Friday, June 24, 2011

MG SPQM c1s11: Look at my family.

During the break in missions the patrol is called to a hearing about the hare incident. The hares have made a big event out of the patrol, who they don't know wich patrol it is, shot at a hare and now has temporarily ended their cooperation with Asylum which means no hare riders for The Guard and no hare contests at The Big Games. They probably won't hold that stance for long though since they need work done by the mice but for the moment it's the mice who has it worst.
It's Nona who ahs brought this up and questioned whether the patrol did the right thing and if they maybe should be punished in soem way. At the hearing is the patrol, Nona and a tribunis. The patrol defend themselves quite good although they can't get away from the fact that they're the reason that there's no hares for the hare riders and no hare contests fo The Big Games this year. In the end the tribunis concludes that they did wrong but that they can't really be held responsible for the result since they act with what information they had at the moment and at that moment the hare seemed to be a spy for someone and then not a member of the hare Asylum is cooperating with. There will be some discontent in The Guard (Obstacle, Conflict, Convince the tribunis they acted correct with the information at hand: Won with Minor Compromise). 
As a few days pass by they realize that Nona and Faustus is working hard on getting most of the cedit for bringing on half of the box to Asylum and also rescuing the other half that the patrol lost. Now that can't be let pass by without taking a stand. A rethoric fight takes place over the coming week as Nona and Faustus is spreading lies and the patrol tries to kill the rumours with the truth. Apparently Nona and Faustus don't think that Gaius' patrol should have both a merit badge for the long secret box mission and the recover of the lost half. If their rumorus get a grip in the guards's minds there will be voices raised for not giving them to merit badges. Lucius is a good speaker and together they manage to almost fight the rumours but Nona and Faustus has a lead and works hard. In the end they only is given one merit badge but also Nona and Faustus is deemed quite suspicius by many guards and lose some of their good connections with other guards (Obstacle, Conflict, Convince the guards that Faustus and Nona is not speaking the truth: Won by both sides, The patrol only gets one merit badge and Faustus and Nona loses 1 point in Circles). The division between Nona & Faustus and the patrol is just widened (End of GM's Turn).
Gaius visits a doctor to finally get rid of the sickness lingering from the long period in the wilderness (Check: Passed Circles Ob4).

As things settle down Lucius, with his family head's good will start to arrange for a feast for the patrol, Mamercus Fabius Longius and the philosophers. The feast will just be a dinner for M F Longius but Lucius presents it as a simple dinner to remind fo the hardship the patrol and the philosophers endured together. The feast goes well and Mamercus finds it nice and picturesque and leaves thinking good of Lucius family (Ceck: Arrange dinner for Mamercus in a way that makes him focus on Lucius family as partners in the affairs with the philosophers, Passed Resources Ob6). During the dinner Dekia has her own agenda, she wants to lure Aeneas to tell her what the thing in the box is. Interested and curius as Lucius is he can't stop her although there's some risk that her attempts ruin the feast. In good team work witht he rest of the patrol Mamercus is distracted and Aeneas tungue slip late in the evening and he tells Dekia that it was a Astrobium, whatever that is, but as he's gone so far his own ego makes him to shortly explain what it could be used for. Apparently the one holding it will be able to sail across the big sea instead of around it. A fact that could topple the power balance in The League of Mice Cities not a little (Check: Passed Deciever versus 3D). 
Satisfied with the course of events the patrol relax and finnally get some real rest for a while (End of GM's Turn).
illern (a)

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