Saturday, June 2, 2012

Don't Rest Your Head Sandra

My name is Sandra Björk and I'm a architect/design student at Linköping University and assistent at White architectural firm.

What's been keeping me awake:
The work on my thesis and much extra work at White.

What just happened to me:
Very frustrated over the return of a perfectly well done job exactlu after specifications, the drawings and blue prints just turned 3D.

What's on the surface:
Strict and organised, prosperous and ambitious career woman, always wear blouse and suit.

What lies beneath:
Classic inferiority complex and a whish for being noticed. Secretly longing for soft designs like teddy bears and other stuffed animals.

What's my path:
Finish my thesis, get a prestigious work and design a project that gives me a name in my work field.

Dicipline: 3
Current exhuastion: 0
Permanent madness: 0
Responses; 1 fight, 2 flight

Exhaustion talent:
Extremely convincing

Madness talent:
Can redisgn my surroundings; slight, much or bizarrely

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