Sunday, December 11, 2011

Roma obscura, Rome with a touch of steam punk

A new campaign in a fictious Rome of Augustus and steam using The Mouse Guard RPG system.


Atia Lucius Quintilius
Age: 32
Title: tribunis (third year, wants to get to the next carreer step)

Belief: The right action is neither lessened nor amplified by the origin of the actor.
Instinct: Never waste time!
Traits: stubborn 1, legionary honour 1

Nature: 3 Will: 5 Health: 4
Auctoritas (resources): 7 Dignitas (circles): 7

Friend: Atilius Marcus Qunitus, prosperous merchant that has sponsored Valerius Lucius Qunitilius' (Atia's father) election campaigns.
Enemy: Secundus Titus Aurelius, upcoming politician that has collided with Atia.

Skills and wises:
Fighter 3
Healer -
Hunter 2
Instructor 4
Pathfinder -
Scout 2
Survivalist -
Weather watcher -
Orator 3
Deceiver 2
Persuader -

Rider 2
Cartographer 2
Militarist 3
Adminstrator 3
Mission-wise 1
War-wise 1
Mob-wise 1
Nobiles-wise 1

Mettia Equitus Hirrus
Age: 30
Title: tribunis (first year, wants to stay on practical levels of the army, no politics)

Belief: The world needs less politics.
Instinct: There is always a good tactic to the kill.
Traits: comititas 1, prudentia 1

Nature: 2 Will: 5 Health: 4
Auctoritas (resources): 7 Dignitas (circles): 6

Friend: Caelus Tuccius Pius, childhood friend. They were neighbours as childs. I many ways he's the opposite of Mettia, a real carreer politician. They meet sometimes and is good friends although their differences. They often have giving discussions about politics, strategy and how to make a carreer.
Enemy: Kiria av Delfi, the king of Ithaka's sister's daughter. Odros of Ithaka (the king's son) was held as Rome's guest to further the realationships between Rome and Ithaka (hostage). When the king appeared to give pirates harbour space on his island he was ordered to give up their names and force them out on the sea where they could be dealt with. The king refused and as a punishment as and as a mean to get him into other thoughts his son was killed. Mettia was the one carrying out the killing. The victim's cousin Kiria of Delphi was very much insulted and angry and grieved her cousin. She sought out who was involved and is thinking of how to carry out revenge.

Skills and wises:
Fighter 3
Healer 2
Hunter 3
Instructor -
Pathfinder 2
Scout -
Survivalist -
Weather watcher -
Orator 3
Deceiver 2
Persuader 2

Militarist 3
Baker 2
Rider 2
Strategy-wise 1
Tactics-wise 1
Sparks-wise 1
Cursus honoris-wise 1
Metaphysicist 2

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