Sunday, June 17, 2012

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, DRYH c3s1g

They walk away looking for signs pointing at ''District 25'' or rather more expected ''Centrum ring'' or ''Outer ring'' as the main streets are called but find none and everybody everywhere is stressing like it soon is forbidden to be outdoors. Oh, but over there Yurev spots an old fashioned plate sign with the words ''The Bizarre Bazaar''. In front of them a large square is opening, much larger than any square in Gamla Linköping or any square in the whole of Linköping. As weird as it seems they can't be in Linköping anymore.

The square is totally filled with different stands where people sells almost anything that fits inside a stand and that's from the early 21st centuary or older. The only order is that in the outskirts of the square there actually are left straight narrow spaces where one can pass by without interacting with that many peddlars. It gives much of a One thousand and one nights feeling, a very stereotype arabian feeling. They hesitate but then goes straight and fast through at one side of the square. Yurev takes his keys and wallet and put in the pocket at the front of his hoodie and holds them there with his hands. As they enter square it's like they're entering another room and the sound of all the stressed people disappear and is switched to buzz of peddlers and buyers, all haggling wildly. As they pass by peddlers lean towards them and try to sell things to them. Maurice is reminded of his childhood market days of Marseille and looks around. The Bizarre bazaar is like a living breathing creature trying to grab them and sell them something. Sandra is motivated and tries to lead them through the bazaar in a quick pace.

Sandra meets an opposition of 2 Pain dice. Sandra's player gathers her three Discipline dice, adds an Exhaustion dice and 2 Madness dice (with her Madness talent of design). After rolls Pain has one sucess and Sandra has five successes and Pain dominates. One marker goes to Bowl of despair and they get through but in a painful way for Sandra.

In a quick pace they pass through and it seems like there's always something in the way of the peddlers and they don't reach the group, can't show them their goods or talk directly at them. It's like if the things in the stands moved a little here, a little there and at the right moments to surprise the peddlers and save the group. As they pass through Sandra slips on the cobblestones and hurts her ancle and comes out limping not really looking like the career woman in full control that she wants to be. On top of it all it hurts and she still is in a hurry to get this solved and get home and no she can only walk slowly. 

They look for signs but only see a plate sign saying ''The Bizarre Bazaar''. Further away they see a clock tower and Maurice retrieves his old fashioned watch and compares the time to check that it shows the correct time. It does, both Maurice's watch and the clock in the tower is totally agreeing on the time 27 minutes past 25. They all look at the clocks, again getting that strange feeling. Maurice is maybe slightly more suprised than the others since he earlier today looked at the watch and knew that it until sometime recently had two circles with times; one circle showing 1-12 and one showing 13-24 but no 25. Modern man Yurev disregards both old fashioned mechanical clocks as showing the wrong time as one knows that mechanical clocks does, can never be trusted as a digital one. Maurice rather suspects that someone managed to switch his watch for another one but can find no other difference than the second time circle showing 13-25 instead of 13-24. 

They see an police man in the distance and Sandra calls for him and Yurev asks him how they find District 25 and Officer Tock. They notice that the police man besides having an old fashioned police uniform from a time when police men carried sabres has the same stale smile in his face and a wing nut key slowly turning around in his back. When they tell him that they are lost and needs directions to district 25 to meet Officer Tock he says that it's forbidden to be lost and that maybe they should come with him. They mange to get him to tell them where they are, at the outskirts of The Bizarre Bazaar close to district 25 in The Mad City and suddenly they aren't lost and can't be arrested. As they proceed to ask how to get home he ask them that that depends on where they live. Since they don't seem to be sure where that is, are they maybe lost he asks. They mange to distract him but he doesn't know any Linköping and seems to start wondering if he should call the men in white coats equipped with white vests. He decides that he needs some help from a colleague and walks away and shout for a colleague. Maurice have them to slip away into an alley since he doesn't think they gonna get helped but rather get interrogated and locked up at some hospital.

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