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SPQM c1s4a: Dangers; herons and militia captains

Early summer 0 twists
The guards and the philosophers stay at the tavern, eating and waiting for the evening to come, to sleep and go on the next day. They discuss the heron and weather they're going to Navalia or not. The philosphers want s to take a break from the wilderness and the villages to get to some civilization (the smaller cities Cyprios and Stameu apparently isn't enough) and the patrol wants to avoid the city because of assumed concentration of enemies there. The philosophers think the patrol is paranoid and ask questions like ''Do you actually think they will, like, stab us in the middle of the city?!?'' and doesn't understand or don't want to understand the patrols point of view. The discussion gets quite animated and loud and other mice start to look at them and they try to be discreet but fail, especially Gaius gets very annoyed at the philosophers.
In come a gang of better dressed bandits and roughians. They keep their daggers, weapons - not tools, in their belts although they leave the spears they probably ahve outside. After a short turn to the bar and the tavern owner they approach the patrol and ask if they're Gaius' patrol. They then tell them that they're sent by the arconts of Sapientia (the highest leaders, nine nobles) to get the very important box with the very important and secret thing manacled to the one responsible for it. They say they're from the Sapientia militia. Gaius tells them that they have no jurisdiction outside the city and that they do not nned to bother about a Pretorian Guard mission. The militia captain insists on meddling and says that since the thing left the the city without the arconts knowing it there's a form of ''retroactive jurisdiction'' bound to it. ''Would someone please be manacled to it?'' If not, they will ahve to bring it back to Sapientia. Gaius gets a little upset again and tells them that they'll have to walk through him to get the thing. The captain answers that then they'll have to do that. Dekia tries to soften the discussion and slow down the rage that's building up. Lucius looks on astonished and surprised. Finally Dekia goes against her centurio's, Gaius',  order and says that she will take the responsibility and be manacled to the box. Barely, she manage to get Gaius to accept this.
Aeneas is asked if he knew that the arconts should have been told about the box leaving Sapientia and he says that of course he knew that. He assumed that they understood the the government should have been notified about them fetching hte box from the militia. The patrol looks at him in anger but don't press on with a discussion. One of the milita mice founds out that the village, no surprise, has no smith and the hearest is two villages away. The militia captain has no problem with the patrol taking on the heron with Aeneas new belly shooter as long as he can send along one of his mice. The patrol accepts that and the two groups calm down and sits down in one end each of the tavern's dining room.
As the night closes in and the patrol and other travelers almost begin to prepare for sleeping more travelers arrive. This time it's a trader, hos foremouse and a few body guards. They get very excited when they see the patrol and with joy asks for escort. The patrol realizes that it would be hard to motivate turning them down but that the trader will slow them down significantly. They try to evade the escorting by telling the trader that they will stay in the area for several days doing other missions. That's no problem for the trader. He gladly offers a few days on a near month-long journey if he can get a pretorian patrol as escort. Unwillingly the patrol accepts if the trader waits for them.
Finally everyone goes to sleep.
In the morning the patrol, one militia mouse and the philosophers walk south towards the coast and the place where the heron's supposed to be these days. They find the heron and start to unpack the belly shooter and are going to do a dry shooting to test the thing when the heron spots them and sets off to get some late breakfast. Hurrying they jury-rig a sheild and spears as a mount for the belly shooter and with Gaius croaching and carrying some of the weight and Lucius as shooter and Aeneas giving ''valuable advice''. In the last second Lucius has aimed and fires and the dart goes right up the throat of the heron who stumbles forward.
Dekia and the philosophers run for cover while Gaius pulls down Aeneas and protects him with his body and Lucius throws himself over the belly shooter to protect it. The heron falls and with thunder borrows it's beak into the ground and lay still. Dead (Passed Scientist versus Heron 7D).
Everyone flocks around the heron to look at it, examine it and to cut feathers as trophies. Soon the philosophers are making plans for how two-mice patrols with a belly shooter can take on any animal. The pretorians try to protest but don't manage and still arguing about it the return to the next next village along the route where they can find a smith.
They announce to the villagers that the heron is dead and the villagers cheer for The Guard. Suddenly the whole village seem to appear from nowhere and Lucius gladly tells the story about the heron killing in the tavern while the others do the work that's left, getting a case for the dismantled belly shooter and getting Dekia manacled to the very important box. The smith congratulates them and get to work almost without questions. The patrol accept the arconts's demand for someone taking responsibility and getting manacled to the box and soon it is done (Obstacle, convince the militia captain that it can't or shouldn't be done, accepted)
Gaius searches for a villager known for his carpenter skill and orders a case for the belly shooter which will be delivered before midday the next day. When Dekia, Gaius and Aeneas come to the tavern it's totally packed with villagers listening to Lucius' story. Instead they get a little food and drink from the back door. When mice starts to return home to go to bed the slave approaches Gaius and Dekia and tells them that a hare had been sitting listening to something, probably Lucius' story.
A little late they get to sleep (End of GM's Turn).
<GM’s Note>Still a lot of role playing going on.</GM’s Note>
illern (a)

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