shit about the rules.

Kattmyntetunga declares that she's done and won't call any more witnesses unless any further testimonies calls for that. Eggtunga doesn't manage to come up with anything further so the jury leave to counsel and decide upon who's guilty. In the meantime the area explodes in talk and betting and some cats seem worried that humans will wake up and interfere in the procedures (Kattmyntetunga is nervously walking in circles) but everything is kept silent enough and the jury returns.

The judge ask the jury if they are finished and since they are finished he asks for their decision and wether they have reached that conclusion with a qualified majority. So they have and they have found that the accusation stands and is correct. The judge then decides the outcome. Skarpöra has no right to any part of Tryggtass territory and no privileges besides regular traditional rights to pass through territories and similar. He also states that if Skarpöra wants to challenge Tryggtass in the future over any part of Tryggtass's territory a neutral third party from the senate has to oversee the duel. The same goes for Tryggtass. Skarpöra and Eggtunga snort and leave. Tryggtass, Svansglidaren and Grå notice that the other two cats that earlier seemed to have a lot of dealings with Skarpöra doesn't follow them.

After some courtesy mingle they return home.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Secrets of Cats tARE c6s7a

So there they were, in Kattmyntetunga's burden's garden. Kattmyntetunga was paid and there were some catnip left but on the other side of the garden wall were tens of cats just waiting for an opportunity to get a piece of that catnip. How would they ever get from here to home without losing their catnip? They sit there and in catnip-induced  haze try to find a plan that's not onnly desperate but also will fail. After a while the haze fades though and their thoughts start to fly in straighter lines and one of them even remember that if you expose yourself for catnip enough you will get high but then come down and actually be sort of immune for catnip for a while. They all decide to eat some catnip and fly for a while to be able to come down with all four paws on the ground and do this thing - whatever the plan's gonna be. Anyway they're not giving up their catnip branches.

In the end they decide to call on the cats' attention and throw out some catnip to them to get them to fight amongst each other and gather up at one end of the garden while Svansglidaren, Tryggtass and Grå runs off in another direction and hopefully get all the way home. They decide for a slight detour to optimise the direction away from the main cat host and also get out of sight as quick as possible. As they prepare Kattmyntetunga meows and a couple of corveids appear on the roof.

They jump up on the garden wall, shouts and provoke the cats and throw some small amounts of catnip as far as they can away out over the cats. Quickly they jump down, fetch the rests of their branches, jumps up on the wall at the other side of the garden and leaves at full speed. As they do this they see Kattmyntetunga grab her pouch of catnip and jump up on the wall and up to the roof and the birds.

As they run away three cats that happened to be ont he other side of the domus catches sight of them and quickly takes up pursuit. Behind their backs they hear a roar worthy not only Pluto's cat but Pluto's lion as the rest of the cats realise that they've been played and also takes up pursuit but quite behind our catnip thieves and their three close pursuer. Grå, Svansglidaren and Tryggtass runs like they actually had Pluto's lion behind them and keeps the distance. Suddenly Svansglidaren jumps up on his burden's garden wall and thereby distracts the cats a little before he disappears and they continue to hunt Grå and Tryggtass.

As they close in on the street roof they prepare themselves, slow down slightly and make the jump up on the roof and they can hear the three cats pass by under the roof without being able to react and stop or jump up. Tryggtass and Grå quickly greets each other and runs into their burden's apartments to disappear in case any of the cats would come up to the street roof.

The rest of the day all three of them mostly spend making out with their catnip. In some moment of clarity Svansglidaren worries that members of the jury were here tonight and will hold a grudge against them. Svansglidaren has a very nice stash spot in the kitchen where the firewood is stored. A place that's practically never stuffed. Tryggtass and Grå has a little harder time hiding their catnip but both have corners in the insulas where the rest of the cats in their territory knows that they put their stuff and that bad things will happen if they steal it. Grå and Tryggtass worries slightly though that other cats might take risk of sneaking by and just nibble a little on the catnip.

As they in the evening leave for the trial a certain weird junkie-like shifty cat that suggested a joint operation at the heist appears and behaves like they were all best friends and Grå even has to give him a light slap on the nose to get to go somewhere else. As they walk to Kattmyntetunga they wonder wether there will be any inter-region politics aftermath of this. On the other hand they didn't risk any other cats and they grabbed something that wasn't really available for the cats in the region anyway. Probably it's rather something that's gonna be the talk of the region in several regions.

As they meet up with Kattmyntetunga they're slightly worried as Kattmyntetunga seems a little off and more a little jumpy or overly energetic. They fear she's high on catnip.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Secrets of Cats tARE c6s6b

The catnip heist

They do a few laps along the inner city wall searching for a delivery of catnip before finding one. They know that the humans deliver it from some heaven-like wood outside the city and then sort it up and trade it for their metal pieces they use to keep track of stuff they don't have. The smell is indescribable. They have all smelled small amounts of catnip, maybe in a toy or just a small small amount in a storage somewhere. This is like, well indescribable, fuzzy energised feeling run through their bodys and tickle their brains but as if they were tickled by someone that had known them and joyfully tickled them throughout their whole life and become the master of changing between tickling and caressing them. If they now just could find some focus and get on that wagon but the humans look like they're quick to whip someone with their canes and they're not the only cat around. As they follow the wagon to whatever forum it's headed for they see a cat getting to close and get a really nasty lash over his back (the game master prepared a -2 situation aspect, "catnip haze").

As they follow the wagon slightly more focused and obviously thinking of something special a cat approach them. He has eyes are like plates and he's jumping up and down and talks about him and his friend helping them stealing catnip. He's very unfocused and totally all over the place and very impatient. IT takes all three of them get him to go somewhere else.

When the wagon rolls into a forum they quickly come up with a plan. When the wagon stops and the humans has to unload stuff Svansglidaren casts his Warden magic that makes them hard to notice and then he starts to distract the humans while Grå and Tryggtass, who are the sneakiest and acrobatic cats of the three, sneak onto the wagon and in among the sacks and bags and grab a bag or two and runs away with it. What could possibly go wrong?

As the wagon stops and the humans suspiciously start to unload stuff from the wagon Svansglidaren cast his magic fails and starts to run by and jump onto the table and down again drawing attention to him without getting caught or hit. Grå and Tryggtass sneaks up on the wagon and Tryggtass helps Grå (who could probably creep under a closed door) get in amongst the bags and sacks.

A lot of Fate points are spent on aspects like; "catnip haze" (-), distraction created by Svansglidaren (+), "good hearing" (+), "legendary creeper" (+), "warden magic" (+) - failed, "getaway cat" (+). On top of that cooperation among two cats to succeed with a task of great difficulty.

The humans run around and try to catch and whip Svansglidaren and almost topple the stand and some of the goods thereupon. Grå and Tryggtass dive around among the sacks and bags to find the catnip haze they feel the smell of so well. Grå finds a bag approximately big enough and they run away hearing a whip and with exchange coins thrown after them. As Svansglidaren follow them he hear other humans laugh at the two with the spices and catnip.

As they gather around the corner the same weird catnip junkie appears and wants just a little twig of catnip. They drive him away and decide to go to Kattmyntetunga right away or rather run as other cats are gathering and they aren't even in their own region. They run with train of cats following them.

One idea is to just throw the catnip over the wall into the garden of Kattmyntetunga's burden's domus but what if there's actually more catnip then they need to pay. Then they want that for themsleves. Tryggtass is athletic and run along faster then Grå can do dragging the sack to alert Kattmyntetunga. She calls desperately for Kattmyntetunga who saunter out into the garden and then gets a almost drooling expression on her face as she feel what Tryggtass is smelling. "It's delivery like right now" tryggtass says and then they can hear all the cats coming like a small storm through the city. "Oh, I see" Kattmyntetunga says "Get it over the wall over there" she say "then it will land behind some plants and stuff". With the help of Tryggtass Grå gets the bag over the wall. Tryggtass and Grå guard the gard on the wall while Kattmyntetunga and Svansglidaren measures the catnip behind the small hedge at the end of the small garden. Kattmyntetunga is very obviously nervous about the other cats drawing attention to what's happening and making the humans come out.

Next up: Getting away from Kattmyntetunga's place with the excess catnip with very few Fate points available.

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The Secrets of Cats tARE c6s6a

In between last meeting and this the player of Gast decided to leave the campaign since he didn't feel motivated or attracted by the game world.

During the night Tryggtass seeks her way up to the top of the insula she has her territory in and goes to a secluded place to make an offer of a mouse to her forefathers. She likes the space because she can do on her own undisturbed and say what she wish to her dead relatives who still as a collective indirectly take part in the world of the living. Also the humans usually don't find her offerings and clean them away. She climbs down feeling less worried about the hearing that's gonna turn into an actual trial (Tryggtass' player succeed and gains an aspect "Supported by her forefathers" to use specifically during the trial, she's counting on managing to turn the hearing into a trial).

Svansglidaren searches for a Seeker mentor, specifically to learn about dream walking with the purpose of raising or easing nightmares. Later that day he meets up with Svanspekaren (Tail pointer). Some say that cats' magic is in the tail and so this seeker got the his name from magically finding and pointing to things and beings with his tail. They talk all night and Svansglidaren leaves with many new thoughts in his head (the player plans to use this to motivate to raise Seeker the next milestone).

The day passes mostly with rest and shortly before full night they gather and walk to the cat senate together (Tryggtass, Kattmyntetunga, Svansglidaren and Grå). When they have arrived they get an opportunity to mingle somewhat and talk to cat's of the middle territory class, maybe make a new connection although it's mostly Kattmyntetunga doing this. While talking to other cats they pick up a rumour about a cat's burden who got thrown out of their domus (city house) without much objection although definitely voluntarily (not Gast's burden). Some weird human behaviour led to this strange thing. The cats are gathering and it's soon full night and the humans are sleeping. Soon it's time for meeting.

The senate's princeps (the foremost cat and usually one of the oldest) arrives with the two consuls. Svansglidaren thinks he recognises the two companions to Skarpöra as the two other cats described by the corvids when he spoke to them. The group sometimes called the triumvirate. They seem to be taking this very lightly and jokes and seem in high spirits. Princeps declare the meeting opened and ask for any objections for the summoning for the meeting. No objections form the gathered cats and princeps call for Tryggtass who has called for this hearing.

Tryggtass steps out in the open space thanks the princeps and declare that she hereby accuse Skarpöra for unlawful attempts to acquire territory. The gathered cats fall even silenter and the the whispering starts. As Svansglidaren points his paw at Skarpöra a lot of cats look at Skarpöra who doesn't seem comfortable at all. All signs of confidence dwindle. The other two cats discretely distance themselves from Skarpöra to show a distance without really moving away and directly insulting Skarpöra.

Princeps turn to Skarpöra and asks if Skarpöra has anything to object. "Of course!" she says " That's only ... baloney and nonsense" The more experienced cats look at her and make faces at her weird statement, not formal at all and undisciplined and, well, maybe only "baloney and nonsense". "Ludicrous" Skarpöra continues. Even princeps seems to make a quick face and says "OK, that will be shown in the trial if there would be such. I will consult our two consuls and we will come back to you with an answer in a sleep" (approximately the same as the Romans' "a while" which is approximately an hour). Princeps and the consuls leave.

All groups gather and talk, talk, talk, almost so there would be a danger of waking up the humans in the insula.Tryggtass and Kattmyntetunga discuss Skarpöra's statement and Kattmyntetunga declare why so many thought it was so weird. "Of course you think it's luidcrious if you're innocent but either you confess or you or you declare why it's an unjust accusation and why there should be no trial and if  there in the end is a trial, the trial participants will find out whether you're guilty or not but 'ludicrious', heh, weird way of saying something". They are all agreed on that Skarpöra didn't expect that. Svansglidaren puts forth the idea of calling Högertass, Skarpöra's right paw, as witness because Högertass is probably neither capable of lying or using rethorics to avoid questions or putting forth the right answers. Therefore she could be a perfect witness for confirming that this or that happened, things that Skarpöra wouldn't mention.

Grå mingles somewhat and greets cats he know, neighbours and others and makes a good impression. Svansglidaren takes the opportunity of a break of a sleep's period to exactly that - sleep, partly in hopes of making Skarpöra and friends nervous because he seems so calm.

The Skarpöra triumvirat seems sort of abandoned by others and internally they also seem to be in conflict although trying to hide it.

Princeps and consuls returns and all fall silent - except one young cat who calls out "So, will there be a trial??" but he's quickly silenced. The consuls sit down and princeps declares the meeting opened and then declares that she and the consuls have found the accusation of Skarpöra as valid and the trial will be held at the next possible point in time which is the next night. No forefathers, gods, goddesses or their emissaries object to this. There's also no calendar events stopping this. She also names the ten cats that will form the jury and reminds everybody which consul that will be first in charge tomorrow and thereby lead the trial.Then she closes the meeting and finally everyone can talk again and discuss this. The princeps and consuls seem to leave quickly before they're questioned or before all fuss wakes up any humans.

Tryggtass and her company is just about to also leave when Kattmyntetunga suddenly calls "human". The cats spread out and fall silent. Svansglidaren casts an invisible spell over the major group of cats to hide them and to make it possible to sneak away easily. A drunk human stumbles out and starts to pee over the railing and hits the tail of one of the cats. The cat suddenly moves and probably would have exposed them for the human if the spell wouldn't have been there. He burps and shouts for more wine and then vomits down on the court. He shouts again for more wine and starts to wake up other humans in the insula. The cats slowly sneaks away under the spell's protection while humans come out and shout to each other and what everyone else is shouting about. Several cats give Svansglidaren approving nods when they pass him by. Kattmyntetunga leaves for her home.

Tryggtass returns to the sick child to warm her during the middle part of the night. Grå decides to follow Tryggtass at a small distance to be able to, with surprise, help out in case Skarpöra or some underling would try to attack or threaten Tryggtass. Tryggtass also tries to remember if she knows any laundry where she could steal some worn but soft cloth that could be used as a blinked for the child. Svansglidaren goes home to patrol and finds Högertass sitting there watching him as he passes by and makes sounds with the claws against the ground and walks away with claws out. Svansglidaren ignores her and struts up to his burden's domus and jumps up on the wall to check inside. When Svansglidaren returns to relive Tryggtass from comforting the child he sees Högertass again, sitting and waiting or scouting the area between Tryggtass' and Grå's insulas. Svansglidaren doesn't feel the smell of any other specific cat.

Svansglidaren tells Grå who sits guard outside the apartment where Tryggtass is comforting the child. Grå asks Svansglidaren to keep guard for a while. He sneaks away in the other direction and walks around the insulas and domuses and sneaks up behind Högertass and spies on Högertass from a domus roof. Högertass just sits there, formally in Gast's territory. He then walks up to her and sits down and asks what she's watching "eh, nothing, she says". Grå continues to bug her with uncomfortable questions about what she's doing mixed up with different reasons for why he, Grå, has be here to guard he's territory. He also recommends her to not be here if something's about to happen that concerns him. Högertass insists on just sitting in a third cat's territory and waiting a little. Grå stays and looking the same directions as Högertass. Sometimes he walks around here and stretches somewhat to show how athletic he after all is. After a while Svansglidaren recognises Grå voice but statys on guard as expected.

When the dawn closes in they all stroll away towards the inner city wall to find some delivery of cat nip that they can steal to pay Kattmyntetunga with. As they closes in on Högertass and Grå Högertass leaves. Svansglidaren and Tryggtass increases their cadence to catch up with Högertass leaving with Grå behind her. They taunt her somewhat and then leaves for finding catnip since they can hear the humans starting to haul gods and the noise of donkeys and oxen.

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The Secrets of Cats tARE, c6s5

It's two days and one night until the senate hearing. Tryggtass hasn't decided on whether to speak for herself or if she will give Kattmyntetunga the task of speaking for her. They have decided though to try to find out so much as possible about other cats and how Skarpöra behaves towards them. During discussions an idea comes up how to put Skarpöra i bad light. Her tactics to conquer only roads could be said to be a way to get larger territory without taking responsibility for any burdens. It's not that it's strictly wrong but it could still be ethically wrong and therefore something to lead against Skarpöra. As evening closes in Grå and Svansglidaren join Tryggtass as she leaves to meet with Kattmyntetunga.

Gast is at home but as much as possible keeping a distance to the humans since he's not that popular after the accident with the ornamented box.

They meet Kattmyntetunga at her burdens house and leave for the space in the park Kattmyntetunga seems to trust for delicate talks. Tryggtass and the others tell about how they found out that Skarpöra seems to be dominating and scaring cats away by discrete threats (e g of unfair fights) but still keeping at the right side of the line between right and wrong. Most cats are very withdrawn except some cats who speaks about how "tough but fair" Skarpöra is. It sounds very cliche and just another way of not telling that she's threatening cats into submission. It is decided that Grå and Svansglidaren should testify regarding earlier mentioned points and that they should ask Gast as well since they all four as been present when different things has happened. Tryggtass decides and ask Kattmyntetunga to speak for her. Its also stated that it's not to Skarpöra's advantage that at least one human dislikes her so much as to throw money after her.

After thinking a little Kattmyntetunga says that she thinks that they should call for a formal trial the first thing they do. As they look at her with great surprise she explains that if there's a hearing it will lead to a debate and finally in the end The Cat Senate will make a statement which of course bears weight and good cats follow that but it doesn't have any actual jurisdiction and probably wouldn't stop Skarpöra. If they on the other hand open a trial and accuses Skarpöra for something there will be an outcome that would have effects if contradicted by any of the involved cats. They decide that the prosecute Skarpöra for trying to threaten her way to parts of Tryggtass' territory - unlawful appropriation of territory. Kattmyntetunga is totally confident that they will win this with the gathered information and all the witnesses.

As they return to their homes Tryggtass take the opportunity to ask Gast if he can testify as well and of course he does that for his friend.

 It's Tryggtass turn to sleep with the baby (one of Tryggtass burdens) that almost gets sick because the family lives in an apartment at the top floor directly under the roof where the nights get cool and damp, especially since parts of the roof tiles fell down from the roof (and almost hit Tryggtass and actually did hit Skarpöra). Svansglidaren joins in since he has an idea that he should be able to dreamwalk with one of the parents and convince him or her to cuddle more with their weak baby, at least until she's better again. They sneak into the apartment between the almost shut shutters and as Tryggtass cuddles the baby Svansglidaren lays down close to the mother, starts to inhale her breath and tune himself to her. He soon enters her quite empty dreams or maybe there are no dreams at all. He starts to introduce thoughts of baby. He continues to introduce a dripping roof with the water dripping on on the child, cold winds and generally harsh inside climate. She takes good care of the child but in the end he puts the baby to bed not close to any of the grownups and even when Svansglidaren lets the child in the dream wiggle closer to the mother she moves away from the child. Svansglidaren is very frustrated over this, for cats, very obvious thing to do with babies.

Suddenly the whole surroundings in the dream become a big surreal swirling rapidly changing mess and a fear manifests very strongly and hits Svansglidaren hard. As he recover he's sucked into the mother's fear and nightmare of rolling over her baby and crushing it and hurting it bad and slowly painfully killing it. Svansglidaren is very overwhelmed and withdraw from the dream and with the nightmare echoing in his head he leaves the apartment. Svansglidaren stays a little while laying on the other side of the baby together with Tryggtass but then leaves to ponder this and right now he's to uncertain and shaken up to do anything tonight.

Svansglidaren returns home to check in on his burden and his territory. He has a short talk with the neighbour cat who tells him that there was a brusque cat straying in the area, especially around Svansglidaren's territory. From the description it very much seems to be Skarpöra. Svansglidaren gives his neighbour a quite angled description of Skarpöra and they greet each other and return inside each other's territories.

Tryggtass tries to introduce the thought of laying close to a small being to the father by crawling close to him. He soon notice this in an half-awake state and rolls away from Tryggtass. Tryggtass gets very frustrated and tries it with the mother as well but with the same result, maybe even slightly desperatly. When Tryggtass leaves the child it's sort of OK but still on the boundary to getting sick.

When Svansglidaren in the morning checks his territory he finds that when Skarpöra was here earlier she took the opportunity to pee and mark her presence with her scent on several, probably just out of spite. Svansglidaren covers all tracks of Skarpöra in his own scent and then meets up with the others at the usual street roof.

Grå has been around asking cats in more territories bordering to Skarpöra's territory but doesn't manage to get any info out of them regarding Skarpöra. Almost slightly suspiciously uninterested in talking with Grå but not impolite. Tryggtass and Svansglidaren appears first and indulge in some mouse tennis. Mouse tennis is a game where two cats face each other at a comfortable distance and then hits a mouse back and forth between each other. The cat to either miss to hit the mouse so it escapes or happens to kill it loses one turn and the other one gets to eat the mouse in case it didn't escape (or the .

During the morning, besides some mouse tennis, they discuss Kattmyntetunga's latest ideas and Svansglidaren's experiences during the dream walk. Svansglidaren decides to seek out a more experienced Seeker that can learn him more about dream walking but they also need to get hold of a hemina (about a quarter of a kilo) of catnip to pay Kattmyntetunga. Although they have heard about catnip growing free for fetching outside the city but they are city cats and are definitely more tempted by either do a lot of small deals to get hold of catnip or steal from one of these weird humans who have a lot of catnip and then do away with. No wonder they sometimes look very sad. They decide to do a heist during the late night when the humans do all their freighting into the city. Grå also tells them about Skarpöra's manoeuvres around his territory.

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The Secrets of Cats tARE, c6 environments in Rome 2

Some paper models of two kinds of shops-and-apartment insulas.

The Secrets of Cats tARE, c6 environments in Rome 1

A street view from above between two insulas. There's a cut-out here to show the street below but between the houses, resting on the arches over the street, are a street roof very similar to the one playing an important role in the story so far.

A street view from a human perspective. You can see a dog but all cats are busy either resting from saving the world or actually saving the world (or at least the pity humans).

A street view from a slightly wider street. The kind humans have placed stones across the streets here and there so that cats can make short effortless jumps to get over the streets on rainy days without having to wade in unpleasant water.

Cut-through off a maze-like insula with only a very small inner court.

Another insula

A smaller house like Grå's and Gast's burdens (lesser senators) and a larger one (but not the biggest kind).
A = Atrium (small inner court with artificial pond in the middle. Main rooms are around this area.
C = Cubiculum (sleeping room or similar)
H = Hortus (small walled garden at the back of the house)
P = Peristyl (pillar garden)
T = Tablinum (The Master of the House's study and workroom)
X = Ala (wing, small side-part of the house)

The Secrets of Cats tARE, c6s4c

When they search for Trubbklo they hear cats say the same thing as about Trubbklo as about Stortass, that he since a while has kept to being indoors - even become something of a sissy. They call for Trubbklo but Trubbklo just says something about being busy and disappears indoors.

Some cats appear to think that Skarpöra is cool cat, a little harsh but fair (but that mostly cats without real territories, mostly cats with small apartment territories within bigger territories). They seem to think that there were a lot fussin' and yappin' before but that's gone now. Some seems to have come to an agreement with Skarpöra, to Skarpöra's benefit. None of them are especially willing to discuss Skarpöra in details although both Tryggtass and Grå tries to get them do exactly that.

Gast sneaks back home since he knows that it's food time although he knows that he's not so welcome at home since the "accident" with the master's important box. As he comes back he catches the last part of a quarrel between two of the slaves over whether Gast should have some fresh fish or not. After a short while one of them returns quickly and puts a small dish with a small fresh fish filet with some garum in Gast's hideout and then he returns with the usual plate at the usual place but with unusually old and crappy meat-something. Gast pretends to eat a little, messes a little with the food as a cover-up for not eating. Gast notice which slave it was and sneaks into his hideout and enjoys the delicacy and then decides to go out to complement with a freshly killed mouse. Before he is finished master and mistress of the house appears and sits down at the small bench at the other end of the very small garden (but still a garden).

Gast pricks up his ears. They're talking quite low for being humans and seem very serious and concerned and maybe not totally agreed upon some important matter. It shows to be The Big Debt that the husband has kept secret for his wife. She is hurt that he didn't tell him. They usually share all important parts of private and official business, both her doings and his doings, and sometime help each other. He is sad and tries to convince her that he was going to fix it and she never needed to know about it. Gast don't think he sounds very convincing and his wife doesn't seem to really buy it either. "It was just this thing..." he tries. "I'll fix it" he says and his wife look at him with mixed feelings and beliefs showing in her face. It's like either he didn't tell about something important, the debt, or he didn't tell about something important, the resources that can solve this. Gast thinks that he should stop trying to dig himself out of the hole he's in. The mistress of the house turns to her husband and ends the discussion with "...and don't try anything stupid like your cousin who burnt the debt paper, there's another copy at the lender's place". Now the master of the house gets hurt and almost a little angry "My dropped behind a wagon cousin?!? You think I would do something like him?!?" Gast thinks that maybe, maybe if both copies burned, maybe everything would be solved... The pair returns inside for lunch. Gast walks out to the old food so that mistress of the house notice him and the old food. She looks at him with mixed emotions, a little like if she's angry for the broken ornamented box but on the other hand, hadn't the box broke she wouldn't have known that they risk having to sell the house and move to, gasp, an apartment. Gast returns to a comfortably sunny spot on the street roof.

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The Secrets of Cats tARE, c6s4b

Two days and a night until the senate meeting.

The cats are laying around at the street roof having a discussion regarding whether Tryggtass should represent herself or not and if it's good or bad for her case that they have discovered that Skarpöra is cooperating with two other cats to dominate the streets. Svansglidaren tells Tryggtass that he has talked to Kattmyntetunga (Catnip Tongue) who will help out with the hearing if they wish so. Svansglidaren, Tryggtass and Grå decide to see her while Gast stays at the street roof

They saunters along on top of the estate walls to get a better view, look cooler and to avoid the humans that run along everywhere.

While Gast is half asleep Skarpöra appears and actively ignores Gast like he was air and goes to for Tryggtass favourite spot. She sniffs and looks to carefully place her as exactly on that spot as she can. She rubs herself on the concrete to be sure to leave some scent after her.  After a short while Gast hear a human curse by some unknown entity and something swish through the air and crash into the wall a little uncomforably close to Gast. Gast keeps it cool and looks up as Skarpöra does. Someone has thrown a pies of charcoal from the building across the street which hit the wall and broke on Gast's and Skarpöra's side. Someone shouts from across the street (from Grå's insula), curses some more and shouts to Skarpöra to leave which Skarpöra ignores. This seems to make the human furious who with much hatred throws another piece of coal towards Skarpöra and escalates by throwing a few as (copper coin) directly at her and hunts her off.

Svansglidaren et al arrives at the domus (city house) of the burden of Kattmyntetunga and Svansglidaren jumps up on the garden wall and calls for her. Shortly a cat with nifty appearance shows up. A slim cat without scars that cares for her appearance. Her kind of cat doesn't have fur tips on top of the ears but it's almost like someone has patted her fur to almost form tips anyway. She greets them and Svansglidaren presents his friends and the case. Tryggtass and Svansglidaren starts to describe details but Kattmyntetunga stops them politely and suggests that they go to park not far away where they can talk without humans running around and between the lines without other cats listening. Kattmyntetunga leads the way a few blocks away into a smaller park where she stops under a tree that gives some shade but not totally blocks the sun. She seems to signal to magpie who flies to somewhere near the top to, from what it looks, keep a lookout.

They discuss the matter and Tryggtass tells what has happened and also the history of Tryggtass territory and that there are no real territory connections between this street or street roof and Skarpöra's real territory. Kattmyntetunga takes a quite aristotelean stance and try to get Tryggtas and the others to tell as much as they can themselves and tries to get Tryggtass to suggest her stance in the hearing herself.

Kattmyntetunga asks about which witnesses there are and learns about Gast who aren't there now. All events seem to have several witnesses on both sides; Tryggtass, Grå, Gast, Svansglidaren, Skarpöra, Högertass and a third cat that Tryggtass can identify on sight and scent but doesn't know the name of.

According to normal praxis Kattmyntetunga finds several issues with how Skarpöra is claiming the street and the street roof.
* It's a strange way to get to the territory in question. There has been no real territory fights over the territories (or parts thereof) between Skarpöra's and Grå's or tryggtass'.
* The duel seemed less duelesque  than wished for. Högertass seemed very keen on joing in to help Skarpöra in what rather looked like a regular fight than a territory duel.
* Skarpöra seems to have quite a non-proper attitude to the whole thing.
* The provocations in themselves are especially problematic but since Skarpöra so very much homed in on Tryggtass she sort of jumped over Grå's part of the street/street roof and directly to Tryggtass which doesn't give her a fully connected territory even if that area could actually be called a territory.
* She didn't do a formal challenge.

As a counter-gesture for the help Kattmyntetunga wants Svansglidaren to get her a hemina (~0.25 kg) of catnip (kattmynta) which Svansglidaren agrees to but for himself thinks that that's gonna be somewhat of an effort to gather. They leave to try to find out something more about Skarpöra's personal quality, find it as low as possible. They all agree on meeting again in the evening.

In the meanwhile Skarpöra has appeared again looking at Gast as he's nothing to care about. Gast answers with a yawn. Skarpöra glares at her and lies down at Tryggtas favourite spot again.

"By all the lemures in the Roman Empire - are you here Again?!?" someone shouts and again the same human chase away Skarpöra by throwing coins at here. Gast feels good watching it but can't help wonder what that human has against Skarpöra specifically. Gast starts to get a little worried that the human will start to hunt him when he discovers him so he takes a jump up to a window alcove slightly to the left from the windows with the human to have a better view and easier avoid eventual projectiles. As he land in the alcove the human throws shut the shutters with a "cat lemur" spitted out into the air between the buildings. Gast is confused.

When Svansglidaren, Grå and Tryggtass gets back to the street roof and Gast they noticed a certain Skarpöra smell. Gast describes the morning's events with amusement. Svansglidaren looks over where there human should have appeared and recognises the apartment where he did his dream walking with the pater familias (family head) and looks very satisfied.

Grå leads the way towards Skarpöra's territory as he, Svansglidaren and Tryggtass walks off to try to find more intel on Skarpöra and her activities and most of all her personal quality for the senate hearing.  They start to ask around along the streets towards Skarpöra's territory seeking cats losing parts of their territories to Skarpöra. Different cats seem to agree on that Skarpöra is the one making the calls on the streets.

One of the cats losing their street is Stortass (Big Paw) who apparently has become almost offish lately and totally satisfied with territory only within the actual building of the insula. It takes some searching in the insula before they find a shy and suspicious cat that presents itself as Stortass (although he seems quite muscular and competent in fighting). After a lot of rethorics and luring Stortass agrees to that Skarpöra and company bashed and threatened their way to the street outside the building and not necessarily by the book. Stortass is very unwilling to appear in the Cat Senate but agrees to telling them what happened in more details to the one that shall plead the cause. That is not decided yet so in the end he tells the three being present. At first he says the duel went by the rules. They are little unsure wether that's actually the case since he seems nervous. After more convincing he admits that the other cats accompanying Skarpöra almost, almost joined the fight by that threatened Stortass into submission without having to actually win a fair duel. Foul play is obvious from Stortass' tale. They also find out that Stortass territory neighbour across the street is Trubbklo (Blunt Claw).

To be continued in c6s4c...