Saturday, June 16, 2012

The spider exhibition, DRYH c3s1e

Sandra jumps into the taxi. ''Drive for Devil's sake!'' she shouts. The driver says nothing, he just put the pedal to the metal and the taxi rushes off towards Hejdegården, away from Trädgårdstorget. As the taxi speeds off, faster than men or dog can run, Sandra actually starts to think of a destination. Home, home is good. She gives the address to the taxi driver but something feels weird and her well-controlled designer world starts to crackle again. The taxi car is one of those classic slightly rounded yellow New York taxis. Sandra refuses to accept that, there are no such taxis in Linköping. But she's sitting in one. She turns to the taxi driver, somewhat prepared to find something weird and yes, weird, he looks like Robert de Niro steering the car with a small rally wheel and it goes fast as hell through the crossroads. For a moment Sandra thinks of opening the door and jumping out of the car but gives up that idea. This is weird but still, it's better than people with board pins for heads so she tries with the address again, insists on the address even. It's not clear wether he hears her or not. The driver is quite focused on taking the car through the crossroads and around other cars in something like 200+ km/h. ''Stop the car!'' she screams. ''Stop the caaar!''. The driver stands on the brake and Sandra who didn't think of seat belts is thrown out through the front window. As she flies she comes to think of that the taxi tour in Red Hot Chili Pepper's ''By the Way'' seems quite normal after all. She falls into a great hall.

Maurice walks in the corridor wondering why he hasn't noticed it before, maybe it's sloping slowly so he doesn't notice now but it's actually going under the park but no, it would have to steep down like a cliff wall to manage that. He should be in the middle of the park around the cathedral by now. Suddenly it opens up into a wide hall and the tunnel behind him disappears.

As Yurev runs through the door into the renovation area of A building at the university he realises that the renovation has done big things to the A house. They have built a big hall at the end of A building, like some exhibit hall or the like. Yurev's scientific training tells him that he is in A bulding but he would like to talk to some of his physicist colleguages about how it can fit in A bulding. Or maybe not. He probably don't want to talk to anyone about what happened lately.

Relieved that he and the rock star didn't run into a dead end like some storage or the like Erik looks around and sees a great hall. ''Ooops'' the rock star says and taking a step or a few away and disappears before Erik sees where.

As they look around they see a great hall lit upp dimly by lots of candeliers and a bit further into the hall is something that looks like a lot of pedestals with some objects on them and it gives much the impression of an exhibit area. Then they see that they aren't alone here, three other people are here (since the rock star disappeared).

Maurice turns to the one closest, Sandra, points the sweeper in her face and fimrly asks if she's the one who has The Key?! Sandra waves the sweeper away while Yurev turns to Erik and asks what worse bad tripping stuff he has sold to him. ''What are you doing here?'' Sandra asks looking at Yurev who held some of the math lessons she had to attend earlier at the university. ''You?!?'' he says with miscontent in his voice (she wasn't one of the best in his class. ''This is Linköping Cathedral property'' Maurice declares. ''Be gone, all of you, out!''. ''Cathedral??'' Yurev says ''This is the A building at the university''. ''Can't be'' Sandra interupts and continues ''I was in a taxi speeding towards Ekholmen''. The ''conversation'' falls silent as they look around and wonder if it's for real and if not why are they then in the same bad trip? They look for a door out and Maurice points at whre there earlier was a tunnel from the cathedral. Slightly scared and slightly curious they walk towards the pedestals with objects on them. The pedestals, according to Yurev, are standing in Perfect Lines. Erik has a disgusting taste of flies in his mouth and looks for a tap to get some water from or anything drinkable. On the pedestals are spiders and a few scorpions. Big models to clearly show details. It is like a part of Museum of Natural History or something like that. On the pedestals are small plaques with the common and latin names of the spiders (and presumably the scorpions and also insects).

''Oh, oh, don't touch the displays'' somebody suddenly says. A tall man in frill shirt, old kind of trousers and a cape (black with satin red lining) has appeared from somewhere. Kind of like some vampire from a Christopher Lee movie in perfect Vincent Price style. ''I'm The Curator'' he presents himself. At the question of how they get away from here he almost looks a little hurt and asks if they aren't here for the exhibition. At the answer ''No'' he deducts that they are there for a small nightmare ''Thats the only option left'' he says. ''No thanks'' Sandra says firmly ''I have already had mine''. ''Oh no'' he answers ''It has just begun...''. ''I can't be here. I have haven't payed the fee'' Maurice tries. ''But you have all payed'' The Curator answers. ''Then i have payed to much'' Maurice says, trying to get shown to the door. The Curator hands him some change in strange coins looking like they're from another time. ''Is it possible to get something to drink?'' Erik asks. ''Seems you're here for the exhibit then'' The Curator answers and follows up with ''Of course we shall then get some refreshments'' and hands Erik a glass of water.

They all decide that although they want to leave they rather take the exhibition tour than a nightmare. Since it seems like they might get away from here if they take the tour they take the tour. As they focus on the objects and The Curator speaks to them they feel almost comfortable but as soon as they lose focus the creeping feeling is there again. Erik tries to ''read'' The Curator as he do with people and gets a very sterotype impression of The Curator, like a very, even too, ordinary older man responsible for an exhibition he cares much for. The Curator shows them around and talks about the objects with great affection knowing all their latin names by heart. Yurev anxiously looks at them, afraid that some of them shall have tentacles.

As he arrives to a model of a black widow he gets clearly enthusiastic as he describes how toxic her venom is and that it attacks the central nervous system and how it causes cramps, breathing problems, pain and finally - Death. He goes on about her inborn need to dominate and possess and how she eats the male after getting what she needs and how she's unhampered by sentiment. He asks if he may put forward a slice of personal philosophy and without waiting for an answer explain that he thinks man has ruled the earth too long and that man's successor will be his beloved Black Widow. He then stops himself and excuses him for diverging and shows at the the black widow and explain that that's the prize of the exhibition. Thankful that it's all over they all are eager to get away from here. At the question if they will get back to where they came from he answers that he doesn't know where they came from and doesn't snoop around in his guests whereabouts. He expalins that they will, of course, come out to the street outside. They go out through the door and walk out on the street outside.

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