Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Rock Show, DRYH c3s4b

Erik ponders whether that person he met, Sandra, could help him and his father to make the necessary changes to the hotel lobby to keep unwanted people out or at least give a good warning. Erik's father is most worried about the more unruly elements of the city like drunken students while Erik feels that the police is a bigger problem. That Sandra worked with design as far as he understood it.

Yurev works until some time around midnight where he realise that he doesn't have that much stimulantia that he really feels safe from sleep. He avoids the culverts and walks across the area between the buildings of the university. The university has some kind of arts budget they have to spend every year wich renders some new more or less nice looking things in a park in the other end of the university. There's everything from a distorted girl to iron beams to a weird chtulhuiod yellow something. As Yurev walks over the edge of the slope from the lower end of the university to the upper end he suddenly, between A building and C building, sees that weird yellow statue. The first thought is of another stupid freshman prank but it moves and not like it it was sitting on some kind of cart but rather as if it was moving by itself in an as unearthly way as it's unearthly looks. As Yurev tries to understand what he sees it enters a door at approximately the same spot as where Yurev entered Mad City but it's not the same door. Yureev decides that he doesn't need his bike to get to town tonight and instead walks all the way down through the university area to a bus stop and takes one of the last night buses into town, to Travel Center close to Park Hotel where Erik works.

In the meantime Maurice has decided that he has to solve this door business on his own. When he arrives at the cathedral he takes three memorial candles and leave some money, fetches some matches and then he heads for the door and enters it.

Yurev crosses the road to Park Hotel and immediately finds Erik in the lobby. They greet each other and Yurev buys some speed. As they chit-chat Yurev warns Erik for the university area. It seems to have some connections to Mad City. They also mention Maurice and his door and agree that a plan is a good thing. Erik isn't that hot on returning to Mad City but Yurev is more neutral as he sees having monsters at the university area is a problem. Besides eating students or maybe non-students lured there by false university applications the monsters are slowly eating Fermat's Great Theorem. As Yurev mentions this Erik becomes slightly reserved though and they end their conversation. Yurev leaves a ticket to Late Summer-X for Erik and leaves. To Erik's surprise the main attraction at Late Summer-X is Vincent Warmer, one of his customers, the rock star. Erik then returns to watching the TV.

Yurev looks up where White is located and finds out that it's at Trädgårdstorget and that it's on the way to the bus that goes to his home in Ryd. He decides to pay her a visit. She seems to be the kind of person that works and stays up and probably is found at work when it's not later than some time after midnight.

Sandra has had several hours of work without being disturbed when the door bell rings a gain and she walks over to the office door to answer the intercom at the outer door at street level. Yurev answers with a straight on ''Hi, it's me Yurev. Do you want to go to a party tomorrow?''. Sandra asks him if he is sure that he has come to the right person. As he seems quite sure on that she asks him what party it is and then tells him that she already has a ticket to Late Sumer-X (after all, she is a student) and hangs up. ''See you there!'' Yurev says and leaves. Sandra returns to work. It seems like she actaully is gonna make it and mange to do all the design for the small part of the set Vincent Warmer is gonna use tomorrow night. It's gonna be way harder though to manage to finish the rest of the stage set before the tour starts after that mysterious file disappearance though. Later the next day she is finished. She feels like she has understood the rock star who ordered the whole thing and noone of her bosses will have the time to inspect or criticise her work. Something good in all the stress. Sandra sees to that the drawings and instructions are fetched by the rock star's people and then goes home to have a shower and food. She had decided to go to Late Summer-X already before Yurev came around and for amoment she thinks of relaxing a while until it's time to get to the university but instead she decides to go back to work for a few hours. Then she's definitely gonna see what the rock star's personel has done with her design.

During the day Erik has decided to go to Late Summer-X. The students are good customers for some stimulantia and it would be a good opportunity to uphold and broaden his network at the same time as there's a party to participate in. He's not gonna sell anything though, only work his network.

Yurev is going to Late Summer-X as well but he's there for the party. Out of a hunch he also checks Sandra's grades and finds out that they're good.

    It is only Sandra who actively watches the whole show and she finds out that they have almost to 100% followed her design. There are some slight changes made and something that couldn't be done the right way on short notice but still, it semms her design was appreciated. The show is centered around a young adult's room in his apartment. Vincent Warmer plays the role of the man through the songs and his actions on the stage. The stage show, which is a part of the coming full stage show, begins with a song about a boy or a man or a boy or a man or a lunatic. It seems that the man is longing back to some point in his youth where everything was simplier and also before some traumatic accident of some kind. The man is having terrifying nightmares, among other things there live monsters under his bed that apparently ate his cat (and only left an ear, a paw and a tail). It's almost like it could have been for real or maybe it's only the man's nightmares. It's hard to tell and kind of creepy. Erik can't avoid noticing that the phrase about the monsters eating the cat is the same phrase as Vincent were humming when he waited to buy some stuff the night when the police arrived and they both fled to Mad City. To Yurev it's kind of creepy that the monsters living under the bed are spider-like, maybe some kind of black widows bent on world dominion or the like. It do associate to the strange partly spider-like monsters Yurev met in the university culverts. The show ends with the man becoming crazy and placed in an old-fashioned asylum where the last song takes place. The song tells about how his parents don't want to take care of him, how the doctors wanna examine him, electro shocks and other things. The crazy young man sits in his cell with his favourite harmless toys (as a rubber bat and ball) and during night strange things come crawling under the door and the toys come alive. The whole concert ends with spooky ''I see them! Don't you see them?!? Hm, that's odd, d, d, d''. Sandra is satisfied that her work was used and that she als realises where the food for the latest bad trip came from. Apparently from working with this crazy stage show too much.

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