Saturday, June 2, 2012

Don't Rest Your Head Yurev

My name is Yurev Churenkov and I'm postgraduate in mathematics.

What's been keeping me awake:
Fermat's great theorem and the monsters eating it.

What just happened to me:
Witnessed the monsters yearly amusement hunt of freshmen in culvert
below Linköping University. Freshmen never appearing in the rolls of
the university or ever seen after, probably lured there by the

What's on the surface:
A harsh russian with cropped hair, always wearing cargo pants and
hoodie. He seldom bothers about other people's problems.

What lies beneath:
A fear of taking on something and failing. Whishing for appreciations
for his doings no matter the result.

What's my path:
To kill the monsters eating Fermat's great theorem, repair the damaged
parts and show the genius of Fermat for the world to see and enjy in
it's full glory.

Discipline: 3
Current Exhaustion: 0
Permanent madness: 0
Responses: 1 fight, 2 flight

Exhaustion talent:
Being able to grasp most complex mathematical systems.

Madness talent:
Manipulate distances; first level is within what could be
miscalculations, second level is more and hard to accept, third level
is obviously impossible - close to teleporting.

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