Friday, July 6, 2012

Finding the railway station, c3s3a

As they discuss what the next step is Sandra is getting more and more frustrated since she needs to get back and work on her design work at White wich is both her thesis and the work that will be her break on the way to famousness. Erik on the other hand don't know if the police is looking for him regarding the drug dealings so he's in no hurry at all. In the end they decide that taking the train is the best option. One small problem is that the directions they got is passing by Crazy News that's probaly burning wildly and surrounded by firemen and policemen. Still they should be able to shortly divert from the directions and take a detour around the area around Crazy News. Arriving near Crazy News they see that there's lots of people and they start to walk around the area slightly afraid to get lost in the small streets and alleys. Erik is kind of  leading the group and since they're quite sure the pin men and needle noses are around Erik once more stirs up the flies inside him and sends them out to scout the area. As they walk around Crazy News and the people there they even see one of the pin men with a needle nose. Sandra looks around extra carefully since Erik's kind of distracted when taking in all the flies' preceptions. Yurev is good at geometry and doesn't let them go astray or to close.

GM's rolling 5 Pain dice for the needle nose. Erik's player gathers 3 Discipline dice, 1 Exhaustion die (increasing Exhaustion with 1), 2 Exhaustion dice from Exhaustion talent (read people, see who's looking for them and to be avoided, +1 Exhaustion), 4 Madness talent dice (large area to get a notice of people to avoid soon enough). Sandra adds her 3 Dicipline dice (looking around) and Yurev his 3 Discipline dice (good at math, complex systems). Erik rolls and wins, Pain is dominating. Since Pain is dominating one marker per involved player (3) goes to Bowl of Despair. Erik is suffering although he succeeds.

As Erik takes in the surroundings and tell them where to go to avoid the needle noses he also realises what it is he actually are doing when he get this information. It is really coming flies out of him and then he communicates with them. That's not possible but yet worse - how gross and unnatural. What kind of abomination is he becoming? They do manage to avoid the needle noses and get around the area of the Crazy News building but then Erik has to collapse for a while after the flies has returned and crept into him. There's no longer any way to blame this on a bad trip. What Erik also noticed via the flies is that the building in itself isn't badly harmed and there's pin heads searching for someone. Erik also see a police chief talking to the Tacks Man and behind the Tacks Man stands a few pin heads and one of them is holding the leashes of a few needle noses. They walk on and finally arrives at the railway station.

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