Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Secrets of Cats tARE c6s8c

Tryggtass tends to her forefathers and sacrifices to them, Svansglidaren gets a mouse for some magic and Grå steals a small baking towel that Tryggtass brings to the child to warm it during the night. Svansglidaren lays down and tunes himself to the mother and once more enters her dreams. This time he tries to weave a dream where she rolls next to the child but only close to the child. He there tries to inject a feeling of closeness and warmth rather than panic for crushing her baby. The first attempt is only half a success and Svansglidaren is almost shoved out of tune when she moves rapidly and jostles him. Apparently she has a great fear of crushing her baby if sleeping to close.

He starts to build a new dream environment where she stretches out and and hugs her child instead of crushing. As she turns around in the dream the panic storms froward again and suddenly the panic hits Svansglidaren and instead of him controlling the dream he suddenly finds himself being rolled over by the mother and getting crushed himself. He throws himself out of the dream with fur standing right out all over his body and his heart pounding. Svansglidaren leaves and his fear after a while turns into frustration and his tail flaps back and forth and cats passing by gets angry glares just for being there.

As the frustration dwindles Svansglidaren seeks out his new Seeker friend again to discuss the weird humans. They discuss the matter and during the discussion Svansglidaren realises that he must build and try to control the dream environment more. They also talk about magic in general like that there's a connection between the breath and the soul. Svansglidaren's new friend also seems honestly interested in how everything goes for Svansglidaren as he tries to cure the mother of her fear of lying next to her child. He also invites Svansglidaren to come back some time so they can discuss whether a cat's magic i located in the tail or not. Svansglidaren leaves with new ideas how to handle the mother's fear.

Grå scouts around and ask cats about Klunsan (Clumsy, Skarpöra's human name) and her territory to find out if she's lost her territory (which would be something of a atrocity but you never know with cats like those). Everything seems sort of OK though but Skarpöra has become a much more withdrawn cat now. He also talks to some cats about Skarpöra's two friends and find out that they're not form this part of the region. The rest of the night he walks around and sniffs for those two and also talks to a cat or two about them and finds out where one of them, Ärrnos (Scarnose), has his territory - a big three-sides-of-an-insula-territory. He also get the tip that Ärrnos isn't to fond of foreigners.

Much of the following day's is spent by resting, sleeping and some thinking about new information and knowledge. When evening appears they go scouting from Skarpöra's territory to Ärrnos' territory to see if they can find the territory of the third cat in the triumvirate and also get a grip on if they've been doing this capture-the-streets-thing all over the region. Just as they're about to jump from the street roof down to the street they notice a ferret on the street roof. He peers at them in a ferrety shrewd playful way at them, in that particular you-never-know-where-you-have-them-ferret-way. "That albino rat that lurks around here? Isn't it a typical cat job to keep those at bay, eh?" he says, waves his tail in a teasing way and runs off. "Does it give you trouble?" Tryggtass shouts after it. It stops shortly and calls "It's big, fat, in the way of everyone and sinister as a lemures" and runs along again. "We could bring it down for you" Svansglidaren calls "What's in it for us?". "How about your pride as hunters?" the ferret answers. "You're slinky and annoying" Grå mutters. "Or can't you handle it?" the ferret says and runs away. "It should die" Grå states. There's no sport in getting you" Svansglidaren calls to it. "Come on and try it" the ferret answers and runs off at surprising speed and almost seems to neglect the corner of the insula as it takes a jump down to the street around the corner and disappears.

With Grå still muttering over the ferret they walk off on their scouting tour. After a good part of the night they find the third cat's territory. He's named Tofsöra (Crested ear) and it doesn't seem like they have been taking over the streets like Skarpöra did. Their names are very well-known along the routes between the three territories though. Both of them have territories taking up three sides of an insula.

Tryggtass uses the rest of the night to warm the child and also trying to familiarise the father with the thought of lying beside someone small by pushing the child's doll close to him.

During the day's naps and slumbers they wonder what they were and are up to.Skarpöra didn't seem to act like the others and why did she go out on a conquer-street-territory-mission in a line that doesn't connect to the other territories? Were the other two supposed to do that while she was doing what she was up to or did she want to have their street territory specifically? If she was going in a specific direction, what's in that direction except Forum romanum - the humans main centre of their main city? Were she or they after nice spots in the sun with many options of grades of shade? In that case, how were they going to patrol them and when were they thinking of having time to use them themselves? The street roofs are not many compared to streets without roofs and they are good resting spots but they're not that good?!? Why are they doing this? Do they know something that other cat's don't know? Are they just bullies and want street cred?

Towards the evening they again notice the albino rat. It definitely seems to be looking at Tryggtass. "What do you want?" Grå says pointlessly since rats aren't sentient. "Come and play." Svansglidaren says trying to look harmless. It climbs up to the window where it disappeared last time and then turns around and look at them again. "Let's hunt" Svansglidaren calls and sets off after the rat who tries to run away from the cat. Grå and Tryggtass quickly follows.

Grå runs after it and hunts it through the apartment, under the door and down the stairs where the other two are waiting and jumps it. It's massive and it takes three paws and two cats to from two directions to  hold it down. As expected it doesn't answer any questions but try to bite them so they kill it. Svansglidaren use the rat as a sacrifice to crate a ward against lemures for Grå's territory. When he returns home he hunts down a mouse and does the same for his burden's domus.

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