Saturday, January 14, 2012

Roma obscura, a change of rules

So far we have in the Roma obscura campaign run the Mouse Guard rules but this doesn't fit well with one of the players that think it's to much rules and some strange effects as lingering Conditions or too much effects bound to rules rather than pure role playing. Therefore we decided to try the rules from the swedsih game Magneter och mirakler.

The rules in Magneter and mirakler are quite simple and very much based around everything important having aspects that can be used sometimes, quite often or often depending on the level of the aspect. To this is added a system for story conflict resolution where the antagonist and protagonist use an aspect if they like to. If one of them do, that one decides the outcome, if both do, it's a even call and the conflict is escalated. In an escalated conflict the two parties can use as many fitting aspects as they want and then they roll a six sided dice each and add their bonuses. The one with the highest result decides the outcome.

The rules has some more details as aspects having both negative and positvie sides and a rule for making the gamers use both negative and positive sides of their characters to make the game more interesting.

This is the characters we ended up with (Mouse Guard originals can be found earlier in the blog):

Mettia Equitus Hirrus:

Game setting: +5/-5

Rationally convincing: +2/-2

Social: +1/-1

Honestly outspoken: -+1/-3

Childhood in a senatorial family: +1/-1

Tactics-wise tribune: +2/-1

Has greek enemy: +1/-2

Cares for her own integrety: +2/-2

Intrigued by Inspired Ones and Meta-Physis: +1/-1

Trained fighter: +2/-1

Atia Lucius Quintilius:

Game setting: +5/-5

Seasoned legionary leader: +2/-1

Action takes precedence before status: +2/-2

Pedgogical retor: +1/1

Disciplined: +2/-1

Conscientious administrator: +1/-2

Conflict-filled order of duty*: +1-3

Military tactician: +1/-1

Cartographer with field experience: +1/-2

Doesn't waste time: +3/-1

* Rome -> Family -> Forefathers -> Me

Expected to be Rome -> Forefathers -> Family - Me

We also set some themes for the campaign, this part of the campaign:

- Roma's plan for Achaea

- Atia's and Mettia's mission

- Roman brats in Achaea

- The Inspired Ones

- Greek honour

- Greek conflicts

All aspects and themes are translated from swedish and might therefore differ some fom what's intended and will be used in the game.


  1. We will also set some aspects on important characters (like Mettias enemy in Greece) and places (like Delphi where they will carry out their mission).

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  3. Corrected painfully many misspellings in hte post.