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SPQM c1s6a: And everyone considered...

Early Summer, 1 Weather Twist
Suddenly they hear the thunder of a hare or two coming from the side of the road. Lucius tries to get the foremouse and the bugs close to a cliff where the the hare will take a jump over them if it comes that way while Gaius and Dekia tries to get the others into safety in holes. Before Dekia can get Aeneas safe the hare lands among them, turns around and jumps towards her, topples her and starts to sniff her intensely (Nature versus Hare Nature 6, Failed with a Twist).
The hare that toppled Dekia and sniffed at her or rather the box suddenly sets of in long jumps and the beaten patrol and body guards can cool down a little. Almost everyone got a nudge from the big animal as it landed among them and went for Dekia and the box. Dekia is quite upset and tries to corner Aeneas and force him to tell why the hare was so obviously interested in the box. He doesn't know, or at least he says so. Dekia's skeptical but he seems honestly surprised. Both he and the other philosophers suggest that hares maybe are a little crazy. There must be a reason why an animal almost as intelligent as mice hasn't built a civilization. As one of them comment ''Even the weasels has completed more''.
They move on towards Navalia. The vegetation and on top of that a hard rain makes it hard for them to move on in something that at least could be compared to advancing towards Navalia. They take shelter for a while until the worst is over. Lucius then takes on the weak old and philosophers (Aeneas is younger, fitter and more interested in getting to Asylum) and they take another route to avoid the muddiest main road. Lucius uses all his instruction tricks to get the philosophers along the route without falling and getting entangled and after a while the get back to the road and has even managed to keep the cadence (Twist: Pathfinder versus Early Summer, Failed with a Twist. Twist: Instructor versus Early summer 3D, tied, Succeeded with Will Roll). 
After some days more they're almost halfway from Cyprios to Navalia and enter a bigger village and the tavern there. As they take up most of the floor there and are preparing for the night three ragged mice walk in. At first the patrol ready themselves but then they see that it's mice in guard cloaks and when they fold down their hoods Lucius see that one of them is his old friend Camillius. What are he doing here in a guard cloak? Has he joined the guard?
As they sit down to talk they that Camillius is bringing a diplomatic message from The Senate and the Mice People to Sapientia and that the whole guard knows that Gaius' patrol is on a secret important mission. The not so discreet message they got at the gate when they left gave that away. Gaius' patrol sighs heavily. They also learn that the patrol escorting Camillius lost a member in an ambush from Navalia's Liberation Front. Gaius warn them for the liberations groups further on down the road and that both Navalia and Sapientia have got one each. After a while it becomes obvious that Doros' patrol, the one escorting Camillius, somehow also has found out that Gaius' patrol is escorting an important something. Camillius is strongly convinced that they should rather destroy the something than getting it lost or making the guard suffer losses while Doros speaks for getting it to Asylum at all costs and in between Gaius' patrol sits with orders that they should bring the thing to Asylum even at significant costs. From the patrol they also get a copy of an order to wait for reinforcements or new orders in Navalia which upsets the patrol since they’ve working the philosophers to accept not staying in Navalia since that will be dangerous and probably uphold them on their journey.
Although the trader and his foremouse and bodyguards wants to sleep the discussion goes on and in the small dinner room it's impossible for them to sleep. Especially since the philosophers also sit up and talk about the spheres that make up the sky firmaments and how to calculate the music they make. After a while the discussion gets animated and arguments fly through the air as spear thrusts and sometime defenses are made like shield blows and Camillius tries some sneaky maneuvers but he's not used to these small companies but rather the big masses at forums. Suddenly Gaius has it and hit the floor with his paw says that the discussion ends here. They have their orders and they're leaving early tomorrow. Doros and Camillius give up but meanwhile Dekia and Lucius has changed their mind. In the beginning they were totally on their centurio's line but now Lucius thinks that the thing shall reach Asylum at all costs and Dekia thinks that they should rather destroy than losing it or The Guard losing any members. Gaius is still prepared to follow the orders and make some sacrifices to get it to Asylum. Doros and Camillius isn't unaffected either and actually has switched opinions and Camillius now thinks that it must reach Asylum at all costs and Doros thinks that that it would be better to destroy the thing than make sacrifices for it.
(Conflict: Part 1, Camillius, wants to convince the others that the thing should rather be destroyed than The Guard losing any members. The guard members are more valuable in the long run. Part 2, Doros, wants to convince everyone that the thing must reach Asylum at all costs, obviously it's very very important. Part 3, Gaius’ patrol, the patrol sticks to their orders and want to end the discussion as soon as possible. The conflict sways back and forth and it seems like the patrol is getting it and Doros and Camillius will slug it out over the heads of the patrol with probably Camillius winning but then Camillius makes a mistake, using Feint, and loses a lot of stance and it gets quite even and everyone sets in their final move and everyone's Disposition reaches 0. Everyone reach their goal. We decided that Camillius manage to convince one patrol member and Doros, that Doros managed to convince Camillius and one patrol member and that Gaius managed to finish the discussion without getting his opinions changed).
(End of GM's Turn)
<GM's Note>A lot of Checks were earned in the obstacles, totally the patrol has seven checks, so we decided that it would be better to take a whole Player's Turn the next meeting rather than splitting it up. Also the Conflict was pretty intense and everyone excited.</GM's Note>
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