Sunday, March 4, 2012

SPQM c1s17

The winter is closing in, time to leave to be able to get to Asylum before winter sets in and they get caught up somewhere? There will be a need for Pretorian Guards in Rustica to clear things up. Now The Guard doesn't have that kind of resources but to make the city dwellers believe that's what's gonna happen Dekia writes a letter to the city's government where she stakes out the needs the city has to fullfill the next summer when The Guard returns.

They try to get a smith to even out Dekia's shield so it at least will be useable if not as good as before. That of course wouldn't be a matter - unless weapon smithy was illegal. Even if it's for The Pretorian Guard The Milita must acknowlege it. De can't arrange a permission that fast but offer to give a basic repair along with some of their own equipment as a nice gesture but can't promise it will be ready tomorrow.

The patrol mice spend some time waiting for Nona and also to get some time off duty. They walk the streets as tourists, Gaius buy souvenires and they also decide to test something called vole booze. They find out that it's only served in the outskirts of the city and in the harbour area - and only after work day's ending. A little confused but with their curiosity awakened they visit a so called tavern in the harbour area in the evening. They try the thing, puke, get rumbling stomachs and decide to never do it again.

They leave and walk for their own inn when they suddenly get attacked by jumping spiders, a coordinated attack from three directions (Obstacle: Fight Animal versus 4D, Passed). They hear the mice letting the spiders go and managed to unsheat their weapons and fight the spiders off easy but there's no use in trying to follow the mice behind it in the dark and with their lead. They decide to carry on towards the inn. Suddenly Gaius almost get a roof brick in his head, something that would hurt him bad, maybe even killed him (Obstacle: Fighter versus 4D, Passed). This time they're not gonna let the culprit go and rush towards the closest stairs but when they get up on the roof the mouse there, knowing his ways around manged to sneak down before they came up and now have run out via some other stairs (End of GM's Turn).

When they arrive to the inn there is almost an upstirring there. The other patrol mice has also been attacked or had ''mysterious accidents'' and are in the mood for revenge, on the the responsible and the city in general. On of the ''ooops-accidents'' was a discus at the palestra who almost hit one of the mice directly in the head wich would have rendered him out of duty in one action. Some of them were attacked on the streets and so on.

Gaius decide that they shall leave the city and return to Asylum otherwise they won't make it before winter. Lucius is a little surprised by this un-Gaius-like behaviour, he expected a revenge led by Gaius himself. As they get a grip on the sistuation and hav some rest Lucius endulge in food and wine and fill his stomach and mind (Check: Resources Ob1, Passed, Condition Hungry & Thirsty is removed). Gaius is taking it uncharacteristically easy but is stil frustrated and angry although he tries to get over it and all that has happened (Check: Will Ob2, Failed). Dekia goes to bed early and manage to get a good night's rest (Check: Health Ob3, Passed, Condition Tired is removed). They sleep with a guard watching the room (End of Player's Turn).

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