Sunday, December 11, 2011

Roma obscura session 1 (c2s1)

The legion consisting of legate Lutia, first tribune Niklos, second tribune Atia Lucius Quintilius, third tribune Mettia Equitus Hirrus, fourth tribune Faustus, fifth tribune Draconus, sixth tribune Mortius and their cohorts travel, mostly by steam train, southwards on the west coast of Italia, around the mountains and back up nortwards again. The train journey with few breaks of marching continue over to the proivince Achaia (Greece), southwards and around the mountatins and up to Athens where preator Mons is having his headquarters with his legion.

The foruth, fifth and sixth tribune soon show themselves as new, quite unskilled brats out on an adventure and during the long journey they manage to get on both Atia's and Mettia's nerves (and probably also Lutia's and Miklos').

In Athens the legion set up camp to await further orders while the legate and tribunes are received by the praetor and given room in his own house. The second evening he holds a reception and symposion. During this it is obvious that he is also socially and career-wise probing the tribunes. Atia and Mettia manage to leave still looking good and competent in the eyes of the praetor (Obstacle, Persuader versus Deceiver 4)

Two of the brats, the fourth and fifth tribune, show themselves for their most we-shall-enjoy-our-self-side and rumble around and even try to get Atia and Mettia to rumble along in their beds or maybe one big bed? Atia and Mettia manage to with a lot of Thanks-but-no-thanks steer them away without having to resort to threats of social or violent nature (Obstacle, Persuader versus Deceiver 3, Passed with Condition Undisciplined). Mettia and Atia don't really know what happens next, if the brats rumbled along by themselves with themselves or with someone else and don't care either (End of GM's Turn).

During the coming weeks while they are waiting for the orders to come, while the legates and the praetor make their plans Atia and Mettia arrange contests between the cohorts to keep them occupied and in form. They also convince the legate that the troops don't need two weeks of total rest but only one week and then they can go back to full duty (Check: Persuader versus Persuader 4, Passed).

During the contest the fifth cohort win 2 out of three contests and the fourth tribune's cohort win the third contest.. Mettia is frustrated by the non-information policy the legate seems to have while the plans are made but manage to get her aggression off her mind in boxing contests (Check, Will Ob 2, Passed, Condition Undisciplined is removed). Time passes and no plans for their visit in Achaia is revealed (End of Player's Turn).

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