Sunday, June 10, 2012

Yurev's intro, DRYH c3s1c

Yurev has given up work for today and decides to return to his home in ''human Ryd'' (as opposed to ''student Ryd''). He left his bicycle in the end of the university closest to Ryd and it also is rain hanging in the air so he walks through the culvert from ''B building'' to avoid having to go outside more than necessary. Suddenly he hears somebody else in the culvert that gives up a short starteled scream. Probably someone who came around a corner and almost bumped into someone. Yurev continues his walk when someone shouts, this time more like if they had met Jason from Friday 13th and somebody starts running. ''Damn students'' Yurev think. They're not allowed to neither have their parties nor play around in the culverts. Slightly angered Yurev raises the tempo and readies himself to end whatever pranks they're up to. 

Two students come running his way, tightly followed by a third in a tempo like if they were trying to set some sort of record. Yurev sighs. ''Not one of these freshman missions again'' he thinks. He tells them, with his distinct russian dialect, to not run around in culvert. He is going to tell them that they're not allowed to be here at all but they just runs past him and the third student, a girl, almost hits him. Yurev decides to leave them, he doesn't really have the energy to bother this time. Stupid students, it's just an empty corridor, well lit with them and him. Nothing to be afraid of.

And something that sounds like moving slime, from somewhere over where they came from. Yurev is afraid that something's leaking and decides to check. There are some things stored down here that should be handled with care. He comes to another stair from ground level and a tentacle comes around the corner. ''These damn students'' Yurev thinks and tells them angrily to stop this silliness and walks around the corner to have them leave the culverts when something like a spider head looks around the corner. Yurev stops still angry at the playing students. ''If you're gonna play these stupid games you have to do that somewhere else, in your own student hall for example'' he shouts. Yurev goes forward to check wich of the ''support peers'' supposed to take care of the new students, not lure them down in the culverts and play cruel pranks to them, that's behind all of this. This is not OK!

Yurev gets his phone out to call the adminstration to report the students. Another tentacle appears holding a student by the ankle. It seems to be handing it to Yurev. ''clicketyclick'' the mandibles on the spider head says. Yurev stands paralised. The student might be alive and is wearing a new ''student overall'' wich is totally free from patches, a clear sign of a newly arrived student. Instinctively Yurev catches the student and manages to stop the student from hitting the floor with his head and stumbles a few steps backward and is confused and starting to be scared. This is not just a student prank. Something looking like a tentacle with a lot of small short tentacles at the end. The small tentacles touch the student with a frizzling sound and the student wakes up. The student gets on his feet and Yurev back away with the student between him and what ever is around the corner. Yurev changes the plan to call 112 (911 in Sweden) instead of administration. A tentacle whips out and snatches Yurev's phone from him. Yurev turns around and finds something slightly looking like a snail, a giant something-like-a-snail disappearing away in a nothing like snail tempo. Yurev don't know what to do but in the snail direction at least there is some space and Yurev quickly goes that way. The student starts to run away from the tentacle-spider-something and Yurev joins him and he hears something sliding after them and it's catching up.

Yurev starts to catch up on the snail-thing wich seems to be hunting some student, keeping the same tempo as the student, like it's playing with the student. The tentacle-spider-thing also seems to be hunting them in the same tempo they're running and soemtime hits the student slightly with a tentacle. Yurev decides to leave and looks for stairs up from the culvert. The student is still behind Yurev wich should make it possible for Yurev to get away. Suddently Yurev hear a snatch and hear the student fall and get hauled in. Yurev looks over his shoulder and see the student disappear among the tentacles. The tentacle-spider-thing speeds up and now it's not playing anymore. It's gonna get Yurev as well. Yurev looks at the door to the stairs, whishes for them to be closer and the spider-thing to be further away and it seems like the reality slightly distorts and Yurev reaches the door, manages to get his keys out open the door, get through and close the door as a tentacle hits it and while trembling Yurev locks it.

Yurev hear through the fire safe metal door how a tentacle hits it again. Yurev flees up to the B building where he started. There life is going on as it usually do and so far noone is asking about the panting russian researcher. On the other hand, he is one of those slightly strange foreign researchers so people just shrug their shoulders and pass by. He might have been at the campus exercising center and not grasped the custom to shower and slow down before returning to work. Yurev quickly walks out into the open where he can see further than indoors. Now that he comes out and see all the other people going about as usual he starts to doubt that he actually saw that. It must be a student prank gone wild. The alternative is to weird.

A tentacle slips up through one of the manholes to the sewer. It kind of turns around as if it was aware of Yurev. He has hallucinations, Yurev is convinced that's the case. No more strange stuff from the Selecta vending machines. No more speed to keep going in search of the mathematical truth and most definitely no more of that strange stuff his russian friends send him sometimes. A tentacle touches his ancle but can't really reach and get hold of him. Yurev stomps at it and runs. More tentacles appear and it gets obvious that he can't get passed them further between the A building and the building Kårallen. What now?!?

Oh, look, a door just at the beginning of A building. That door he hasn't seen before. It must the new renovations. Well at least there are no manholes indoors. Thinking that he's tripping really bad but still has to get away. Yurev runs through the new door into the A building.

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