Saturday, January 14, 2012

Roma obscura session 5a (c2s5a)

As the weather gets better but the winter's not formally over competitions between the cohorts are held and in the end of the winter a winner is coroned. It's Atia's cohort that takes home the most victories and the final total victory. During the games the centurions have showed their well known engagement in their units and if they keep that spirit up when it comes to battle they might be as spoken wnd written about as Gaius Julius Caesar's famous centurions.

At the first day of Early Summer they celebrate the Rosalia signoris where the standars are decorated and honoured and then they march northwards toward Delphi. Atia resumes the correspondance with the brats and for someone being able to read between the lines it seems that she's actually trying to deceive them into behaving in the most brattish roman way one might imagine, probably to help spark the conflict in Sparta they think Rome wants.

As they march on they hear rumours about pirate fleets but reckon that they wont attack two full cohorts and also they are often marching not so close to the coast as to worry. Mettia also starts to have weekly meetings with all her centurions in addition to the regular meetings with her, Atia and the centurio senior (the leaders for the six maniples). Besides trying to get a better general contact with her cohorts she's trying to get some response on why her cohort didn't win the games.

Since the first harvests not been done yet the food is still taken from diminishing winter storages and is therefore a little expensive. They try to get as much fish as possible since that food isn't as dependent on the season as the otherwise used (and normally cheaper grains). They hold on to the existing money to make it last until they ge more funds from Rome via Athens. A part of this is to transfeer some money rewards to free time rewards and to not have too much effect on the security by not having enough guarding personell they also spread the free time out so it doesn't always come in direct connection to the action that led to the reward (Obstacle, Administrator, Passed).

The coast seems safe and quiet although the rumours about pirates.

They haven't been starting to feel safe a long time when scouts return like hunted and tell that they have seen an anchored war fleet, presumably pirates. As Atia and Mettia discuss the matter at hand more scouts arrive and tell them that the pirates has left the ships and is moving for an attack.

The attack is quite well prepared and well started but the good roman legionaries and Atia's and Mettia's leadership is holding them off and slowly pushing them backwards. Now the pirate start to retreat and actually do a mostly organized retreat and then flee which give them the possibility to get away from the legionaries and are only floowed by the quite few cavallerists in the troop which much minimizes their losses (Obstacle, Complex; Militarist for preparations for battle and Militarist for the actual battle, Passed).

The attack seemed to have been well prepared and obviously they have had good knowlegde of where the cohorts have been and that the weak point is the baggage train in the middle and it seemed they were specifically going for the part with the money for wages and supplies.

Neither the cohorts nor the pirates suffer any great losses but quite a bunch of pirates fell for the persuing cavallerists. They iterrogate villagers in the area but they dont seem to have cooperated with the pirates and seem quite scared for the pirates (and the romans).

After clearing up the area they march away some to get away from the good ambush area wich seem to be appreciated by the villagers (End of GM's Turn).

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