Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sandra gets recognised and some meet a rock star, DRYH c3s4c

Sandra is satisfied that her work were used in almost exactly the form she delivered it. So much for her boss thinking that he knew better than her. She knew that she had understood Vincent. When the show is over Vincent disappears behind the stage and Sandra goes to look for some way to get behind the stage and talk to him. She is almost immediately stopped by a beefy guy that says ''No visitors'' and folds his arms tighter over his chest.

Meanwhile Maurice is walking further and further into the corridor. It seems to be slightly longer than the last time but then suddenly he arrives to a big hall but this time it's not a exhibition but some noisy party where they play loud rock music and young people misbahve and jump around. Maurice frowns as his looks around him. As Maurice arrives the show seems to end with a ''I see them. Don't see them?!? That's odd, d, d, d, d'' and people in spider comstumes crawl away in the darkness that rises as the stage light dimnishes. As he looks around him he sees Sandra walk by. He walks over to her as the youngsters shout for one more and Sandra gets stopped by some personel. As Sandra explains more another guy acknowledge and disappears through a door as Maurice appears.

Maurice asks Sandra what she does here and learn that she designed the stage act and then goes straight to the important things. The door is still open. The door in The cathedral and They can still come out there. Sandra isn't interested and doesn't understand what's so important with it and why it would stop whatever it is that Maurice is so worried about. As they stand there Erik appears as well. Sandra and Erik talks shortly on what can be done to the hotel lobby to make it harder for unwanted people to show up.

Yurev talks to the student that shall help him with his 20's outfit and notice that he has a competitor. He memorizes the guy's look and goes looking for a bar as he leaves. Yurev finds a newly opened bar in the stage hall and orders eight vodka shots on a tray since he has noticed the other hanging around looking bored. He walks over to them and gives them one shot each. As Maurices bites his shot in two pieces a short argument arrises between him and Yurev on how to drink vodka shots adn yurev ends it with ''I buy drinks. I decide how to drink.'' and finishes the last shot by himself since that french guy doesn't seem to know how to drink.

A guy from the personell appears and says that they can come in and meet Vincent and leads them into a corridor. Yurev and Erik follows Sandra. Yurev wants to tell him that his maths sucks. Erik is hesitant to meet one of his customers like this but Yurev pushes him after Sandra. Maurice at first wants to leave but there's a mob of drunken people in his way and before he knows it he on the inside of the door to the corridor that leads to Vincent Warmer the Rock Star. As they walk down the corridor they see a door with a star on it and then suddenly two doors with stars on them. A moment ago it was only one door. Sandra decides she can talk to Vincent some other day and that she has had enough of these weird things. erik that was hesitant from the beginning feels the same way and floolws Sandra back while Maurice and Yurev enters one of the doors. Yurev wants to see what the drop-out is like these days and Maurice finds this as a way away from the loudness and unruly mob in the hall.

Maurice and Yurev gets showed into a room with loads of rock parafernalia and in the middle of it Vincent ready to sign some stuff. Yurev reminds Vincent of the course in discrete mathematics but Vincent disagrees on it being ''discrete''. As Maurice looks disoriented and like he wants to leave Vincent tells him to not be so shy, grabs a poster and signs it for him. Vincent states that the students will find it very cool if Yurev has a signed poster on his office and signs one of the small posters for him as well.

Yurev looks at the poster that consists of several smaller pictures. Among the things there are black widow spiders with their characteristic hour glass markings in red on the bellies, a strange man that bears uncomfortable resemblence to The Curator at the exhibit in Mad City holding Vincent (in stage outfit) in a lead, toys, something looking like a old times asylum. The tour is named ''The Nightmare Returns''. The itenary holds several places, Linköping among them. ''Rock On'' Yurev says, Vincent laughs and they leave.

Maurice leaves and takes the bus back to the city centrum to find the door again. He walks to the cathedral and enters the door again and walks down the corridor. Sandra returns to the office to try to catch up with the rest of the stage design now that her computer lost the last two months of work for her. As a collegue arrives later on the saturday he finds a letter for Sandra in the mail box although there's no post delivery on saturdays. Surprised he hand Sandra a hand written letter. It's a note from Vincent that he really liked her design work and is looking forward to the rest. Later when her boss arrives and of course is upset about Sandra doing the design in the wrong way and maybe making the whole firm be ashamed she just holds up the note in front of his nose and watch him fall silent. He suggests that they shall have a meeting about the rest of the design but Sandra desperately states that she has no time for that since she has so much to catch up with. Her boss is busy as well and walks away as Sandra dives into her work and outs on some aggressive hard rock in her headphones.

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