Monday, December 26, 2011

SPQM c1s12

As the families of Carnifex gets slaves for manning the workshop mamercus is setting up for Aeneas nona gets the agreed half of the slaves but fofers them to Mamercus before Lucius family is ready and thereby shows of a little. Lucius father is raviging in the atrium of their domus since not only does it out him and his son as a little worse but it do put the clan of Carnifex as a splitted clan with individually working families who compete for attention and glory rather than working for the clan. Lucius visits the slave market and together with his friends he manages to find yet one more appropriate slave and presents as many slaves as non plus one (Obstacle: Resources Ob6, Passed).

Just as Lucius father's anger is cooling down other news about Nona reaches his ears. Nona is holding a ''theoretical speech'' in the senate. ''Theoretical speeches'' are a way for young senators-to-be to hold an actual speech in the senate but wothout it having political implications since they're held outside regular meetings and the senators are supposed to leave them out of their decision making. now Nona is going to hold a theoretical speech against having plebeian military tribunes. That's one of the hot questions now and then, for example now and is not gonna be able to be kept outside the decision making - which Nona probably is fully aware of. Especially since there's not gonna be any counter-speech since it's a ''theoretical speech''.

Lucius decides to hold his own theoretical speech about the good sides of the plebeian tribunes and what they have done for The Pretorian Guard and that variations bring good to The Pretorian Guard. This is as close to a regular debate in the senate one comes without having it and should anyone bring it up, highly irregular and slightly dishonourable to fight it out outside the proper channels.

Meanwhile Dekia is burying herself in the archives to find information for Lucius to use in his ''theoretical speech'' and also the slaves are delivered to Aeneas' workshop built by Mamercus. It seems that the workshop with these slaves are fully manned except a skilled foremouse and that needs to be someone skilled in several crafts as well as administration but Mamercus promises to get one. Also, Lucius has a morning walk with Aeneas trying to befriend him and show him Asylum. Aeneas is quite snobbish though and disregards most of Asylum as ''well, we did that in Sapientia this many years before you'' no matter that most of these actually is evolved quite far away from what Sapientia did. Actually much of the Asylum versions has surpassed the Sapientia versions. Lucius bites his tongue, after all Aeneas seems to be a great inventor and as such important for the growth of Asylum and as by accident also the growth of the Carnifex clan since their were an important part of getting Aeneas here. Aeneas is somewhat impressed by the apiary though but goes on by not being the slightest interested in speaking with workers or foremice but only  masters. At the end of the walk Aeneas also admit some impression by the Asylum aqueducts, some impression.

Nona holds a theoretical speech about not letting plebeians into  the honourable office of military tribune. Nobiles are made for leadership, plebeians are not. Lucius who are a little more pragmatic realizes that The Pretorian Guard can't afford to be that picky at the moment. In The Gold Age that was possible but not in this dwindeling Silver Age. He therefore holds a theoretical speech about the need for The Pretorian Guard to be able to expand.

The informal fight goes on and they even have one speech each more and many in the senate seems to get that there is more going on, some sort of informal vendetta between the two. Also both Lucius and Nona is trying to put thoughts into the heads of the senate members. In the end Lucius is the one who manages to do that best but at the cost of the senate defining the office of legate so it will be impossible for a plebeian to get and hold it. No legislation on the matter of tribunes is done though (Obstacle: Conflict, Orator versus 4D, Won with Compromise).

Mamercus, the clever Praetor Urbanus, notes though that he has noticed the seperate deliverance of slaves from the two families, the almost same amount of slaves and the actual fight going on behind the theoretical speeches. It also seems that the senate start to get a stronger interest in limiting the People's Assemblies, for example by gaining control over the people's tribunes (End of GM's Turn).

Gaius is having an informal meeting with the tribune responsible for logistics and training of tiro and miles who also happens to be a plebeian. gaius tries to get the tribune to tell him about what the big mission everyone important seem to know about is about. He actually manage to do this but is held by his honour to not tell anyone else (Check: Persuader versus 3D, Passed).

Dekia digs on in the archive but can't find any information regarding what the mission might be about. In the meantime Lucius manage to convince Aeneas and one of the tribunes that a demonstraion of the belly shooter might be a good idea. A demonstration where the power of the belly shooter is showed off is held (Check: Persuader versus 3D, Passed). During the time up to the demonstration Lucius becomes aware of a conflict between Aeneas and the head weapon smith of the guard. Aeneas insists on ordering the giant arrows for the belly shooter with straight feathers at the back end whilst the weapon smith is convinced that any arrow flies better with slightly tilted feathers.

Dekia tries to get hold of her body and soldier on though she's sick but the stressed out life lately  make her fail that although they're back in Asylum and mostly off duty (Check: Health Ob2, Failed, Healer needed). Life goes on for a while in the city (End of Player's Turn).

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