Saturday, January 8, 2011

SPQM c1s2b: Travelling and climbing

Yet still Winter 6 but after this session it will be Early Summer.
The patrol start their journey back to the big path and their mission after this small detour. Everything goes well, it is still muddy and they get tired of the traveling but no real problems until they have travelled a day or two on the main path along the coast. They suddenly have to stop because the path is completely swept away by a landslide from among the hills towards the coast. They could take a detour on the smaller paths and get by without problems but they feel that they have lost enough time already and don't want to get stopped by a regular landslide.
They examine the landslide and find that it's very steep to climb down in the new chasm and it's also quite muddy down there and they don't know how deep it is. In the ending of the landslide it's easy to climb down but here it's very muddy, maybe really deep, and it also feels like it could start moving again.  In the end where the landslide start it looks better though since it's a little steeper and all loose material seem to have fallen down and they might be able to make a rope from plant fibers and walk and climb past the destroyed path. Gaius take the lead as a daring and responsible leader and also being the one best fitted for spotting the best places to put their paws. Lucius comes next quite behind Gaius and guiding him on the bigger scale, using his pathfinder experience to see which way is the best for Gaius (while Gaius do the small scale decisions). Decia stays behind for a while until Gaius has reached the other end and anchored that end of the rope, just in case something would happen it's nice to have someone on safe ground. All three get over and put their paws on safe ground on the other side (Passed Pathfinder versus Winter 6). They take a break and continue their journey (End of GM's Turn).
<GM's Note>This meeting also had a lot of roleplaying and among other things the nobiles citizen of Asylum Lucius and the ''half Asylum citizen'' (socii) springing from Sapientia Decia tried to conclude which of the cities was the best. It all started with Lucius mentioneing that Asylum was the cradle of all culture and that it was founded over five hundred years ago by hast the great snake killer. Decia then pointed out that Sapientia actually was founded somewhere around eight hundred years ago and already was a city when Asylum was founded. Sapientia also is the city known for their physicist (scientists). Lucius then countered by asking what the founder of Sapientia acutally did. ‘’Were there any deeds or actual heroic acts involved like Hasta killing the great snake? No? Not?’’ And so on…</GM's Turn>
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