Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sandra's intro, c3s1a

Sandra only had  a few details left to fix on the big stage decoration work she had gotten the task to do. A rock star, Vincent Warmer, had turned to White architect and design with a quite big work with lots of props and backdrops. To be honest White wasn't that interested but there were a lot of money in it and they had Sandra, their intern and extra worker (by the hour) on which they could dump such a work. Sandra though that it was quite an interesting job although it was the opposite of both the usual works and the fluffy pink things she sometimes wished she could design. When she had read the instructions and even found a set list with lyrics for the show she had realised that there was more depth to this rock show than many other. There were an actually story going on during the show. The show started with the rock star playing the role of his confused father lying on the psychiatrist's couch and talking about his life. This then melds into being about his son, or is it a daught, or son or... A clever play with the rock star's appearance with long hair and gender bending clothes and also a nick name he got long ago that's actaully a woman's name. In the beginning he also got a lot of press about whether he was a boy or girl or homo- or heterosexual. The boy's life played out in certain moments or situations with the help of the songs leads to a nightmarish experience where he almost get caught in a nightmare run by ''The Curator''. He get's out of it but still in grown up years now and then have these nightmare and one finla nightmare leads to his death. This Sandra had got a grip on since she actually read what the rock star wanted to do. Her superiors hadn't though since they when they left today left her ''some notes on bettering the scene work''. The corrections are along the lines of ''I haven't looked at your final drawings but...'' and apparently they haven't showed it to the rock star so it's not even misinterpreted via her boss. They have just made stupid comments on how they think it should be. Sandra knows that if she does this well it might be a big step towards getting known. The rock star is well known and if she could please him he might mention her or his other art people might notice her. Sandra wants to scream in frustration.

Ooops, what happened. That's the stage. In full 1:1 scale in the office, or rather the office have partly moved and expanded to give room for the stage with full scenery. Sandra jumps up on the stage to better see and looks for ways to combine her superiors stupid ideas with what the rock star wants.

''Yes, it was here it happened'' somebody says outside the door. Sandra gets slightly irritated at the abruption but knowing that outside the office is the stairs to several floors of apartments as well as shops at street level she ignores it and studies the stage props further. Something scratches on the door, not really like an animal, more like if somebody scratched with a knife or dagger. Sandra looks in the direction of the door and again turns to her work. Somebody tries the handle at the door. ''Bah'', Sandra thinks, ''Don't they even know which door goes to their apartment?!?''. As she again turns to her work the whole door shakes as somebody pulls it really hard. Sandra stomps to the door, ready to shout at the stupid at the other side of the door. She throws the door open and falls silent.

Outside the door stands two men, or what appears to be some kind of men and something like a dog. The two men have trenchcoats, fedoras and nice shoes and look like they popped out of the early twentieth century but instead of heads they have a board pin with the point pointing at Sandra and the fedoras hovering above the pin. The dog almost looks like a dog but has a needle for head and the needle is attached to a sewing thread, although both needle and thread is much thicker than normal, and the sewing thread goes into the dog and it's spine. It's obviously well aware of her. She slams the door shut and locks it.

Sandra can't believe what she saw, must be a side effect of too much caffeine and some speed to get everything done. Her thesis is in the finishing as well as this big job. She returns to the stage that magically appeared and her brain just forget what she saw and that the stage really shouldn't be there. She gets reminded when the door shakes brutally, like somebody threw themselves on it. Then everything falls silent. Something clicks over by the door. Sandra starts to walk over there but hesitates halfway there. Did that sound like somebody's picking the lock? She runs over to the door and grabs the lock handle. ''Go Away! I know you're out there!'' she shouts. This is getting spooky. Sandra looks for her smartphone and runs to get it. As she gets it she hear somebody run and throw themself at the door. She runs to the door and holds as she calls 112 (911 in Sweden) but misses the numbers as the door shakes again and goes up and hits her. She runs into the middle of the office looking for the doors to other rooms that aren't there in an open office space. The only place to hide is the over-dimensioned toy box at the magic stage. Something comes running on four paws. She jumps up on the stage to hide there. The dog runs past under the stage floor. ''There she is!'' somebody shouts as the dog turns around at the other end of the office and the two men enter the room. Too late to hide in the box. Sandra looks at the stage exits and wonders where they go and decides to try to instead feint the men and run out of the office (Sandra's player collects her dice; discipline, exhaustion, madness talent (redesign) and wins with Discipline). The office slightly changes and the men and the dog is slightly further away and close to Sandra is another door through wich she runs out. She almost falls down the stairs. She throws shut the doors behind her which several times stops the men and the dog (Discipline is dominant) and gives her some extra distance between them and her. She comes out on the street looking desparately for a bus or cab. No bus right now but it is late by Trädgårdstorget so a cab is hanging around looking for people leaving for home. She jumps into the taxi without noticing that the green light for ''free'' turns on after she starts to approach it.

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