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The Secrets of Cats tARE c6s6a

In between last meeting and this the player of Gast decided to leave the campaign since he didn't feel motivated or attracted by the game world.

During the night Tryggtass seeks her way up to the top of the insula she has her territory in and goes to a secluded place to make an offer of a mouse to her forefathers. She likes the space because she can do on her own undisturbed and say what she wish to her dead relatives who still as a collective indirectly take part in the world of the living. Also the humans usually don't find her offerings and clean them away. She climbs down feeling less worried about the hearing that's gonna turn into an actual trial (Tryggtass' player succeed and gains an aspect "Supported by her forefathers" to use specifically during the trial, she's counting on managing to turn the hearing into a trial).

Svansglidaren searches for a Seeker mentor, specifically to learn about dream walking with the purpose of raising or easing nightmares. Later that day he meets up with Svanspekaren (Tail pointer). Some say that cats' magic is in the tail and so this seeker got the his name from magically finding and pointing to things and beings with his tail. They talk all night and Svansglidaren leaves with many new thoughts in his head (the player plans to use this to motivate to raise Seeker the next milestone).

The day passes mostly with rest and shortly before full night they gather and walk to the cat senate together (Tryggtass, Kattmyntetunga, Svansglidaren and Grå). When they have arrived they get an opportunity to mingle somewhat and talk to cat's of the middle territory class, maybe make a new connection although it's mostly Kattmyntetunga doing this. While talking to other cats they pick up a rumour about a cat's burden who got thrown out of their domus (city house) without much objection although definitely voluntarily (not Gast's burden). Some weird human behaviour led to this strange thing. The cats are gathering and it's soon full night and the humans are sleeping. Soon it's time for meeting.

The senate's princeps (the foremost cat and usually one of the oldest) arrives with the two consuls. Svansglidaren thinks he recognises the two companions to Skarpöra as the two other cats described by the corvids when he spoke to them. The group sometimes called the triumvirate. They seem to be taking this very lightly and jokes and seem in high spirits. Princeps declare the meeting opened and ask for any objections for the summoning for the meeting. No objections form the gathered cats and princeps call for Tryggtass who has called for this hearing.

Tryggtass steps out in the open space thanks the princeps and declare that she hereby accuse Skarpöra for unlawful attempts to acquire territory. The gathered cats fall even silenter and the the whispering starts. As Svansglidaren points his paw at Skarpöra a lot of cats look at Skarpöra who doesn't seem comfortable at all. All signs of confidence dwindle. The other two cats discretely distance themselves from Skarpöra to show a distance without really moving away and directly insulting Skarpöra.

Princeps turn to Skarpöra and asks if Skarpöra has anything to object. "Of course!" she says " That's only ... baloney and nonsense" The more experienced cats look at her and make faces at her weird statement, not formal at all and undisciplined and, well, maybe only "baloney and nonsense". "Ludicrous" Skarpöra continues. Even princeps seems to make a quick face and says "OK, that will be shown in the trial if there would be such. I will consult our two consuls and we will come back to you with an answer in a sleep" (approximately the same as the Romans' "a while" which is approximately an hour). Princeps and the consuls leave.

All groups gather and talk, talk, talk, almost so there would be a danger of waking up the humans in the insula.Tryggtass and Kattmyntetunga discuss Skarpöra's statement and Kattmyntetunga declare why so many thought it was so weird. "Of course you think it's luidcrious if you're innocent but either you confess or you or you declare why it's an unjust accusation and why there should be no trial and if  there in the end is a trial, the trial participants will find out whether you're guilty or not but 'ludicrious', heh, weird way of saying something". They are all agreed on that Skarpöra didn't expect that. Svansglidaren puts forth the idea of calling Högertass, Skarpöra's right paw, as witness because Högertass is probably neither capable of lying or using rethorics to avoid questions or putting forth the right answers. Therefore she could be a perfect witness for confirming that this or that happened, things that Skarpöra wouldn't mention.

Grå mingles somewhat and greets cats he know, neighbours and others and makes a good impression. Svansglidaren takes the opportunity of a break of a sleep's period to exactly that - sleep, partly in hopes of making Skarpöra and friends nervous because he seems so calm.

The Skarpöra triumvirat seems sort of abandoned by others and internally they also seem to be in conflict although trying to hide it.

Princeps and consuls returns and all fall silent - except one young cat who calls out "So, will there be a trial??" but he's quickly silenced. The consuls sit down and princeps declares the meeting opened and then declares that she and the consuls have found the accusation of Skarpöra as valid and the trial will be held at the next possible point in time which is the next night. No forefathers, gods, goddesses or their emissaries object to this. There's also no calendar events stopping this. She also names the ten cats that will form the jury and reminds everybody which consul that will be first in charge tomorrow and thereby lead the trial.Then she closes the meeting and finally everyone can talk again and discuss this. The princeps and consuls seem to leave quickly before they're questioned or before all fuss wakes up any humans.

Tryggtass and her company is just about to also leave when Kattmyntetunga suddenly calls "human". The cats spread out and fall silent. Svansglidaren casts an invisible spell over the major group of cats to hide them and to make it possible to sneak away easily. A drunk human stumbles out and starts to pee over the railing and hits the tail of one of the cats. The cat suddenly moves and probably would have exposed them for the human if the spell wouldn't have been there. He burps and shouts for more wine and then vomits down on the court. He shouts again for more wine and starts to wake up other humans in the insula. The cats slowly sneaks away under the spell's protection while humans come out and shout to each other and what everyone else is shouting about. Several cats give Svansglidaren approving nods when they pass him by. Kattmyntetunga leaves for her home.

Tryggtass returns to the sick child to warm her during the middle part of the night. Grå decides to follow Tryggtass at a small distance to be able to, with surprise, help out in case Skarpöra or some underling would try to attack or threaten Tryggtass. Tryggtass also tries to remember if she knows any laundry where she could steal some worn but soft cloth that could be used as a blinked for the child. Svansglidaren goes home to patrol and finds Högertass sitting there watching him as he passes by and makes sounds with the claws against the ground and walks away with claws out. Svansglidaren ignores her and struts up to his burden's domus and jumps up on the wall to check inside. When Svansglidaren returns to relive Tryggtass from comforting the child he sees Högertass again, sitting and waiting or scouting the area between Tryggtass' and Grå's insulas. Svansglidaren doesn't feel the smell of any other specific cat.

Svansglidaren tells Grå who sits guard outside the apartment where Tryggtass is comforting the child. Grå asks Svansglidaren to keep guard for a while. He sneaks away in the other direction and walks around the insulas and domuses and sneaks up behind Högertass and spies on Högertass from a domus roof. Högertass just sits there, formally in Gast's territory. He then walks up to her and sits down and asks what she's watching "eh, nothing, she says". Grå continues to bug her with uncomfortable questions about what she's doing mixed up with different reasons for why he, Grå, has be here to guard he's territory. He also recommends her to not be here if something's about to happen that concerns him. Högertass insists on just sitting in a third cat's territory and waiting a little. Grå stays and looking the same directions as Högertass. Sometimes he walks around here and stretches somewhat to show how athletic he after all is. After a while Svansglidaren recognises Grå voice but statys on guard as expected.

When the dawn closes in they all stroll away towards the inner city wall to find some delivery of cat nip that they can steal to pay Kattmyntetunga with. As they closes in on Högertass and Grå Högertass leaves. Svansglidaren and Tryggtass increases their cadence to catch up with Högertass leaving with Grå behind her. They taunt her somewhat and then leaves for finding catnip since they can hear the humans starting to haul gods and the noise of donkeys and oxen.

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