Monday, July 16, 2012

The door must be closed I say! DRYH c3s4a

Yurev stays at work to try to figure out some of the rest of Format's Great Theorem. Sandra works her ass off to finish the part of the stage set up that shall be used tomorrow (although her work for some weird reason has been set back several months by disappearing file data). Erik works or at least is at work at his father's hotel. Maurice on the other hand is drawing up plans for retrieving the key to the door in the cathedral and preparing himself by gathering a few tools beforehand. In his wardrobe he finds a jacket and trousers that might fit Sandra to make her fit better among the other people in Mad City. He completes the outfit with a hat. Maurice puts his tools for retrieving the key in a woven bag: flashlight (has been to use last time), hammer (always useful), small bottle of cognac (not full) i a plate package, 2 garlics (they were there in the kitchen and Maurice uses garlic most often, might come in handy), army water bottle (from the first big war), Mad City bond paper, bag of Mad City coins and the local telephone directory (Maurice don't trust those new things like cell phones or Internet). Then he heads for Trädgårdstorget and Whites. Since it's evening the gate is closed (going to apartments as well as White's office).

Maurice uses the intercom to call White's office. On the top floor Sandra annoyed walks to the intercom to answer, ''White''. ''Is it you? It's me, Maurice. Let me in.'' Sandra hangs up and returns to work. Maurice waits a little but the door doesn't unlock so he calls again ''There were an error, the door didn't unlock''. ''Who are you?'' Sandra asks harshly. ''It's me, Maurice'', Maurice declaration is met by a ''I don't know any Maurice''. ''No, of course we don't know each other, that takes a longer time but we have have met quite intensely lately'' Maurice answers and follows up with ''I have clothes for you as well''. Sandra tells him that she is busy and can't help him closes whatever door it is he's talking about. As she tries to get out of the conversation somebody calls her on videochat and she hangs up on Maurice once more.It's her boss that wants to check that everything is going OK and also has some useless tips and changes she shall use. Maurice gives up on Sandra and heads for Park hotel instead.

As Maurice arrives at the hotel he finds Erik as expected in the lobby although he think the hotels has become worse than when he was young. Erik greets him in a reserved way. He is a customer after all but still, those things that happened and that crazy french guy...

''We must do something about it!'' Maurice says. ''Do something about what?!?'' Erik asks him. ''The door'' Maurcie answers with his french accent ''The door in the cathedral is still open! Wide open!''. Erik looks at the strange man and ask him why he would be interested in a door in a cathedral. ''If we can go in there they can come out there and that's very bad'' Maurice answers without really answer anything. ''Don't you see that?!?''. Erik points out that there apparently goes a train between Mad City and Linköping so why can't they take the train? And if he's so eager to close the door, why don't he just go and close the door? Upset Maurice explains that the key to the door is on the inside and that he needs help to find the key. Erik don't want to go there again now that he escaped from there and firmly say ''no thanks''. Erik offers him ''goods'' if needs more of that otherwise he will have to find somebody else. Erik has him to leave. Maurice crosses the street to The Travel Center and takes a bus to the university.

After some confusement at the university involving Maurice, a few students and a collegue to Yurev Maurice manage to find Yurev at his office. Apparently the ''russian that deals with maths'' isn't a specific enough descirption to find Yurev spot on. Yurev invites him to his office and arranges for some tea for both of them. Maurice pours some cognac in their tea. Maurice explains that he's worried abut the open door and that he has to find the key to lock. Yurev suggests that he should contact a locks smith and have him to switch locks. If not possible he could remove the door and put a new door with a new look there. If he can't remove the door he can destroy it. A sledgehammer can solve a lot of problems. Yurev is a little reserved when he realises that Maurice isn't sure on where the key is except than it is in Mad City and don't really have a plan for finding it. Maurice is sure though that the corridor goes to the museum and The Curator seems to be communicatable man. Yurev says that he as well has a lot of work to do and can't really agree on that it went well the last time and thinks there's a need for a plan. Yurev uses his listening-to-complaining-students-face and retreats to other thoughts while Maurice go on about the importance of closing the door and how bad other maintanence staff do their work and other things. Yurev won't follow on any wild goose chase and tells Maurice to think it over again and come up with a plan. ''Besides that'' he says ''we need to rest a little. Here, have a ticket to Late Summer-X''. Yurev gives Maurice one of the tickets. Maurice leaves after having disconnected Yurev's telephone receiver, asked if he can borrow it and put it in his bag. Yurev helps him out from the offices and fetch a phone receiver from another office and connects it to his phone.

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