Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Secrets of Cats tARE c6s9b

As they return and jump up to the roof to have a necessary nap in the sun they spot a new very large white rat sitting in the shade peering at them while chewing something. As soon as they move towards it it looks up and stares at them. They rush towards it to kill the rat. They have the upper hand in that they probably can cut it off from it's expected escape route (the hole they discovered earlier).  Grå jumps up to a window alcove to be able to jump the rat when it tries to escape while the others rush directly at the rat to drive it towards Grå's ambush. The rat runs but doesn't get to Grå's ambush before Tryggtass and Svansglidaren catch and kill it.

The very curious Tryggtass can stop herself from trying to get through the small hole where the rat escaped earlier and the extremely agile Grå managed to get through when they examined the escape route the other day. With some effort she squeezes herself through the hole. It's almost at a point where Svansglidaren decides to push her from behind but he never has to, with little margin. She looks around in the apartment and discovers a woman who looks surprised at the cat that almost materialised in her apartment. "Meow" says Tryggtass and looks hungry. The woman keeps on looking surprised and then squats and pats Tryggtass on the head in that manner the humans have with their children and adds a "Oooh, little kitty". Tryggtass fawns a little to uphold the charade and suddenly she gets a fish, a quite fresh fish even. She eats it while peering around in the apartment. She also feels the scent of rat towards the door out of the apartment. The rats seem to have crawled under the door and then run towards the hole in the exterior wall. There's also some rat scent under the raised ember. Tryggtass jumps up to the window and out to the other two.

They leave the street roof and runs into the inner court to the hole where the rats come from. It's a very small hole but that doesn't stop a curious cat Tryggtass. There's a great stench and they can hear running water somewhere inside downwards. She squeezes through and Grå follows her. The balance on a very narrow space with room for about seven paws. There's a very steep wall down to running water. It's probably possible to run down to the water somewhat controlled but most probably no possibility to stop halfway. They don't see so much, it's dark even for cats and return out to tell Svansglidaren. It seems like the hole went into the sewers where the rats usually lives. They discuss how they could stop the rats. If they could convince Svansglidaren's burden to renovate the building. He has been convinced such things before. They are interrupted by a furious hissing from the hole. They jump around and turn towards it ready to kill. Something big is in the hole. They growl back. Svansglidaren moves to the side to move out of sight. Tryggtass tries to lure it out when it suddenly attacks her. Tryggtass backs off fending herself while the other two jumps the rat. A fight erupts where the rat bites after Tryggtass paw and Svansglidaren smashes it. The fight continues furiously but is short. Even if it's a big wild rat they are three cats and the fight ends with two of them catching it and killing it. Some humans cheers at them for killing the rat and come down to them with a bowl of garum, totally okey fish sauce (although Svansglidaren is used to better). They try to alert the humans to the hole and the rat but they seem to think a cat is stuck there and when they don't see a cat there they return to their business. Grå and Tryggtass knuffar in the killed rat into the hole. Svansglidaren then casts a Ward against rats over the hole with the rat as sacrifice to Pluto for power.

A dog appears on the court. They recognise it but dogs are moody so you never really know where you have them. It's not one of the more sapient dogs and it tries to out it's nose into the hole with the rat. Tryggtass tries to convince it to not put it's nose there and after a while it understands and tries to use it's paw instead. Tryggtass sighs deeply and tries to convince it to stop, to go away. After a battle of wits against stubbornness it walks of. A few children looks at them and giggles at the dog. Suddenly Svansglidaren feels how someone tries to get through the ward from the inside. A mental fight starts and suddenly Svansglidaren jumps startled as he's overcome and a furious white rat storms out of the hole. They jump that rat as well it's soon captured and killed. It's strange that so many albino rats have appeared within such a short time span. They drag the rat out of the court and manage to budge it up to the street roof and push it into the hole into the apartment as a sacrifice for a ward over the street roof agains Skarpöra.

They discuss if it's possible to get to the rats in any reasonable way but every way they can think of involves more or less water and they decide to not do anything particular right now. It is worrying with these large ferocious rats though. They could harm or even kill a human baby.

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