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SPQM c1s4b: ‘‘Freedom’’ they shouted.

Early Summer, 0 Twists
It's morning and the patrol leaves, with the philosophers, with the mysterious box manacled to Dekia, with the belly shooter box on a bug, with the trader with his foremouse, body guards and bugs. Slowly, slowly the move on along the road. They have travelled for a few days when Gaius notices that they are followed and he also think, which the others confirm, that there is the scent of more mice in the air and since there's  no fields or good harvesting areas nearby that's suspicious. At first they think of ways to avoid the probably coming ambush from bandit but then they instead think of preparing themselves for the assault since it will be hard to go somewhere else with that a big company and it is after all their duty to take care of bandits roaming the areas between the cities.
Later the same day Gaius spots the mouse mouse in front of the by a hill that's probably the sign for the coming ambush and shouts his orders and the patrol members ready themselves and the body guards prepare to protect their hirer and the goods (Check, get to Cyprios, Complex Test part one: Passed Scout versus 5D, the ambushers are discovered and the patrol prepared, +1D for Tool - prepared). ''For Sapientias freedom!'' the mice shouts and throw themselves at the party. Gaius makes the process short with the spotted mice and engages another as the other do. A fifth mouse almost get around and get to the caravan where they suspect to find something, the box, that they want. The patrol fights good and bravely and encircle the fifth mouse and takes him as prisoner as the other run to the wilderness (Check, get to Cyprios, Complex Test part two: Won Conflict with Major Compromise, the Major Compromise being a Twist).
As they tie the bandit and look around for a second attack the philosophers come running very excited. Apparently the bandits managed to snatch Aeneas instead of the box. Seems like there where more bandits than they thought in the beginning. They question the captured bandit but he refuses to say where they're taking Aeneas and only repeat that this is for the freedom of Sapientia which disturbs them all but especially Dekia. The cities are in a league together, not controlled by some imperialist city dominating the others. The bandit speaks about the treaty that Sapientia signed that, according to him, says that Sapientia must give money, goods and recruits to Asylum or else. That's quite laughable since all recruits are volunteers and the support to The Pretorian Guard, not Asylum, also is voluntary. He says that he has seen a copy and that they should look ''in the lower right corner on the back side of the treaty''. The patrol dismiss him as brain washed and turn to the rest of the traveling party.
They tell the philosophers to follow the trader and his body guards to a safe place and hide there. They don't trust them so the patrol has to find a safe place and everybody except the patrol hide there. The patrol then sets off to find Aeneas. They keep much a faster pace than the bandits and soon pass by them and finds their hideout where they wait for them (Twist, Complex Test part one: Passed Scout versus 4D). When the bandits arrive the patrol falls on them as load of bricks and go straight for Aeneas. They hold up their shields and tackle their way through the bandits and grab Aeneas and make him run for his life. They escape although Dekia is suffering from carrying the damn box all the time (Twist, Complex Test part two: Passed Fighter versus 4D). A bit further away they stop and rest and then go back to the rest of the party.
In the evening Dekia talks a lot with Aeneas and tries to make him slip with his tongue and say something about the content of the box but he doesn't. He keeps his mouth shut, even to a former Sapientia citizen (Check: Deceiver versus 6D, Failed with a Twist). In the morning they're woken up by Lucius who stands guard who says that there are mice snooping around. ''No, not more bandits'' they think and ready themselves and get out of the hole before the fighting begins. Bandits pop out of the bushes and attack them. ''For the freedom of Navalia'' they shout runs forward. The fight is hard and barely won, the bandits seem to be bent on getting at either the trader or the philosophers but the patrol forsake themselves to stand in the way and the bandits, not being willing to do the same sacrifice, return to the bushes and disappear (Twist: Conflict versus two parties, won with Major Compromise, the patrol is Injured and Tired).
They hurry to get moving although the philosophers protest about the traders body guards who apparently didn't guard their bodies. Gaius tells them to shut up and that the body guards are not paid for protecting them. The philosophers mumble something about ''duty'' but stop the complaining. A few days later when they stop for the night unusually early Lucius can't constrain himself and when the philosophers are busy he borrows the box from Dekia and turns and turns it to get the light to pass through the slits between the planks in the outer box. He manages to see a lot of old pictograms which he describe for Dekia who write them down, some of them she even recognize but can't remember. He also sees a little wax mouse with an uncoloured pretorian cloak encircled by lead thread. That's omnious because that's probaly a curse and it must have been put there by another of the workers at Aeneas' work shop (Check: Passed Scientist Ob4).
Then finally, yet a few days later, they arrive to Stameus (End of Player's Turn). 
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