Monday, February 6, 2012

SPQM c1s16a

As they stay in Rustica to wait for Nona's completion of her secret mission they keep on looking for signs of The Miller or his doing. As they walk down the street they hear someone telling one of the craftsman in one of the many shops at the street level of the insula buildings ''You better pay or else...''. It's a jeweller in an obvious uncomfortable conversation with a nicely dressed mouse. Gaius interprets it as black-mailing grabs the nice-looking mouse and drags him away from the jeweller starts an animated argument with him. There is no direct connection between a witnessed threat from the mouse and he says he repressents a grup of mice keeping the bad mice away and protecting the good ones that pay them to. Gaius and Lucius follows the mouse as he walks away but Dekia stays and talks to the jeweller.

Dekia buy a thin necklace a little cheaper if she promises to show it off and tell everyone where it came from and mangae to start a little discussion about the mouse who just left and actually gets him to tell that there is something that could be called black-mailing going on (Obstacle: Persuader, Passed).

The black-mailer walks on floowed by Gaius and just behind him Lucius. Suddenly four big mice show up from different directions and try to separate Gaius from Lucius and attack Gaius. Lucius grabs the black-mailer and points at the bandits and ''happens'' to get in the way for one of them. The other three jumps Gaius and throws him to the street and kicks him and then disappear (Obstacle: Failed with a Twist). Gaius pass out for a moment from the pain but don't get seriously injured (Twist: Become Injured from the beating, Health, Passed). The four mice disappears and the street clears quickly.

Gaius gets on his feet again and with this as an excuse the all three escort the nicely dressed black-mailer so that he should get in trouble. He tries to resist but they follow him whereever he goes and is very reluctant to open when they get to his home. They make it clear that he has no other alternative than to open and go in to porve that he lives there and aren't trying to fool them. The apartment are in a quite fashionable insula and obviously he has some money. As the make him open he shouts loudly about their and The Pretorian Guards fascist methods.

Now they have a little problem. Should they tackle this obvious problem? In Navalia or Sapientia it's clear that they don't have any jurisdiction but this is one of The Free Farming Cities and they aren't really members of The League of Mice Cities?

They turn to mice of the local curia but htey don't think it's possible to accuse anyone for anything. Rather they think that it seems like the mouse is keeping the order. It's their, the patrol's, risk if they want to charge him of anything. Seems like the cities leaders either can't handle the situation or don't want to. The Guard has no rsources for it either (End of GM's Turn).

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