Friday, June 1, 2012

Dont Rest Your Head

We have taken a break in the Mouse Guard SPQM campaign for several reason (yes, there's still sessions to blog about and they will come). In the meantime we will try Don't Rest your Head. DRYH is about protagonists that have lived a life with very little or none sleep and suddenly they start to see things. They realise that many of the things from dreams and nightmares are for real. Normal people, slumberers, just don't see them. A slight problem is that now that they are aware of the mightmares they are suddenly more of a target for the nightmares. Usually the protagonists have some interest in the nightmare part of the world while they still must live their normal lives that probably was leaving being normal before they saw the nightmare world and now's just gonna be more crazy.

The rules are quite simple and center around Discipline wich is the potential a protagonist has to do something "the normal way". Now the characters aren't normal so they can tap into other source to do hard or strange stuff, one is pure madness and one is pushing themselves to the brink of what humans can do by exhausting them more than normal people can do. When pushing them selves they have a certain field where they can excel and when tapping into madness they can sometimes exercise a supernatural talent.

The system uses dice pools which are increased when certain talents are used. Different aspects like discipline, madness and exhaustion har different colours on the dice and when a roll is made on checks which aspect is n dominance by compare the different colour sets of dice.

I will try to blog this campaign as well and will start by presenting the protagonists.

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