Monday, June 18, 2012

The Bizarre Bazaar, DRYH c3s1h

Huddling in the alley they discuss whether it's a good idea to hide from the strange policemen or not. It could lead to them being sought after as criminals but talking to policemen that don't know anything of any Linköping probably won't help them getting home (especially wind'up policemen with flip-on smiles). On the other hand these two policemen nearby might know someone who knows the geography better.

In the meantime Erik sits at the cafe relaxing until a man shows up. He's dressed in a coat and fedora like in the early 20th centuary and instead of a head he has a board pin and the hat is floating above it. Outside the large cafe window is another man like him is standing with a dog that has a needle for head and a thread from the needle into the spine and instead of a tail the thread comes out again where the tail usually is. The dog looks a little eager, like it's sniffing something. The man that enters the cafe walks over to Erik and asks him if he has seen Sandra Björk. The pin points at him. 'Ehm, they left a while ago, said something about ''District 25''' Erik answers. ''Thank you for your cooperation good citizen'' the pin man says and leaves after telling the cafe people to give Erik another espresso. Outside the two pin men stand for a while as if they were discussing something and people show great respect for them and walks around them with margins. Erik is starting to feel hunted. Earlier he was happy that he escaped the police back home but now he starts to feel hunted again and this time by surrealistic men reminding of Men in Black. He decides to get away from the place and ask the personel for somewhere to rent a room and leaves to try the old lady in the bulding next to this.

He soon finds her place and knocks on the door with the old fashioned door knocker. The door is opened by an old but alert lady and assumes he's there for a room. Erik decides for a room for one for one night. The old lady offers him some tea and a cookie before she shows him to his room. Again he is in the situation of payment. This time he tries a 500 SEK note and takes a chance saying that it's Christoffer Polhem that has given him that bond paper. The lady looks at it for long but accepts it reluctantly.

Eriks meet an opposition of 2 dice Pain and Erik's player gathers 3 dice Discipline, one Exhaustion and two Madness dice. Two successful Pain and several more from Erik's player. Erik wins and Discipline is dominating.

''Ah, now I remember'' she says ''a very nice young man''. Erik gets a key and orders some breakfast for the cost of 20 coins but then change his mind reluctant to try to fool someone a third time with his probably worthless money. The lady leaves him in his room. Erik breaths deeply and tries to make ends meet but can't get it to work.

Suddenly Sandra, Yurev and Maurice hear somebody come walking slowly like they were looking for someone. Led by Maurice they hurry down the alley and try to find their way back to The Bizarr Bazaar. Something catches Yurev's attention. It's some graffitti on the wall, actually it's a part of Fermat's theorem, an unknown part. Hurried on by the other Yurev memorises it and they walk on. Maurice suggests they try to buy a map at the bazaar since he's used to bazaars. Sandra on the other hand mostly expects to find swindlers and other crooks there. Maurice turns to a man at the bazaar and immediately get the sell talk (for a samovar). Maurice plays hard-boiled and answer with questions regarding sellers of maps. They walk on searching for maps, trying to catch any talk about maps, hearing a lot of sell and buy talk about memories, tears and other weird stuff. Maurice also starts to look for someone selling clocks and finds out that there's lots of clocks along a wide price range. They now see that all the clocks has a 25th hour on them. The bazaar is a large maze and there's lots of peddlers trying to sell anything but maps and the time is running out (which Maurice and the others don't know yet though).

Finding a map seller in the Bazaar before it goes away again is as hard as 3 dice Pain. Maurice's player gather his 3 Discipline dice and adds 2 Madness dice and uses his Madness talent of wheather change (trying to make it cool and make people leave the market). Maurice loses the roll but Discipline is in dominance. The game master decides to increase Maurice's Current Exhaustion (0 -> 1).

The wheather gets cool and people starts to leave and they are starting get their hopes up but apprently they strayed too long after all because suddenly the bazaar is gone, just like that. There they stand at an empty large square looking confused around the square. When they see the clock tower there's no longer any 25th hour, it show one minute over 24 (or 12).

At the boarding house erik decides to call his girlfriend to check if the police has been in contact with her searching for him. The phone can't get a connection to any base station and gives him an error message. Erik reboots the phone and while it boots he looks out toward the square. It's not as much people anymore and they seem less stressed. When putting his hands into his pockets he finds a ''prepared tea bag'' and picks a pill from it and swallows it to keep awake. He can barely see the clock in the clock tower but see that the time is around midnight and all the teatre plays announced in the paper on the bedside table is over. Erik is starting to get restless. As he sits down on the bed he realises that the whole square is empty, like they packed down the whole bazaar while he were talking to the old lady. He looks out the window again. Actually the square isn't totally empty, he can see three familiar persons stand there looking confused. Erik's restlessness grows and he needs a walk and goes down and leaves the boarding house to meet up with the other three.

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