Monday, October 5, 2015

The Secrets of Cats tARE c6s9c

As afternoon passes into evening Svansglidaren hangs around the apartment with the sick child Tryggtass tires to warm with the purpose to try to catch the full name of the mother. If he manages that he would have much greater power over her dreams. He also convinces Tryggtass who can read to sneak into the apartment and try to find the name on any of those important papers that humans keep around. Sadly she doesn't manage to find any paper lying around. As the night falls Tryggtass again sneaks up to the baby and crawls up to it and warms it. She has also noticed that they hasn't thrown away the baking towel they covered the child with earlier. Whomever of the two parents who find it first in the morning seems to assume the other put it on their child and folds it and puts it among other cloths and every night Tryggtass covers the baby again.

Later at night Svansglidaren appears to try another dream walking and to dampen the mother's fear of crushing her child so that she would lie close to her child to warm it instead of separated from the child. This time Svansglidaren tries to from the beginning take control over the dream environment and shape it before introducing the mother and the child close together. As he tunes to her and enters her dream world he gives her the feeling of being a spirit version of herself (the humans believe that the spirit partly releases itself from the body during sleep, the cats know that that's the case) looking down on herself and her child sleeping in the apartment. In this version the child wakes up apparently not feeling well and crawls over to the mother and although it can not talk yet it in the dream tells the mother that it's not feeling well and needs warmth. The baby then lays down close to her and hopefully that won't trigger her panic as furiously and it will then be more manageable. Svansglidaren tries to build up as much positive feelings as he can with the image of the child voluntarily coming close to her. Svansglidaren fights with her feelings and nightmare of crushing her child. It's an even fight but suddenly she calms down and realise that if she only is a little careful she can sleep close to her child and the fear of crushing it is gone.

There's no guarantee that she will lie close and hold her child each and every night but now her fear is gone so at least she would do it when needed. Tryggtass and Svansglidaren watches as the mother hold her child and slightly enthusiastically talk about how Svansglidaren managed this time and almost wake the parents so they calm down. Svansglidaren is still quite upset after the fight with the nightmare so he leaves to go home to his burden and sleep and rest. As he jumps up in the window he suddenly feels how a rat tries to pass his warden in the hole down to the sewer. As he stops and thinks of what to do a lemures attacks the warden of his burden's domus. Conflicted which to tend to first he hesitates in the window alcove.

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