Saturday, June 2, 2012

Don't Rest Your Head Maurice

My name is Maurice and I'm a janitor at the Linköping Cathedral.

What's been keeping me awake:
The cathedral is filled with nooks and corners where it's possible to hide. Somebody has to guard the church, night and day. Anybody can be a thief.

What just happened to me:
The small door behind the priest's pulpit, the one that has alwys been closed and locked. One day, or was it night, it was open and there I saw Them.

What's on the surface:
Grayed and aging and quite stern. Anybody can be a thief but nice and kindly when the opposite is proofed. Buying coffee and maybe something to go with the the coffee goes straight to his heart.

What lies beneath:
So much older than one would think! Is it the alcohol that preserves? Or the drugs he learned to use in the trenches of Verdun during the first world war?

What's my Path:
The small door behind the priest's pulpit must be closed. It's a pity that the key is somewhere on the other side of the door and that I have never seen it but I will know it when I find it.

Discipline: 3
Current exhaustion: 0
Permanent madness: 0
Respones: 2 Flight, 1 Fight

Exhaustion talent:
Moving at an olympic athlete's level or maybe slightly above.

Madness talent:
Control the weather; first level is within what's reasonable for the season and place, second level is uncommon for the season and third level is whatever is possible for the place but can be out of season.

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