Saturday, January 22, 2011

SPQM c1s2c: On and on and on and spooky.

Player's Turn, still winter but it's not long till early summer now (at the end of the session).
It's hard to travel in all the mud and if it's drying up there's a lot of new vegetation but they push on towards Navalia and Spaientia (Check: Pathfinder versus Winter 6, Failed with a Twist).
One night Dekia wakes up somewhere but nowhere, spooky. Someone but noone is there and speaks to her or rather demands her to speak to whoever it is and tells her to stop mumbling behind the whiskers. Dekia is desperately trying to communicate but fail and suddenly she pops back to the reality she's used to. Her patrol mates has having a really bad night and almost remember nightmares. It's still far until the morning so Gaius falls asleep again but all the time rolls around and can't find a comfortable way to sleep and is sweating a little.
They go on but when they can't sleep the next night either they start to discuss what's happening and as Dekia has a little more knowledge about spirits (Ceremony Master) she figures out that it's probably a lemur, partly from the behaviour aind partly from that it's actually following them. She thinks that she might be able to lure it away with a version of the ceremony every family head do at Paternalia and then they can sneak away from it. It will be quicker than trying to communicating with it and solving whatever matter that's keeping it here among the living. optimally they would help the lost spirit but it might not only be seeking to fulfill something and then leave. It might be here to some other more ''evil'' deeds and they don't have the time to get involved in this. 
Dekia sends out her patrol mates to find certain plants and chop up certain number of even pieces of them while she goes through the ceremony in her mind. They also make an improvised household altar with their shields and weapons in the hole where they have had the camp. Lead by Dekia they walk three times around the altar and three times Dekia throws out three pieces of the nine pieces of plants. They then hope that the lemur has followed the enchanted pieces of plants and pick up their stuff and hurries away (Twist: Passed Ceremony Master versus 3D). The next time they sleep well and the spirit seems gone.
They keep on walking and keep a good cadence and reach Navalia. From a distance they look out over the harbour next to the city (not a day's travel away like in Asylum) and see that the sea traveling seems to have started, at least the Navalia patrol ships are out rowing. They decide to not enter Navalia to not give up their position to anyone in the area since they are getting afraid there are some conspiracy against the fulfillment of the mission. They pass around the city and continue their travel.
After a few days they find an ant path passing the path. That's not a big problem but a if all the ants or many of them would attack it would not be funny. They talk it over and they decide that they shall try to ''steer over'' the ant train temporarily and sneak by. Dekia and Lucius try to lead enough ants off while Gaius stands by to grab any ants not following along. They manage to create a gap in the ant train and pass without provoking the ants to attack to defend their tribe (Check: Passed Beginner's Luck: Insectrist versus 4D). They walk on towards Sapientia. 
It's still hard though and some of them get tired as they push yet further, a littel stressed by having been delayed earlier (Check: Health Ob3 not to be tired, some fail).
illern (a)

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