Sunday, December 11, 2011

Roma obscura session 3b (c2s3b)

The four cohorts led by Atia leave the village, the outpost and the crucified prisoners but march on on alert, ready to fight back a retaliation attack. It's slow but safe and no attack comes and a few days' marches from Sparta ten hoplites demand to meet the leader for the romans. Atia and Mettia meet up with them and meet king Arros of Sparta.

He asks questions and wonders how they're gonna solve the food question. He thinks they are ducking the questions and not really are answering and so they are. He leaves not satisfied. Atia and Mettia sees that as more his problem than theirs.

Mendros, second king of Sparta, meet them later and asks the same questions. Atia and Mettia explain that only half of the troop will stay in Sparta and the rest will march on nortwards. The king helps them with info about the road north and a tip on where they can spend the winter. The best way to march for them happen to not go to Sparta but rather leave Sparta's territory rather soon. Since Atia and Mettia wants to get as far as possible before winter they and the king aggrees on what is best (this way they eat as little as possible from the areas close to Sparta).

Atia and Mettia are a little worried about leaving the brats alone in Sparta but decide that they have to fulfill their own missions as soon as possible and can't spend all their time disciplining the youngsters. They march on.

But first Atia tries to instruct them as well as she can, about what the mission is exactly about and how to behave. She is distracted by a weird feeling stemming from her forefathers and can't get hold on what's it about. They're dissatisfied by something though, that's clear. Anyway, she and Mettia is convinced that the brats won't manage to start a war before they're out of the way in their winter camp to the west.

They are a bit in a hurry though but manage to get there in time to set up camp and a temporary fort for the winter and has to press on and keep the order tight to get there but they do (Obstacle; Pathfinder, succeed with Condition Sick). Finally they arrive at a place called Mountain-Pass, sick but there in time (End of GM's Turn).

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