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SPQM c1s3b: A missing box

Early summer, 0 Twists
The next day they visit the tribunis that are in Sapintia. It's quite common that tribunes stays in the important cities of the League of Mice Cities as private persons but (as they have no jurisdiction within the cities) but still are representatives for The Pretorian Guard and advice patrols arriving to the cities. They ask to see him and is told that they can come the next day after the client reception. They look at the city and in the afternoon they visit the palestra, the athletics exercising ground, in hope to meet the at least some of the physicists there as all civilized mice do some exercising. Dekia asked her father but he didn't know where Aeneas lived.
At the palestra there are some mice already but no mice that looks like any of the physicists. Dekia do a lot of armored running, Gaius wrestling and Lucius throws the discus. A young hotspur challenges Gaius but loses in the end due to Gaius greater stamina but it's a close call. Gaius is cheered at and the sapientia mouse a little grumpy. During the wrestling a lot of betting were done and many mice lose quite a sum from Gaius winning the wrestling. 
After a while a group of mice that has an aura of philosophers around them arrives. It doesn't take long to recognize Aeneas's mentor Andromada. They manage to start a discussion with them and seem interesting and are invited to the baths after the exercising. At the baths Dekia starts to discuss different government varieties with Andromada and her neighbour. Meanwhile Gaius starts up a quite animated discussion with a fem mice around him and Lucius get to exchange a few words with Aeneas unnoticed. Aeneas is really interested in going to Asylum for a while and isn't forced to in any way and believes that goes for the other three too. He also invites the patrol to dinner the same evening to discuss the journey undisturbed and to get to know each other a little.
The patrol goes home to Dekia's family's house to change clothes and freshen up a bit. Lucius wears his toga and Dekia borrows a himation from her mother while Gaius goes as a pretorian in his cloak. They have nice seven-parts dinner with Aeneas and decide to leave on the second morning. Aeneas says he has a lot to do, among other things to inform the other three philosophers, and ask the to fetch the box with the secret invention from the militia who is guarding it. They get a token and a signed letter with Aeneas's insignia. During the evening Aenaeas also talk a lot about his new belly shooter and gets quite excited about the prospect of using it against the heron. He decides to bring it and the patrol doesn't mind but they secretly decide that they don't want to test it themselves.
The next day they visit the tribunis and reports on the regular matter to him and since they already had got in touch with the philosophers they don't mention the secret mission and he doesn't mention it either so either he doesn't know about or he doesn't know which patrol to expect for the mission. After that they visit the agora and the market to buy an amphora of resin wine to treat the philosophers with THey expect them to be used to quite comfortable travels and not the kind that awaits them. Dekia finds an honest trader with a nice wine and uses some of the mission money to buy an amphora for them (Check: Passed Resources, +1D, Ob3). They then check in on the Agora Council and as they expect they deny the villagers scent border liquid. They fetch the box and Lucius is VERY curious about the content. Later in the afternoon he even tries to see what's inside since the box isn't that well made. He quickly realizes that the box is not that heavy and that the thing inside must be much smaller than the box since there is much free room inside the box. He even begin to suspect that it's empty but that can't be so he reckon the thing inside is quite flat.
The next morning they meet up with the philosophers at the gate, pick up their weapons and leave to get Aeneas's belly shooter prototype from his workshop. THe three other philosophers are older and quite grumpy about the coming trip and the sparse resources.
At the workshop a nicely but simple dressed civilian mouse catches up with them. He looks like a slave or foreman of some rich mouse and says that he has something important to tell them. He insists on that the thing can't leave Sapientia because Navalia will do whatever they need to to get their paws on it and that can't be because then everything will go downhill and nothing will be like before. When they ask who he is and who has sent him he refuses to answer. Gaius now gets really angry with him as he takes it as a threat and draws his sword and tells the mouse that outside the cities it's The Pretorian Guard who has jusrisdiction and he better tell who he is and who sent him. The mouse still refuses but scared back away and quickly leaves.
Aeneas order his workers to get the pieces for the belly shooter prototype. Meanwhile he and Lucius discusses and although Aeneas refuses to tell what's in the box he can't keep himself from telling htat it's something with cogwheels and that if Lucius listen while he turns the box back and forth he will hear the cogs click inside. Lucius hears nothing and now realizes that there actually are nothing or at least not what should be in the box (Check: Passed Scientist versus Deceiver 5D). At first Aeneas doesn't believe him but when he listen for himself he realizes the same and order the box to be opened and as expected it is empty except for a nailed down copper plate in the bottom to make it a little heavy.
They check with the militia but they are totally convinced that no one has tampered with the box under their care. Aeneas gets very upset since someone must have bribed at least one worker to tamper with the thing and the box and orders all workers to start searching for the real thing and after a while they luckily find the real thing in its' locked down box that should have been hidden inside the regular box. Relieved they place the real box in the regular box and close it again. Aeneas also order his foreman to find out who hasn't been to work lately. That ought to be the bribed worker. They decide to leave immediately after reporting to the guard captain that the missing thing is no longer missing.
They try to march on but that's not easy with three grumpy philosophers and one overloaded slave but they manage to get to the bigger village close to the heron area without problems (Check: Passed Deceiver verus Deceiver 4D). Gaius almost gets robbed of their extra money from The Guard but feels when his belt is touched and turns around but in the wrong direction and the thief escapes. They realize that it most have been professionals since someone most have distracted them, especially Gaius and only one of them ran for the door so one of them is left in the tavern's dining room (End of Player's Turn).  
illern (a) illertass,se 

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