Monday, February 20, 2012

SPQM c1s16c

The by the forefathers damned captain of the so called civil guard doesn't really seem to care about the order in the city, at least not when it's patrol mice that get attacked. The patrol mice bite their tongues and don't speak up but leave and meet up with the rest of the patrol mice (except Nona and her patrol).

There they are approached by a messenger from the duumviirs of the city who tells them that they ''ought to'' leave their weapons by the guard. After a lot of argumenting they do this but to be able to have at least a few armed mice they apply for bodyguard permission for the patrol leaders, the centurio. If acknowleged each of them will be allowed to have a bodyguard armed with knofe or dagger but it will take time to process their application. When they leave their weapons with the guard they manage to get a list of toll transaktion to find out who trades most, least and in between. Gaius patrol mice divide the lists between themselves and during the coming days they find out who are trading the most over the city borders, among others a gold and silver trader and a seed trader. When questioned the seed trader actually answers that he has noticed some changes in who buys what and in what amounts mice buy or sell. He has noticed a substantial raise in the price of seeds but no special raise in the buying of seed as traders had seen in Lostora. During these days the rest of the patrol os marching up and down the streets where they think the black mailers are working to give them a hard time.

As they are doing some progress Lucius manage to get in balance again (Check; Passed Will Ob 2, Undisciplined (Angry) is removed).

Dekia tries to provoke Vorenus, the black mailing mouse, to come forward by spreading the romour that they are gonna stay in Rustica for a long time (Check; Succeed with Condition) and manage to provoke him to do something (End of Player's Turn).

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