Monday, September 14, 2015

The Secrets of Cats tARE c6s8a

Some of the day passes in the most catlike sunbathing way on the street roof.

Closer to midday they go to meet Stortass. After asking around for him they find him in the same, strangely empty, apartment as last time talking to another cat they don't recognise. Stortass and Grå talks a little about the trial, Skarpöra, territories and what the trial might mean for Skarpöra and cats interacting with her. Grå who is a experienced fighter volunteers to be Stortass second anytime if the duel is with Skarpöra regarding 

They then cross the street to the domus where Trubbklo's burden live. Tryggtass calls for her and opposite what happened last time she appears and doesn't play busy. They talk a little about Skarpöra and the trial. Trubbklo admits that she's not used to all the territory fighting the cats do here in Rome as opposed to in Alexandrias where she comes from and therefore has really gotten the same amount of training which is part of her problem with Skarpöra.

As they walk home and pass the supermarket house they hear a wild cat fight from somewhere inside it. They run into it searching for the cats. They don't find anyone though but hear aggressive cats again. They run out again and run along the supermarket house and realise that the sound came from some sort of small entrance into a cellar or something. They run over there and see the back part of a cat blocking the opening. As they come closer it turns around quickly with claws out and growling at them as if they were about to fight for real. They stop suddenly and back off a few steps. The cat growls at them again. They recognises one of the two cats that has earlier accompanied Skarpöra to the senate and that the corvids told Svansglidaren about.

They hear a whimper from inside what seems to some sort of maintenance opening for humans. Tryggtass asks what they are doing and are told to not bother "...since that would be best for all involved". Grå almost explodes and can't decide whether he should ask if that was a threat or if he should ask if the cat are so stupidly stupid that he just threatened them. The other of Skarpöra's two former companions walks out of the tunnel. His shag is still standing somewhat, like he moments ago was threatening someone or trying to look as dangerous as possible when facing a threat. They all guess it's the first alternative. He also somewhat dirty.

Grå aggressively asks if they will find a lonesome cat that they have beaten up if the walk into the hole. One of the two fighter cats answers that he won't be passing them right now anyway and say that he has no idea what might be found in there. Tryggtass calls into the hole but doesn't get any answer. She asks if they have killed the poor cat and they get very offended that they in any way suggest something like that. They are well aware about the legal foundations for the senate and all cat senates - to never kill or maim a member of the cat senate unless it's self defence. As the two cats pass by Svansglidaren feels even more sure that it's the two former companions to Skarpöra since their smell match what the corvids described.

Grå and Tryggtass runs into the space under the supermarket house and calls again for the cat they can hear inside while Svansglidaren keeps an eye on the two disappearing cats. The cat inside doesn't answer and doesn't leave the deepest darkest most foul-smelling corner. Still the smell is very familiar and it's definitely a cat they have met several times. Even if it is Skarpöra Tryggtass feels that it's not OK to overpower a cat like that and beat it up. They try to convince the cat to come out and call her by her name. They get more and more sure that it's Skarpöra. They even offer to help her clean her wounds.Tryggtass tries to convince Skarpöra that she holds no grudge with her, Skarpöra, as a person. Tryggtass just loathe Skarpöra's behaviour when she tried to grab a piece of her territory. They give up and leave Skarpöra and walk home. Svansglidaren isn't as prone to forgiving Skarpöra though.

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