Sunday, December 18, 2011

Roma obscura Winter session 1

The two cohorts dig in at Mountain-Pass and seem to be able to get food reasonably easy as long as they pay maybe a little too much. The area doesn't seem to fare too ill but the leaders and councils of the small cities around the area is talkative and kind of elusive in their talk and not to happy with the kings of Sparta guiding them there but hopefully they and the cohorts will get along.

Mettia tries to find out the relation between Mountain-Pass and Sparta and finds that they have a quite frozen relationship. Sparta has no real sway over Mountain-Pass but pretends to and of course guided the two cohorts there as if it was a noble gesture from the kings and an act of kindness towards their guests. In reality they managed to get the cohorts of their land and eating somebody else's food the whole winter.

Atia is still curious and confused about their diffuse mission description and some of the decisions made about their legion's reinforcement of the first legion in Graecia. She ponders the matter and and discusses with Mettia and the centurio senior primus of both cohorts. They come to the conclusion that the mad act of putting the two brats in Sparta probably is made to provoke the kings and the brats into something less controlled actions that will need invention and thereby give Rome an excuse to break down on Sparta.

As for their own mission they realize that not only is the praetor in Athens believing that the mad inventor in Delphi is onto something valuable but so does Rome. They might have landed in the middle of something big and probably Rome is watching. Their missions isn't simple though since they should protect the inventor AND keep the order in Delphi. That implies that there is some problems with the order and disorder is seldom good when someone should be protected. They can't just convince the inventor to come with them to Rome (or take him) because then they won't be upholding the order in Delphi as they're supposed to do.

After the winter's slower cadence and contemplation these characters have evolved:

Atia Lucius Quintilius
Age: 33
Title: tribunes (fourth year, wants to get to the next carreer step)

Belief: The right action is neither lessened nor amplified by the origin of the actor.
Instinct: Never waste time!
Traits: disciplina 1, legionary honour 2, prudentia 1

Nature: 3 Will: 5 Health: 4
Auctoritas (resources): 7 Dignitas (circles): 7

Friend: Atilius Marcus Qunitus, prosperous merchant that has sponsored Valerius Lucius Qunitilius' (Atia's father) election campaigns.
Enemy: Secundus Titus Aurelius, upcoming politician that has collided with Atia.

Skills and wises:
Fighter 3
Healer -
Hunter 2
Instructor 4
Pathfinder -
Scout 2
Survivalist -
Weather watcher -
Orator 3
Deceiver 2
Persuader 2 X out of 3 needed

Rider 2
Cartographer 2
Militarist 3
Adminstrator 3
Ceremony Master 1 X out of 3 needed
Mission-wise 1
War-wise 1
Mob-wise 1
Nobiles-wise 1

Mettia Equitus Hirrus
Age: 31
Title: tribunes (second year, wants to stay on practical levels of the army, no politics)

Belief: The world needs less politics.
Instinct: There is always a good tactic to the kill.
Traits: comititas 1, rational 1, honestas 1

Nature: 2 Will: 5 Health: 4
Auctoritas (resources): 7 Dignitas (circles): 6

Friend: Caelus Tuccius Pius, childhood friend. They were neighbours as childs. I many ways he's the opposite of Mettia, a real carreer politician. They meet sometimes and is good friends although their differences. They often have giving discussions about politics, strategy and how to make a carreer.
Enemy: Kiria av Delfi, the king of Ithaka's sister's daughter. Odros of Ithaka (the king's son) was held as Rome's guest to further the realationships between Rome and Ithaka (hostage). When the king appeared to give pirates harbour space on his island he was ordered to give up their names and force them out on the sea where they could be dealt with. The king refused and as a punishment as and as a mean to get him into other thoughts his son was killed. Mettia was the one carrying out the killing. The victim's cousin Kiria of Delphi was very much insulted and angry and grieved her cousin. She sought out who was involved and is thinking of how to carry out revenge.

Skills and wises:
Fighter 3
Healer 2
Hunter 3
Instructor -
Pathfinder 2
Scout -
Survivalist -
Weather watcher -
Orator 3
Deceiver 2
Persuader 3

Militarist 4
Baker 2
Rider 2
Strategy-wise 1
Tactics-wise 1
Sparks-wise 1
Cursus honoris-wise 1
Metaphysicist 2
Delphi-wise 2

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