Thursday, December 29, 2011

SPQM c1s14a

As their ship arrives to the Lostora harbour and the war ship part of it they see intense activity, many ships from the northern parts of the sea but also lots of ships from Navalia.

They stroll around a little but don't find anything interesting or room for 14 pretorian mice. Gaius manage to convince an inn owner to let them sleep on the floor in the dining room. Pretorian mice are trustful and they can trust them to get everything in order early in the morning before the first guests arrive (Obstacle: Persuader, Succeed with Condition Undiciplined (Angry)).

The troop invades a wine tavern and talks a lot to the staff and since the patrol mice are quite a few mice they stop much of the serving. The owner drives the staff around and instead gets caught up in conversation herself. According to the owner Rustica is an intersting place where one can find many of the things the pretorian mice has thought of as things travellers tell stupid people to seem cooler than they are. It is only by skipping some food now and then they manage to get everything in the dining room away for sleeping and back againf or the customers (Obstacle: Succeed with Condition Hungry and Thirsty).

The patrols split and go in different directions to hunt romours about the so called Miller. A t the forum there a trial going on. Gaius patrol stops to listen. It's a merchant, Voronos, that stands accused for having had his body guards training and hiring bandits to ambush competitors. The prosecutor is a mouse named Mikos and who seems quite good at his work. Most mice listening expects evidense ending the trial today (End of GM's turn).

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