Sunday, June 10, 2012

Maurice's intro, DRYH c3s1b

Maurice walks one of his regular rounds in the Linköping Cathedral to watch the church and ensure nothing gets stolen and that noone hides in any of the many nooks and corners of the big basilica church. The lazy guard from Securitas can't be trusted. He just checks that the floor still is there and then goes to the specified marker he has to check into and then leaves. Anything could be stolen right under his nose. As he turns around Maurice notices that the small always closed and locked door behind the priest's pulpit is open and of course the Securitas guard didn't notice (or didn't care). Maurice goes there to look and there he sees someone disappearing into some room or tunnel. Instinctively Maurice raises the sweeper to defend himself but whatever it was it has disappeared into something that looks like some sort of catacomb. It looks a little like a catacomb the appeared after a grenade bombardment during the first world war. Maurice wonder wether it's the germans that are up to something again. The swedes have always been a little meak regarding the germans and that might explain why the swedish guard didn't bother. He might even be in alliance with them.

He could close the door and block it but that's no long term solution and the key is on the other side of the door, that Maurice knows for sure. With his flashlight on and raised he goes into the tunnel with the sweeper ready in his other hand, just in case he needs to defend himself or upperhand the suspects. The tunnel is low and goes out of the church and into the park outside the church (although there is no such tunnel in the park. There is a clear feeling of something lurking, a little like if he would have entered the cupboard after dark when he was a child. This part of the church Maurice have never seen...

''Merde'', Maurcie says quietly. There seems to be no other option than to get to the bottom of this, where do this tunnel go and who is using it?

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