Sunday, February 5, 2012

Roma obscura session 5b (c2s5b)

After cleaning up after the battle with the pirates the two cohorts march on towards Delphi. The resources are used effectively and each day's march well planned. Since Atia has a good reputation among the legionaires they make an extra effort for her and they march on effectively like a roman troop should, even a little better than that and although they are short on resources they don't end (Check; Lead the march to Delphi effectively, Militarist, Passed). Everyone is looking forward to be stationed close to more civilised areas with a big city though.

As they are closing in to Delphi they send a message to the king of Delphi that they are coming and are gonna be stationed there to keep the order of Rome and when possible help Delphi with what they can. A few days later, close to Delphi The right hand of the king of Delphi met up and greet them. He is very polite, almost overly so, and tells them that they can camp about a half day's march from Delphi. That won't do according to Atia and Mettia and after some discussion they have to give them an area close to the city for a third of the troops. The two parts of the troops get one guide each and as The right hand of the king of Delphi leaves they march on. Atia take her cohort and Mettia's third maniple to the big camp further away and Mettia take her forst and second maniple to the area close to Delphi.

Mettia guide show them an area of dried out land, hard totaly dry land with cracks in it. As they stand there the wind blow some dust in their eyes. The area looks like something where factorys once were and strange experiments were carried out. Mettia and the guide exchange polite phrases in something that could be called greek and somewhere along the line the guide calls Mettia a cow, at least that's what Mettia hears. Now the discussion is finished, the greeks may treat their own women like second class humans without citizen rights but no greek shall stand here or anywhere else and call her a cow. She is firstborn, family head-to-be, tribune and lead for 600 legionaries and cavallry and auxilaries. She has the guide to show them another area close to the mountains where there will be shadows all the time instead of sun but that's better. The area is also actually possible to dig trenches in and there's wood for building and fire and grass for the donkies and oxens. It is a little close to The Inspired One's factories though but hopefullly no too bad smoke will blow on them (End of Player's Turn).

As Atia arrive to their area she send a messanger to the owner of the land, a Markos, to tell him why they're here and that his land was appointed to them by the king himself.

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