Monday, July 9, 2012

The train station, c3s3b

They arrive at the railway station or rather on the other side of the street. They can see a railway yard beyond the station house and lots of engine and wagon garages and warehouses. Sandra is already on the other side of the street when Erik's almost hit by a stage coach drawn by galopping horses. Yurev manage to pull him back so that Erik only gets hit by one of the lamps of the wagon. It doesn't hurt though and the wagon or the horses didn't make any noise either. Maurice stops his rant about looking before the crossing the street and that there's no need for specific crossings. It has only weakened the youth. He shouts at them to look out but too late. ''How iss itt?'' Yurev asks Erik. ''Cool'' Erik answers since the only sensation he had was that it was cool but no pain or noise. Maurice hurries forward to see how it went. All three of them hurry over to the other side while Maurice rants about how they drive like crazy here, not like when he was young. At that time there were regulations. Meanwhile Sandra has found that the station house is closed but that there are boards with times for arrivals, leaving and train set. They're all printed on a exotic kind of paper, almost as if it was made out of cloth rather than celloluse.

As the others arrive Sandra has found a train to Linköping at 05:42. Now there's just the problem of finding tickets for the train...

They have almost three hours 'til the train is expected to leave and decides to sit down and wait for the station house to open so they can buy tickets. While they wait they get the time to worry wether somebody will come and look for them when the train arrives and wether the train is a fake train just to get htem there and make it easy to catch them. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you. Sandra sit down and try to relax, takes off her shoes to rest her feet, especially the foot she hurt earlier at The Bizarre Bazar. Yurev on the other hand looks for some place to hide. As they hear a ringing sound in the rails he decides to take cover between the main building and a side building where there are more shadows. Sandra puts on her shoes and stand up to hide somewhere as well. Erik sits as before with his head in his hands and doesn't seem to even notice the train whistle. Yurev and Sandra hide between the houses. Maurice really, really whises that it was one of those cloudy foggy nights and quite unconsciously trigger his madness talent.

Maurice's player wants to hide them from whoever is looking for them and for them (needle nose) the game master rolls 5 Pain dice. As usual Maurice player starts with 3 Discipline dice and then adds 4 dice for Madness talent (weather changes). Minor use of Exhaustion talent gaurantees 4 successes (Maurice's exhaustion is 4). Maurice wins but Pain is dominating. Maurice suffers but succeeds in hiding them from the train and the other searchers.

Suddenly all clouds grows and gathers above, almost like in a horror B-movie. Following the clouds are a thick londonish fog that chills and covers everything. The slowly whirling fog reminds Maurice of gas attacks during the first big war and he immediately runs for a corner where he can be hidden and take cover from as much of the gas as possible assuming it's coming from the direction he saw the fog from first. Maurice runs to the front side of the staion building and crawls up in the corner of the big front stairs and the wall. Sandra is quite spooked by the suddenly appearing thick fog and Yurev doesn't like that the train coming in to the station suddenly surrounded itself in fog - very strange. Both Yurev and Sandra walks around another corner to the front side to hide from the train. Erik now realises that somethings happening and looks for his companions but can't see them.

A freight train thunders and storm through the fog and pass by the station. The wagons are marked ''MadEx''. Eriks calls for his companions and when the train has passed he walks over to the other platforms to look for the others. Even if they're not really friends, they're the closest he has here. As Sandra rounds the corner Maurices calls to her to duck down beside him by the stairs-wall corner. '''They're out to get us'' he says as he intensly looks into the fog. ''Who?'' Sandra wonders. ''The germans!'' Murice says and they both falls silent as a man in trenchcoat and fedora steps into the small puddle of light around the one gas light in front of the station. He has no head but the hat is floating above a pin. He stops in the light and very much but not at all looks like Humphrey Bogart or someone, pulls out a cigarette and and lights it and walks on. Thanks to the fog he doesn't notice the two croaching by the stairs. Yurev decided to not rund the corner to the front side after all and doesn't see the pin head that almost found them.

Erik doesn't find the others and his brain starts to try to find a reason for them to disappear. Could someone at the train have snatched them? But then, why not him? He works him self up as he continue looking for them, pending between worried something has happened and irritated that they left without telling him. Sandra leaves Maurice in his corner and tries to find someone of the other and walks toward where she and Yurev were earlier. They meet with suspicion between the houses. Sandra tells him that one of the pin heads passed by on the front side. Yurev and Sandra walks back to the platform side and discovers that Erik's no longer there. They calls for him but get no answer. Erik has heard them though and returns to the station house and still with great suspicion the three of them meet. They can't decide on what really happened with the fog and everything. It's clear that they almost got discovered though.

Yurev decides to walk around the station building again to find Maurice after Sandra's description. As he comes close to the main stairs somebody's hisses ''Watchword!'' towards him - with a clear french accent. Yurev walks on in the fog and suddenly Maurice hisses again ''Who are you?!?'' and as Yurev continue he finds Maurice ready to strike him down with the sweeper shaft wich Maurice holds like it were a bayonette equipped rifle. ''It's me!'' Yurev says ''How many russians with cargo pants have you seen in this town, eh?''. Maurice lowers the shaft and whispers to Yurev ''It should be over soon''. Yurev thinks he speaks of the train and tells him that it has passed. What Maurice is talking about is the gas attack he thinks is happening. The both of them return two the other side of the building. Maurice follows Yurev ready to strike him down, should he transform to a german soldier like the mechanic in the cellar earlier. They are quite suspicious about the fog though. Besides that it came very quickly it seemed to come with the train biut it didn't leave with the train. Maurice don't realise that it was he creating the fog.

Suspiciously, jumping at every sound or shadow, they wait for the train to Linköping to arrive. Minute by minute crawls by, slowly. After a while Maurice starts to patrol the platform.

A while after the dawn the station house opens and they go inside to buy tickets. A man in a uniform behind the ticket desk sells four tickets to Linköping to Maurice, 666 coins each. Maurice gets exchange for one of his 4 000 coins bond papers (in coins). They also, since it's still a while until the train arrives, buys some breakfast in the restaurant. Maurice and Sandra get a regular ''french breakfast'' and the other chooses the ''english breakfast''. The only two kinds there are. Sandra aren't really satisfied with any of the choices though but Maurice is happy for a real french breakfast. The breakfast sost 42 coins each, Maurice pays again (with tip) and they hurry to the platform for their train.

An old steam train pulls up to the platform and they enter the wagon printed on their tickets. They sit down and as the train pulls out they start to realx a little but they're not in Linköping yet. Maurice entertains them with stories about steam trains and the The Orient Express and other train realated stories. A waitress offers them tea and cookies. Almost they can relax but only almost.

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