Saturday, June 2, 2012

Don't Rest Your Head Erik

My name is Erik Westergren and I'm a night portier at [TBD]

What's been keeping me awake:
My grandmother (farmor), the only relative I cared much for, fell in coma and lies at the hospital.

What just happened to me:
I saw the police cars outside the hotel and decided that it was time to disappear because of my drug dealings.

What's on the surface:
Slacker, doesn't care, doesn't take it serious.

What lies beneath:
I'm searching for a meaning, finding something worthwhile in my life.

What's my path:

Discipline: 3
Current exhaustion: 0
Permanent madness: 0
Responses: 1 fight, 2 flight

Exhaustion talent:
During the first minutes or so I read most of what's visable and possible to learn about people I meet.

Madness talent:
Consists of flies similar to the Ants Talent in Don't Lose your Head.

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