Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Secrets of Cats tARE c6s6b

The catnip heist

They do a few laps along the inner city wall searching for a delivery of catnip before finding one. They know that the humans deliver it from some heaven-like wood outside the city and then sort it up and trade it for their metal pieces they use to keep track of stuff they don't have. The smell is indescribable. They have all smelled small amounts of catnip, maybe in a toy or just a small small amount in a storage somewhere. This is like, well indescribable, fuzzy energised feeling run through their bodys and tickle their brains but as if they were tickled by someone that had known them and joyfully tickled them throughout their whole life and become the master of changing between tickling and caressing them. If they now just could find some focus and get on that wagon but the humans look like they're quick to whip someone with their canes and they're not the only cat around. As they follow the wagon to whatever forum it's headed for they see a cat getting to close and get a really nasty lash over his back (the game master prepared a -2 situation aspect, "catnip haze").

As they follow the wagon slightly more focused and obviously thinking of something special a cat approach them. He has eyes are like plates and he's jumping up and down and talks about him and his friend helping them stealing catnip. He's very unfocused and totally all over the place and very impatient. IT takes all three of them get him to go somewhere else.

When the wagon rolls into a forum they quickly come up with a plan. When the wagon stops and the humans has to unload stuff Svansglidaren casts his Warden magic that makes them hard to notice and then he starts to distract the humans while Grå and Tryggtass, who are the sneakiest and acrobatic cats of the three, sneak onto the wagon and in among the sacks and bags and grab a bag or two and runs away with it. What could possibly go wrong?

As the wagon stops and the humans suspiciously start to unload stuff from the wagon Svansglidaren cast his magic fails and starts to run by and jump onto the table and down again drawing attention to him without getting caught or hit. Grå and Tryggtass sneaks up on the wagon and Tryggtass helps Grå (who could probably creep under a closed door) get in amongst the bags and sacks.

A lot of Fate points are spent on aspects like; "catnip haze" (-), distraction created by Svansglidaren (+), "good hearing" (+), "legendary creeper" (+), "warden magic" (+) - failed, "getaway cat" (+). On top of that cooperation among two cats to succeed with a task of great difficulty.

The humans run around and try to catch and whip Svansglidaren and almost topple the stand and some of the goods thereupon. Grå and Tryggtass dive around among the sacks and bags to find the catnip haze they feel the smell of so well. Grå finds a bag approximately big enough and they run away hearing a whip and with exchange coins thrown after them. As Svansglidaren follow them he hear other humans laugh at the two with the spices and catnip.

As they gather around the corner the same weird catnip junkie appears and wants just a little twig of catnip. They drive him away and decide to go to Kattmyntetunga right away or rather run as other cats are gathering and they aren't even in their own region. They run with train of cats following them.

One idea is to just throw the catnip over the wall into the garden of Kattmyntetunga's burden's domus but what if there's actually more catnip then they need to pay. Then they want that for themsleves. Tryggtass is athletic and run along faster then Grå can do dragging the sack to alert Kattmyntetunga. She calls desperately for Kattmyntetunga who saunter out into the garden and then gets a almost drooling expression on her face as she feel what Tryggtass is smelling. "It's delivery like right now" tryggtass says and then they can hear all the cats coming like a small storm through the city. "Oh, I see" Kattmyntetunga says "Get it over the wall over there" she say "then it will land behind some plants and stuff". With the help of Tryggtass Grå gets the bag over the wall. Tryggtass and Grå guard the gard on the wall while Kattmyntetunga and Svansglidaren measures the catnip behind the small hedge at the end of the small garden. Kattmyntetunga is very obviously nervous about the other cats drawing attention to what's happening and making the humans come out.

Next up: Getting away from Kattmyntetunga's place with the excess catnip with very few Fate points available.

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