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SPQM c1s3a: At last - Sapientia

Early Summer, 0 Twists.
The patrol drives on towards Sapientia when they start to hear rumours about a heron that's terrorizing mice along the coast. At first they think it's just rumours without substance since it's always someone's friend's friend's cousin who has seen a heron but as they travel on the rumours take on more of a shape and they meet mice who know someone who has seen the heron and also the rumours are quite the same. They discuss the matter but decide that a lone patrol of three mice can't do that much against a heron and therefore they shall keep to their mission. A mice suggest that one could pour scent border liquid in the nest of the heron and make it move away. As several mice now get interested and ask what scent border is it gets obvious that the country mice don't know that much about the big world around them and what the pretorians do for their safety.
The patrol explains about the scent border and has to several times convince mice that wolves and lions actually exist there outside the scent border. Since it will take long time to get scent border liquid sent here or for any action from any of the bigger cities the patrol suggests that the mice might be able to get the heron to move by burning it's nest. Controlled fires are sometimes done to get some new plants to grow for the harvesters or to raise the return of investment for the farmers. The patrol also suggest that the military ships also will be more engaged in taking down or scaring away the heron than the bigger cities lying inwards land. They leave, but take a message to Sapientia with a formal claim for some scent border liquid, and walk on and soon leave the heron rumours behind them (Obstacle, outcome accepted and not dealt with: the heron raiding the coast).
They push on and manage to keep quite a good cadence and reach Sapientia (Obstacle: Passed Pathfinder versus Early Summer 3D). As they approach Sapientia they stop and open the secret letter to see who they should meet and escort. To their surprise there's four names and not three. Dekia recognizes one name as probably being a young promising physicist when she left Sapientia for joining The Pretorian Guard.
At the gate they are respectfully questioned about their errand and told to leave their weapons in the gate. After asking for it they also get token as proof of what they have left in the militia's care. They tell the militia mice that they are suvey the paths and also bring a petition from a villlage. They go to Aeropag, a elevated plateu where the People's Assembly's Council hold office. On the way Dekia point out places in the city and a social merchant invites them to some resin wine and fruit by his stand. They thank him and continue through Agora, the main big square, while Lucius taunt Dekia a little because there are nog bigger houses than two-level houses. Dekia says that they don't build big houses just because of it but only if they need to. Lucius suggest that maybe Sapientia isn't that popular that that many mice move there (as in Asylum). With out killing each other they reach the office of The People's Assembly's Council and deliver the petition and promise to answer any following questions if needed. They also offer their help by taking the scent border liquid with them on the way back.
The patrol decide that it's no idea trying to get in touch with any officials or physicists this evening and instead they go to Dekia's parent's place where they and especially Dekia is received with much joy. The patrol is well received and get their paw washed and get woolen sock for the cold stone floor and to Lucius surprise Dekia's parents seem quite well of although they're no nobles. They can stay as long as they want and get Dekia's old room to sleep in. Gaius go to bed early to sleep (Condition Tired is removed) while Lucius and Dekia sit up and speak twith her family. Among other things they talk about which philosophers that are hot these days. Two names from the list pop up, the young promising physicist and his mentor. The promising physicist has much fulfilled what was expected and evolved the mechanics at The Academy. His mentor is a female mouse who has written a thorough and criticizing  collection of scrolls about the different cities different governments. They think she will be quite controversial in some places, where depending on which governments she deem good or bad. Dekia and Lucius see with some horror that they will have to act body guard to this controversial mouse all the way back to Asylum. Dekia then realizes that she has mixed up the names and it’s not the controversial mentor that they are going to escort but only the promising physicist and three other philosophers  (End of GM's Turn).
<GM's Note>A good portion of role playing this meeting too.</GM's Turn>
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