Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Secrets of Cats tARE, c6s1

The session started with everything having been calm for a while, no startling things in The Cat Senate, territories respected and no urgent grave dangers for The Burdens. The four cats Grå, Tryggtass, Gast and Svansglidaren lies on the street roof covering the street between the insula where Tryggtass lives and the insula where Grå lives. Grå and Tryggtass are on good standing with each other and have devided the area between the insulas in the middle and don’t quarrel about the exact border (except maybe sometimes just to tease the other). Tryggtass has a territory of one side of her insula (including some other cats being content with their respective apartments as territories) and Grå has two sides of his insula (also including some other cats).

It’s sunny but slightly shady because of the high building and everything is cool when a sturdy cat suddenly walks up to them or more specifically up to Tryggtass catching her attention extra by blocking out the sun for her. The group greets the new cat lazily which they vaguely recognise and can put a name on, Skarpöra (Sharpear), but that haven't been noticeable in the cat senate and is no neighbour of any of them. Skarpöra presents herself and asks what they're doing on her territory.

The group doesn't repsond well to that and simply suggests that she should leave Tryggtass territory and be done with it. Skarpöra doesn't take that well and and insulting and provocation game, involving human everyday names, begins (no dice rolled). After a while Skarpöra who is a bully used to win standoffs and fights attacks Grå who is the most provocative of the cats. A fight breaks out and soon Tryggtass is also involved together with Svansglidaren and a companion to Skarpöra, Högertass (Right Paw). After a an exchange of hits and slashes and with Gast hiding in a window alcove Skarpöra and Högertass leaves quite quickly.

At the beginning of the fight Tryggtass jumped up to a window alcove one level up and there she heard steps she didn't recognise and smelled a cat she didn't recognise. When she looked into the apartment she saw an unfamiliar cat. A human in the apartment noticed them and grabbed a broom to get them out. The other cat ran out in the corridor outside the apartments and Tryggtass returned to the fight by jumping Skarpöra from above (stunt Death from above).

Later Tryggtass applied for audience to princeps, the leader of The Cat Senate, and when approved asked about this territory claim Skarpöra did. Princeps was unsure and had to check with other cat officials before saying too much but probably it would have to be solved either in court or by fight.

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