Monday, February 20, 2012

SPQM c1s16b

As the patrol returns to the inn they go by the palestra and have a long and hard nice exercising. After bathing they actually return to the inn, only to find that their spears has been broken, their wooden shields has been hacked at with axes. Dekia's round bronze shield has been severely buckled as have their helmets. Their swords and weapon belts have been peed on. One big and utterly offensive act against them and The Pretorian Guard. Although they actually threatens people at and around the inn noone has heard or seen anything. They are apparently afraid of someone. The patrols switch inn and soak up their belts in a try to get the worst smell out of them. Nona doesn't appear.

It is quite obvious that the black mailing mouse they met yesterday is responsible so they decide to pay him a visit early in the morning, all ten of them (Nona and her patrol have still not appeared). As they arrive two ''muscles'' stand guard at the gate to the stairs in the insula. The patrols take care of them and bring them to the appartment of the black mailing mouse. Nobody answers so they break in and find nothing else but a bedroll. They search for places to hide stuff but find nothing.

When they leave and enter the street they hear somebody whistle and suddenly about twenty mice appear from both ends of the street and attack them. The mice try to hurt them badly, probably to scare them off. They fight back and try to get away without getting injured (Check; Fighter versus Fighter, Passed). Gaius and his patrol walks to the inn The golden Leaf where they're supposed to find the black mailer. On the way over there they spot the city's civil guard who seems to keep the distance both to the patrol and the fight they had a short while ago. A strange behaviour for a guard one might think. At The Golden Leaf there's a captain of the guard  and when speaking to him they realize that he thinks that they provoked the mice of the city and thereby started the fight and either they handle that and take the damage or they start a process and accuse someone of something. Gaius is furious.

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