Sunday, January 29, 2012

SPQM c1s15

They stay a few days in Lostora waiting for Nona to complete her mission. During these days they train. To find space for the training they go outside the city where they find an open space that's almost perfect for training. As they spend the day there a snobbish mouse with about ten mice following him appears. He claims to be the owner of the land and orders them to leave his park immediately. Gaius says that they're from The Pretorian Guard and outside the cities they are the law and they are training to do their important missions that he should be grateful for. The maybe-owner of the land doesn't back down and for a while it almost seems like Gaius will order his patrols to deal with the maybe-owner and his followers but he hold himself back and they leave the area and return to the city.

The city's palestras are cramped and in the search for somewhere to train and exercise they find out that the militia has an exercising area outside the city that's quite big. They ask and are allowed to do their training there. After a few days Gaius decides that they can't wait for Nona and they leave a message for her and march towards Rustica. The second day their camp is swarmed by mites and they have to scare them off to not catch any nasty bugs and to have their food for themselves (Obstacle: Fighter versus 4D, Passed).

They march on and they feel that they have lost time waiting for nona and when not finding that much information in Lostora. gaius have them to keep a high tempo (Obstacle; Persuader, Succeed with Condition Sick) and so they arrive to Rustica (End of GM's Turn).

Arriving in Rustica they find it hard to get somewhere to sleep for eleven patrol mice. As they search the city for a place Gaius at least get his patrol lots of food and they are all full and satisfied (Check; Resources, Passed). Lucius tries to put his hardships behind him but fail and remain undisciplined (Check; Remove Undisciplined (Angry), Failed). Gaius on the other hand feels quite satisfied that they arrived in time without anyone getting to much hurt and now their stomachs are full (Check; Remove Undisciplined (Angry), Passed). Finally they find a place where there's room if they divide themselves among one room and the dinner room. Gaius and the patrol leaders take the room and the other patrol mice get the dinner room. During the evening Dekia spend time for herself and reaches out to her forefathers to explain and to listen and manage to get back on good or at least neutral terms with them (Check; Remove On Bad terms with the Forefathers, Passed).

Gaius leads the search for information about The Miller but there's nomice called that in Rustica but seeds to get bought to a greater extent than before and the seed is transported away somewhere. Since no other goods like tools, hunting gear, weapons, and other stuff has been sold to a greater extent it's very improbable that the seed is for groups of mice. Groups of mice would need lots of other stuff too (Check; Find information about seed selling and whether The Miller is in Rustica, Passed). So The Miller is not here but someone is trying to affect the seed market in a way that will hit the southern cities most (End of Player's Turn).

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