Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Secrets of Cats tARE c6s7a

So there they were, in Kattmyntetunga's burden's garden. Kattmyntetunga was paid and there were some catnip left but on the other side of the garden wall were tens of cats just waiting for an opportunity to get a piece of that catnip. How would they ever get from here to home without losing their catnip? They sit there and in catnip-induced  haze try to find a plan that's not onnly desperate but also will fail. After a while the haze fades though and their thoughts start to fly in straighter lines and one of them even remember that if you expose yourself for catnip enough you will get high but then come down and actually be sort of immune for catnip for a while. They all decide to eat some catnip and fly for a while to be able to come down with all four paws on the ground and do this thing - whatever the plan's gonna be. Anyway they're not giving up their catnip branches.

In the end they decide to call on the cats' attention and throw out some catnip to them to get them to fight amongst each other and gather up at one end of the garden while Svansglidaren, Tryggtass and Grå runs off in another direction and hopefully get all the way home. They decide for a slight detour to optimise the direction away from the main cat host and also get out of sight as quick as possible. As they prepare Kattmyntetunga meows and a couple of corveids appear on the roof.

They jump up on the garden wall, shouts and provoke the cats and throw some small amounts of catnip as far as they can away out over the cats. Quickly they jump down, fetch the rests of their branches, jumps up on the wall at the other side of the garden and leaves at full speed. As they do this they see Kattmyntetunga grab her pouch of catnip and jump up on the wall and up to the roof and the birds.

As they run away three cats that happened to be ont he other side of the domus catches sight of them and quickly takes up pursuit. Behind their backs they hear a roar worthy not only Pluto's cat but Pluto's lion as the rest of the cats realise that they've been played and also takes up pursuit but quite behind our catnip thieves and their three close pursuer. Grå, Svansglidaren and Tryggtass runs like they actually had Pluto's lion behind them and keeps the distance. Suddenly Svansglidaren jumps up on his burden's garden wall and thereby distracts the cats a little before he disappears and they continue to hunt Grå and Tryggtass.

As they close in on the street roof they prepare themselves, slow down slightly and make the jump up on the roof and they can hear the three cats pass by under the roof without being able to react and stop or jump up. Tryggtass and Grå quickly greets each other and runs into their burden's apartments to disappear in case any of the cats would come up to the street roof.

The rest of the day all three of them mostly spend making out with their catnip. In some moment of clarity Svansglidaren worries that members of the jury were here tonight and will hold a grudge against them. Svansglidaren has a very nice stash spot in the kitchen where the firewood is stored. A place that's practically never stuffed. Tryggtass and Grå has a little harder time hiding their catnip but both have corners in the insulas where the rest of the cats in their territory knows that they put their stuff and that bad things will happen if they steal it. Grå and Tryggtass worries slightly though that other cats might take risk of sneaking by and just nibble a little on the catnip.

As they in the evening leave for the trial a certain weird junkie-like shifty cat that suggested a joint operation at the heist appears and behaves like they were all best friends and Grå even has to give him a light slap on the nose to get to go somewhere else. As they walk to Kattmyntetunga they wonder wether there will be any inter-region politics aftermath of this. On the other hand they didn't risk any other cats and they grabbed something that wasn't really available for the cats in the region anyway. Probably it's rather something that's gonna be the talk of the region in several regions.

As they meet up with Kattmyntetunga they're slightly worried as Kattmyntetunga seems a little off and more a little jumpy or overly energetic. They fear she's high on catnip.

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