Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Finding Crazy News, c3s2a

They walk to the building where Crazy News resides but stop shortly before they walk up in front of the house. Across the street in a gate stands another of the pin men. Just hanging around but not fooling the characters. Sandra abruptly turns around to not show her face and bumps into the others and they all walks around the nearest corner. Sandra explains what she saw to the others. They discuss how to get into the news building and decides to try to find a door at the back side. The plan how to get Crazy News to not print the news about them is not clear yet. Should they stop the news about them or should they give them bigger news to print?

One idea is to burn down some building or a few to create some big news. ''You could of course sabotage the printing machines...'' somebody says almost among them. They fall silent and look around slightly startled. They hear something in water gutter along the roof ridge and see the tip of a slim furry tail disappear away as the owner of it runs away in the gutter. Now that's an idea. There's some worries that they will print the news about them as soon as the printing machines works again but they decide that by then there will probably be new interesting news to print. They walk around to the back side of Crazy News' building, carefully avoiding to show themselves to the pin man on the front street. As they walk away Yurev says a silent thank you towards the water gutter.

At the back side is a row of short bridges extending from the wall at old type steel roll-top doors, furtherst away there's also two regular doors. When the walk up to the doors they hear a slow thundering industrial sound from inside the building. They raise two of the doors slightly to look inside. Inside is people hastily walking around doing things and there's also a lot of machines that could be the printing machines. As Erik raises the second door he finds that the others has walked away looking at other things and noone is around to look into the door he lifts. Kind of instinctively, Erik hasn't exactly admitted he's powers yet, Erik stirs up the flies inside him and lets them out and sends them into the building to get an overview. Meanwhile Sandra examines the two regular doors and finds a corridor with doors inside both of them.

Sandra was going to notice Erik about the unlocked doors as well but when she sees him standing there with all the flies coming out of his mouth she hurryingly return to the others and tells them that he ''is vomiting flies''. Maurice interprets this as when he during the first war saw  people getting eggs laid in their wounds and having them hatch inside people and immediately counts him as ''soon dead''. They do walk over there to try to help him and it gets obvious that something else is going on. Erik isn't suceptable for talk and they stare at what's happening, Yurev tries to get another look into the printing hall though - keeping his distance to Erik and the flies.

Erik's player gathers his 3 Discipline dice, 1 Exhaustion die (and increases Exhaustion with 1), minor usage of Exhaustion talent (reading people) gives him 1 gaurenteed success, 3 Madness dice for Madness talent. The Game Master rolls 2 Pain dice for the difficulty to gather and process the information from the flies from the big hall. Erik suceeds and Madness dominates (Erik's player checks Flight).

Erik suddenly just lets the the door go and backs away and realises what is happening and vomits and coughs and just wants to disappear. Erik also almost goes mad as the flies returns into him and with all the input from the flies and the insight into what happens he starts to laugh madly and shout ''How Gross!'' and more falls down on his butt rather than sits down. The others back away as he sits there laughing, vomiting and goes on about how gross he is. After a while he slows down and start to put the pieces of what the flies noticed together and that it's clearly is a printing machine hall inside. There's a lot of younger workers in simple clothes and a few people looking like mechanics and one snooty elder guy that walks around behaving bossy. There's big rolls of paper and stacks of newpapers to be delivered. Everybody seems very stressed and busy. He gets the feeling that they are working against a deadline somewhere soon.

Giggingly Erik expalins to the others ''that it's alright'' and ''they're very busy inside there''. ''I have flies living inside me'' he continues as the others wonder wether he finally went mad. He manage to describe what he saw and smelled and felt inside via the flies. A final fly returns and creeps back into him via the nose. He tells them that he sort of  kinda did it conciously and that it's useful. Via the flies Erik saw that the papers being printed is the same edition as the one the paper boy were delivering so they have some respit but not for long it seems. Trying to forget what just happened they walk over towards the unlocked doors further away.

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